Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives in Beijing, Yangtze, Seoul

Beijing which celebrates Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, has issued new regulations to encourage eco-friendly burials. Use of non-decomposable construction materials, such as cement and stone, is being reduced in building tombs while degradable urns are encouraged in funerals, the regulations said. According to Chinese traditions,  the dead should be buried, but the custom has put a strain on the populous country’s land resources and pushed up the price of cemetery plots.To deal with the problem, Beijing started promoting eco-friendly burials in the 1990s, encouraging land-saving funerals such as sea burials and tree funerals. According to Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, the city aims to ensure half of all funerals are conducted in an eco-friendly way by 2020. Read the complete details on China Daily USA

The Gangkouwan Hydropower Station along a tributary of China’s Yangtze River,  does more than generate electricity. The facility’s reservoir protects 36,600 hectares of farmland, towns, villages and roads from major floods. Water flow is managed to ensure crops are irrigated and in line with the reproduction cycle of fish downstream.The power station blends in well with lush plantations nearby, clean running water underneath and the picturesque mountain ridges on both sides. Hydropower generating facilities along the Yangtze River are undergoing majors overhauls to make them as eco-friendly as Gangkouwan. Read the complete details on Xinhua Net

In April, with Earth Day on the 22nd and Sik-mok-il (Korea’s version of Earth Day, celebrated by planting trees) on the 5th, it’s a good time to be (more) environmentally friendly. To inspire you, here are four spots in Seoul paving the path for a greener city. Check this Time Out feature for complete details.


Positive News – Nanotechnology Does Wonders To Cancer Treatment

Indian Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) & Harvard Medical School have figured how to use nanoparticles to deliver anticancer drugs directly to the tumor and then light it up in green within hours to confirm if the tumor is dying or regressing, rather than waiting for months while taking toxic chemotherapy and therefore proving effectiveness of that treatment.


The importance can’t be overstated as doctors can withdraw the drug immediately to non-responsive patients and offer alternate drugs and means as tumors tend to grow undetected even when one waits to check on size.

You can read the news here or that research here.

This follows a recent breakthrough in HIV treatment and one can’t wait to see the above ailments put paid to, perhaps by this decade itself!


Positive News. Always.

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Positive News – Scientists Remove HIV from Human DNA

In a promising development, researchers at Temple University, US have successfully edited the human DNA to remove HIV virus and prevented the same cells from being reinfected again.

Though lead researcher, Dr Khalili says it is not yet clinic ready, he calls it an exciting discovery as it proves the effectiveness of this new gene editing technique at many levels.

You can read more on that research here or this news here and stay tuned for more updates!


Positive News. Always.

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Your Positive Tarot Message for the Week

This week’s positive message comes from the Literatarot Asia deck published by and available at the Museum of Tarot, Italy made in collaboration with 22 Indian artists. This card called Judgement is by Sangeeta Pai and represents the message of Vishnu Purana.


Judgement is a message of re-birth and re-awakening, when our consciousness is called forth into light. For each time and age of the world the creator of the world takes an avatar to protect us from evil. Vishnu represents our own inner consciousness which is born and reborn through the ages to help us deal with our self created demons of ignorance and to save goddess earth from destruction. The puranas have described Vishnus avatars transforming from Matsya (fish) at the beginning when earth was covered with water, to Varaha (boar) that lifts earth out of the water creating land, Narsimha (lion-man) indicating the primeval wild nature of life, Vamana (dwarf) indicating the earliest humans, Parsurama (axe-man) indicating early civilization, Rama (human) indicating modern mankind, Krishna (super-human) indicating mental advancement of civilization, Buddha (conscious human) who helps us discover inner-self and finally Kalki (final avatar) who ends the dark cycles or Kaliyuga and allows a new birth of the planet.

With this card, meditate and reflect upon the time we all are living in. How can we integrate with the consciousness within us to end ignorance and transform our world from negative to positive? Perhaps we all are an important part of this process represented by Vishnu’s Kalki avatar! There is a lot of power within all of us and we all carry the essence of God or consciousness within to be awakened fully soon.

Positive Book Review – The Flying Saucer Vision (John Michell)



John Michell is best known for his book, ‘The View Over Atlantis’ where he marries his impressive storytelling and research into a guidebook of mystical sites on leylines, the mysterious web of straight lines that link ancient places of Britain, China, Egypt, Australia, South America among others, from Stonehenge to Teotihuacan or in layman terms, geological faults along earth’s crust where magnetic influence is strong have duly sprung sacred spots acting as historic locales of natural magic.

In ‘The Flying Saucer Vision’, he argues it is not so much as the actual existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence but the belief and study surrounding it that shapes any civilization to the point; it is unlikely to be long before, with advance of science, that we not only come into contact with it but will accept it.

