What Makes You Attractive to a Good Person(And Banishes Demons)

1. Be Vegan, not an animal abuser. Besides meat, eggs, dairy, honey are gross as food, leather is hideous, so are things such as fur, animal testing, zoos and all non vegan things. Be conscious as a consumer, good for the planet and having some basic compassion as a starting point.

2. Quit drugs or hallucinogens that alter your behaviour and biochemistry and make you unconscious and deeply messed up in untruth.

3. Quit alcohol that intoxicates and controls your brain and smells bad.

4. Quit smoking that harms you and others and stinks up the atmosphere.

5. Be responsible for yourself and your life, financially and ethically, in your day to day conduct. Be fair in your dealings. Cheats, scammers, manipulators, stealers, vampires, parasites and energy drainers are not beautiful.

6. No overdependency on tea, coffee or any substance to remain incharge of your brain, body and mind

7. Have healthy habits in eating, no gluttony, please don’t think about food all the time or post food pictures constantly unless it is your main business, even if it is veganism.

8. Have healthy monogamous sexual relations, with mutual love and respect, or be celibate, to have control over your senses (and genitals). Be clean and don’t exchange dirty germs with too many people. Quit porn and don’t be after sexual relations all the time. By the way women’s bodies are as normal as men’s, what they wear or do not wear, and their sexuality is none of your business. Dressing glamourously is not an invitation for sex. Respect consent.

9. No point abusing anyone or unclean use of foul language, F words and swearing, as it reduces the tremendous positive vibrations of your natural energy field.

10. Respect others, their time, their energy, their work and their bodies, and set healthy boundaries for yourself too. Please do not come across as a loser in life who has no self worth and sees others as objects for selfish purposes.

11. Stop thinking about or bringing celebrities, filmstars, pop and rock stars, gossip, famous people God, Gods, Goddesses, Bible, Koran, Jesus, Krishna, politicians, leaders or religious agendas into conversations unnecessarily or behave totally crazy about personalities and popular figures. Be focused on yourself and your wellbeing mindfully.

12. Anger and violence are unerotic and very big turn offs.

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