Positive News- Teleportation Is Now Fact Than Fiction.

First person narratives like ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, ‘Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master’ and many a hagiography is awash with examples of advanced souls and saints materializing and dematerializing at will.

So far, dismissed as thaumaturgy or science fiction or at best, spooky workings of quantum physics, a new study on ‘teleporting’ the human brain is making waves in pop science.

Neurologists have taken the first practical step with humans and proved the concept that our brain’s navigation system works just fine when beamed across virtual space in this exciting research.

In summary, this study walked subjects though a virtual teleportation exercise and their minds continued to respond as if they were actually travelling. That suggests our brains are ready to accept a more radical experience of teleportation.

startrekImage: Star Trek

Or, could it also be that our minds can’t quite tell the difference between reality and virtuosity and tricked into imagining an illusory sensory feedback as real?

‘20th century science’, Paramhansa Yogananda said it best in his Autobiography, ‘is thus sounding like a page from the hoary Vedas!’



Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.


Your Positive Rune Message for the Week ahead

Today the random rune drawn for you for the week’s message is Sowilo sowilo

The symbol literally means Sun, a source of light, energy and power for us all. The message of this rune is equally bright and uplifting. Think of it as a power within you which can brighten up your mood anytime. The Sun represents our consciousness. It is the power of awareness through which we can indeed change anything for the better. The Sun reminds us that we have power and it is alright for us to have this power. Instead of feeling tired, negative, worried or sad…it is possible for us to shift our focus to all those emotions that bring happiness and joy. Instead of wanting or needing anything from others, we can be a source of power, strength and energy for ourselves. The radiance of the sun within you illuminates all corners of your life, whether relationships, career or spirituality.

Your power stones linked with this rune are Citrine, Sunstone, Ruby and Tigers Eye. Wear them and meditate with them this week to access the full energy of this positive message.



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Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide. More on www.swatiprakash.com

Affirm Your Way to Success and Happiness

Here are your affirmations for this week, one for each area of life. Repeat them daily and often. Remember, the more you share them with others, the more they help you….


choose career.jpg


enjoy treasure of life.jpg


true love anywhere within.jpg


inner child.jpg

  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended and never closed in terms of exactly when, where, how, what or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!

Enjoy an incredibly positive week!



5 Simple & Fun ways to stay Fit!

Fitness can be achieved with the simplest of means, without fancy equipment, a trainer or going to the gym! According to many studies, just 30-45 minutes of physical exercise daily can do a world of good to your health and enhance longevity.

Here are 5 simple & easy ways to stay fit, that can be easily incorporated into your busy schedule:

  1. Walking & Running

Just briskly walk or run around your neighbourhood or a nearby park/garden, sea promenade or the beach and sweat it out. Take in the fresh sights and smells that are a soothing respite from the closed spaces you perhaps work in. Be amidst nature, see your senses get a boost and your muscles relaxing. Brisk walking or running daily for atleast 30 minutes will naturally improve your skin tone, help you lose flab, burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and reduce chances of diabetes and gradually increase your stamina. Listening to your favourite music, affirmations or chants adds to the experience, though taking in the natural sounds around you will align your energies to nature.

2. Dancing

“Dance your blues away” you’ve probably heard this one before and it really works wonders! Just play some music and move your body. Its alright if you have two left feet or don’t know the steps – the point of dancing is to enjoy yourself with reckless abandon! Let your body loose as you move this way and that, just follow your own rhythm. Dancing continuously for just 20 minutes will increase your flexibility, grip, co-ordination, lose calories and even enhance your mood! Research proves that while dancing your body releases endorphins or “happy hormones” that instantly perk you up and relieve stress. Just have fun and don’t care if anyone’s watching! 🙂

3. Household Chores

House-help didn’t show up? Take it as a positive to get your gloves on and clean your space with the love that you built it. Sweeping & swabbing is great for toning up your legs and abs and doing the dusting, laundry or the dishes a great way to tone up your upper body, especially your arms. Clean your cupboard or just those ignored spaces between your furniture – believe me, this is a full body workout as you reorder, haul stuff and get your spaces neat. The wise say that these humble jobs around the house build character, but they also go a long way in keeping you self-sufficient & fit in the simplest of ways!

4. Yoga 

This ancient Indian mind-body-soul science is practised by billions and with good reason! All you need is a yoga mat and a corner! Yogic postures look easy, however, these open up hardened knots and long-standing blocks in your body slowly & gently. The best part about yoga is that it cures the root of the dis-ease and heals you from the core. It helps you gain patience as you gradually get the postures right and enhances your body’s overall flexibility. It aligns your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Even the simple pranayama or focussed breathing exercises improve your lung function, cure respiratory illness and create a sense of overall calm & well-being.



5. Stretching

Remember those physical training classes in school? They have multiple long-term benefits to keep you in shape. Stretch your arms, legs, do push-ups, jump, skip – these simple exercises are great for toning up your body, shedding calories and looking lithe. A daily workout of 30-40 minutes just by stretching in the comfort your home or in a park will help you boost your energy levels, cardiovascular health and flexibility. Just get your shorts on and get started!

Which simple, DIY fitness routines do you personally enjoy? Share your fitness story with us and get featured on The Positive Media.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/ 

Water… Glorious Water


Some people have been in the habit of sipping hot or cold beverages before, after or during their meals..yet the truth is nothing can really match the value that water brings to us.

