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Through this blog Swati Prakash (, reputed Ascension Expert, offers her amazing authored books, information and content, for free, with Vegan activism in order to Awaken the Planet.

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  • Ban Slaughter and Animal Farming Earth Healing Network Campaign
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  • Ban Slaughter and Animal Farming Earth Healing Network Campaign

The Planet Needs Urgent Help!

It appears to be a global emergency for immediate media attention. The main cause is a moral crisis, due to corrupt and evil beings controlling reality through a bad system of cruelty, animal farming and barbaric slaughter of 80 billion land animals and 3 trillion sea animals (loss of spirit element of moral values), causes complete deforestation, food grain poverty and ruining of land to keep them enslaved (earth loss), death to oceans and water shortage (water element loss), energy and fuel crisis (fire element loss), tremendous greenhouse gases and pollution (air element loss) and the end of all life as we know it.

We Need to Be Vegan and Ascend!

We have all been lied to. We are not omnivores but frugivore humans, (evolved form of apes as per DNA). Veganism is not just a diet but a complete evolution towards being absolutely normal human beings living happily on true Earth or our vegan homeplanet, instead of being evil and barbaric beings in the lower dimensions. But it is the start of Ascension, not the end. We need to Go Within, banish evil forces together and align with our most loving and positive Higher Self instead of stereotyped religions, conventional poor quality media and lower vibrational popular educational and food systems from around the world.

We do have the power to be free of the Matrix! Top scientists seem to agree with Nick Bostrum’s hypothesis. We believe we are in a neurosimulation (designed to keep us enslaved and asleep in a false digitally programmed reality which is creating itself through a mental input of data. Please join and STAY SUBSCRIBED to this blog. Kindly download the free books by renowned author Swati Prakash in the meantime and share them widely, to be free of the collective unconsciousness. There are many free videos and explanations in our social media pages and YouTube channels @earthhealingnetwork. You may book a personal consultation with Swati Prakash on and purchase products for supporting your Ascension.

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