Further, he points out the uncanny relation between alignment of mystical sites and flight paths of flying saucer reports, showing a deeper connection between terrestrial magnetic fields and leylines.

It is said, history is a lie agreed upon and as we revisit the symbols of ancient gods and sites, we can start to recognize them for what they are and accept it as nothing new but patterns or even a cycle, records of which have succumbed to time or our civilization is not yet old enough to have recorded.

Interestingly, in the past, disappearance of ships at sea gave rise to legends and strange beliefs. Today, if it happens to an aircraft, it is dismissed because it is the product of an age that does not believe in stories. Yet, in a conversation with H.G. Wells, it was said, ‘All human conceptions are on the scale of the planet. They are based on a pretension that technical potential, although it can develop, will never exceed ‘terrestrial limits’. If we someday succeed in establishing interplanetary communications, all our philosophical, moral, social views have to be revised!’


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Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

Six Positive Spring-time Traditions to Enjoy This Season


Spring is in! Holi, Ostara, Easter, St Patricks Day…in whichever way you celebrate the season, we can be in harmony with nature and have fun at the same time. Traditions, rituals and festivities come year after year, yet at times we forget the scientific significance they are based on. Let us today remember these three popular spring-time traditions and the positive reasoning behind them.

  1. Spring Cleaning: Spring is the time for releasing the old and beginning the new. There is new and fresh energy in nature, of regrowth and renewal. Its time to prune and trim your garden, sweep away all old energies from your home, smudge and cleanse every nook and corner including the cabinets, wardrobes and attic. Doing this makes way for new and positive things to enter our lives. Imagine you are pressing the refresh button on the browser of your life. Breathe out the old, breathe in the new!feather-duster-709124_960_720
  2. Banishing Negativity: In India the tradition of ‘Holika dahan’ or burning up an effigy of the legendary demon Holika as a symbol of banishing evil. If large gatherings are not likely, you can symbolically burn away and transform all your fears, blockages and negativity by lighting a candle and burning a chit of paper or a paper doll on which you have written or concentrated upon all the negativity you wish to release with the help of a burn safe dish. As you crush the burnt paper imagine that all the unwanted has left you for good.holika-dahan-305_032316022341paperburn
  3. Lucky Leprechauns: Legendary leprechaun faeries who guard the pots of gold beyond the rainbow, Irish lucky clovers or shamrocks are all symbols of spring, growth and prosperity to be shared with each other in this season. The rainbow represents the colorful new possibilities coming alive now.leprechaun2
  4. Eggs and Bunnies: As spring is the time for new growth and rebirth, eggs being symbols of birth are painted and used for decoration and for egg hunts, colorful egg shaped hampers, treats and goodies are gifted. Rabbits being symbols of propagation and reproduction are also popular in gifts. decor and treats for this season because spring is the time for new prosperity, new growth and renewed fertility of earth.easter-1247634_960_720
  5. Fun with Colors: Spring is the time flowers start to bloom all over again and earth is decorated with bright and happy colors. Natural dry colors sourced from flower petals and plants have been traditionally used to paint each other’s faces gently and with permission as a symbol of love, blessing and friendship. This symbolically helps in spreading prosperity and happiness among our loved ones.holi.jpg
  6. Jokes and Laughter: Spring is the time to lighten up and brighten up the mood after the dull and sullen winter. The fairy energy is now getting stronger in nature with love, light and laughter everywhere. Harmless pranks and jokes are aimed at bringing smiles and cheer not only to us but to the person who is subject to the joke or prank. The idea is to spread happiness and not to hurt or harm any creature.tree-frogs-517346_960_720….Here’s wishing everyone in the northern hemisphere a fabulous and colorful spring full of love, luck, laughter and auspicious new beginnings.

Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives in India

The pious City of Varanasi has decided to use herbal colors or abeer gulaal this Holi – the Spring festival of colors in India. People in rural parts of India along with metropolitan cities are getting aware of the harmful effects of synthetic colors on skin and hair. A local Rohni said that “I am aware that chemical colors have high content of lead, silica, chromium, dyes and alkalis. We have been purchasing starch-based herbal colors made from extracts of flowers, bark of trees and leaves.” Another local resident has decided not to play with color at all. She said, “My children asked me not get any colours. They said that their teachers have told them about harmful effects of synthetic colours. So, we will only buy sweets.” Read the rest of the details on Times of India.

The city of Kolkata has decided to use eco-friendly materials during the polling season as a way to conserve nature. Banners made of cotton or jute are being used instead of plastic flex. “One of our objectives this year is to maintain a clean and green Sundarbans this polling season. It is being done both for poll campaigning by all political parties as well as during voter awareness programs and training sessions of poll officials done by us,” South 24 Parganas District Magistrate PB Salim told PTI. This green project is being implemented in all the 13 assembly constituencies of South 24 Parganas district of the Sundarbans. Another portion of the archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage site famed for its tigers and mangrove forests, lies in the adjoining North 24 Parganas district. Read the rest on Firstpost.

The Air India flights have decided to go green by using the Indian handwoven textile Khadi for its VVIP flights which carry the Prime Minister on international tours. While women cabin crew will wear khadi silk sarees, the male crew will sport Khadi silk jackets. Additionally khadi amenity kits will also be provided to the First Class & Business Class International passengers. The kits include khadi hand sanitizer, khadi moisturizer lotion, khadi lemongrass, khadi handmade soap, khadi lip balm, khadi rose face wash, essential oils etc. This order will generate more than 60,000 man hours which will be a boost to the workers who need the employment and the income. Read the complete details on Daily Pioneer.

An eco-friendly food vending cart which has provisions for waste disposal and solar power generation, developed by students of Jamia Millia Islamia, is among the innovations showcased at the Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan.“The product named ‘Innokart’ is an economical food vending cart that provides proper storage, shelter and hygiene. The cart promises to transform street food selling in India for the better,” said Mini S Thomas, Honorary Director, Jamia’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE).“Besides the storage drawers, the cart has two sections for waste disposal — for dry and wet waste each. The top panel has been kept free for advertisements while there is a plan to set up solar panel on the rooftop,” she added.Read the complete details on The Hindu.

Boating in Mattupetty lake in Munnar will soon be eco-friendly, with wildlife being least disturbed. As part of its efforts to develop responsible tourism in Munnar, the Hydel Tourism Centre has purchased a solar-powered boat, which will be a marked change from kerosene-powered boats and petrol speed boats. Kerosene-powered boats have been the reason behind the pollution of the water body, even leading to occasional fish-kills, not to mention the ecological and environmental threats they pose. In addition, wild animals seldom used to drink water from the lake during summer seasons, thanks to contamination. Read the complete details on The Hindu.

Which Green Initiatives do you personally follow? Share your inputs with us and get featured on the The Positive Media

Positive Tarot Message: Attract Prosperity Now

9pentacles gildd.jpg

Today I would like you to focus on this random card that was drawn for you from the Gilded Tarot. This awesome message helps you attract prosperity and wealth right now.

You right now deserve this abundance of time, energy, wealth, nature, beauty, creativity and comfort. The universe wants you to know that all this and more is yours for the taking. All you need to do is accept this right now. You may have been blocking this energy so far or in the past because you felt guilty at having so much. Do not feel guilty at having more than someone else because we all have the capacity to receive amazing luxury and prosperity at any time in our life. We are simply all learning to receive and accept this phenomenal love of the universe. When you see any lack in any person, any poverty or misfortune, you know that you have the power to similarly bless anyone with prosperity or abundance. It is up-to them to receive and accept this energy. Start with yourself and say yes to your own prosperity. so that others can also be inspired.

The way you use this energy of prosperity will be entirely your choice but the more positively you apply your wealth, to create more happiness and joy for yourself and others, the wiser it will be. Try to see money as a tool to help yourself be of better service to the world including yourself. You now have the opportunity to attract, receive and generate more of whatever adds happiness and bliss to your life. Go ahead and fulfill your life purpose and soul’s quest with the help of all the amazing and plentiful resources at your disposal.

Blessed Be



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Phenomenally Powerful Daily Affirmations

Here are your affirmations for this week, one for each area of life. Repeat them daily and often. Remember, the more you share them with others, the more they help you too….




good things.jpg


secure relationship



  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended and never closed in terms of exactly when, where, how, what or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!

Enjoy an incredibly positive week!


Recycling ‘Ugly’ Food & Avoiding Food Waste to Feed 5 Billion



Studies show we produce enough food to feed the current world population of 7 billion. Yet 800 million people went hungry every day or remained malnourished either because they had no money to buy or had no means to grow food. This was a shame because 1/3rd of the food we produce had been going waste, just because it ‘looked ugly’. Yes, perfectly healthy food that can feed 2 billion…. and no one realized it more than Tristram Stuart, who goes around cities for fruits or veggies (about to be thrown away for no other reason) and promptly recycles it, in his amazing way…

On the other hand, another 1/3 of the food we grow or cook was being lost in transit or going to rot. Again, enough food to feed 3 billion. New global teams are now tackling the root cause from fixing the food chain to ensuring food on the table for more, so much so, we can join hands in eliminating food scarcity across the planet within our lifetimes!


Positive News. Always.


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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