  • Clean water is the best thirst quencher. Nothing else quite does the trick.
  • Having raw, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and consuming water as part of a healthy diet, is much better than sipping juices or smoothies.
  • Water has no calories so if you are planning to sip your favorite ‘diet soft drink’ you know there is a healthier alternative – plain water
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol can dehydrate as well as harm at times, while plain water provides you the essential hydration you actually need without any harm. You can substitute plain water instead of these and heal most of your drink cravings with a bit of self-love.
  • Consume as much water as you actually need in a balanced way as per your thirst levels. Your body knows and will inform you about how much – follow intuition
  • Excesses and toxins can be flushed out through water leading to healthier and disease free life. Water can be a great medicine.


Water is an abundant and free resource in nature. If there is lack of water in your home or area, then there could be a blockage in abundance. Shifting your consciousness or focus from lack to abundance would usually mean that the water problem will be fixed too


We know that water is a fantastic cleanser, both for external and internal physical cleansing. Spiritually too you can close your eyes and visualize a stream of water, gently flowing down from head to toe whenever you require inner cleansing. Feels great doesn’t it?

water spring.jpg

Water forms so much of our physical universe, including our own bodies that it is one of the most vital elements of life. It has been observed that being positive in thoughts, music or affirmations, can affect the crystals of frozen water. You can read more on http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

i38 i35

The pic above shows a water crystal before and after a prayer ceremony at Bahamas in Dr Masaru Emotos experiments.


If this is what being positive can do to a water crystal, imagine how much being positive can help you right now. You can share your positive story with us at thepositivemedia@gmail.com


Hidden Opportunities in the Total Solar Eclipse


This 8th to 9th of March 2016…release all your fears. Eclipses are powerful opportunities in disguise. Sometimes misunderstood in the past as negative events, they are actually as positive as anything can be.

Seen from a scientific view eclipses are a play of celestial bodies as they align with our vision. In a solar eclipse the light of the sun is blocked for some time…and then unblocked.

For manifestation and magickal work this is a very useful symbolism. There is always a great amount of positive energy in you which is sometimes not visible to yourself. Those times when you thought you were not powerful enough, capable enough …this is the time to let go of those self-defeating patterns of thinking. If you had any negative conditioning or behavior pattern, whether internal or external…this eclipse is the time to confront those shadows. Deep inner work is all about bringing the dark or unknown into view and then transforming it into the light of consciousness. To be open to see what we fear is the biggest sign of fearlessness. When we agree to see whatever we were ignoring or brushing down the carpet, we begin to accept our power to transform everything. Let this eclipse help you overcome your own self-created, self-programmed limitations, because there is nothing in this world that can ever control or limit you if you don’t allow it to.

Sit still and focus gently on your natural breath for a few minutes to enter a deeper meditative state.

Now focus on the blockages you wish to release from deep within…and try to identify them as dark shadows that seem to float in and around you. For each one of your limitations, whether it be an addiction, a negative belief, sorrow or pain, disease or threat…let them all be known to you as you see them in any shape or form as the shadows within.

Visualize your inner power emerging as a great ball of light shining from within to all around you, transforming all these shadows with its brightness. See it shine like a bright sun radiating all around you from deep inside yourself. All the blockages you identified are now being transformed in this very moment.

Now strongly visualize yourself and your life situations as transformed into the most positive alternative reality. If you had an addiction to release, imagine yourself living a happy life without those addictions. If there was lack of anything, visualize yourself having all those amazing things in your life now. If there was a career blockage, visualize yourself happy and positive in a good place doing only what you love. If you had any fears, imagine yourself living and enjoying your life without any of those fears as if those things you feared are never going to affect you again. If you had sorrow, visualize only joy and happiness, love and laughter in your life as you see yourself in that positive state.

If you wish you can light a bright colored candle of your choice and meditate with a powerful crystal that connects with you for some time, to fully accept and integrate this transformation or healing. You can also say affirmations such as:

I have now let go of all my fears.

I totally accept and awaken my powerful self.

I release all shadows into my great inner light of truth.

I know that nothing has power over me now…I am free.

I manifest my very best right now and always. So be it!


swatiprakash small (1)

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide available. More on www.swatiprakash.com

Positive Movie Review – Predestination (2014)

I recently watched Predestination (2014) and could not help but think about the esoteric meaning to it. In a nutshell, the movie explores the paradox of a closed time loop. Time travel may be done to death through the sepia-tinted lenses of tinsel town but rarely we come across a story that appeals viscerally and logically as well as inspires intuitive understanding.

Predestination literally means everything is predetermined in the long run and raises the age-old debate of fate vs free will but this is really where the film (original story written by the dean of science fiction, Robert Heinlein) reconciles the paradox. In fact it goes further to draw a parallel with the scriptural interpretation around the nature of creation and metaphysical notion of time. On a lighter note the film proves the adage- the more a thing changes, more it remains the same!


In a closed time loop, you can have infinite permutations and combinations of the same event with no starting point or a first or initial cause/effect so each point in the circle can be taken as a starting point to unfolding events (that successively show a marked cause and effect).

This is important to grasp as we usually find a cause/effect in life and have no reason to suspect otherwise yet scriptures have long maintained that ‘time goes in a circle around an eternal now’. In other words, cause/effect may be a given in the physical universe and through choice or free will, we go on creating our reality or a parallel realities ad-infinitum, each moment as self-help authors and quantum physicists claim and yet in the final analysis, what comes to pass is whatever was meant to be…

This is not a fatalistic statement but a deeper reality suggested by saints and seers who unanimously agree, the universe is not just illusory or made up of mind-stuff…on a different level, everything happens simultaneously and that the goal of creation is to become self-aware of the fact, it is ultimately self-created. It is as if our perfect reality is already destined, but we are struggling in a dream and going through myriad life-times of experiences to finally awaken to realize who we are in the first place.

Perhaps this movie can help us appreciate that we are predestined to have free will within a closed time loop or cycles of creation and also a positive or benevolent fate outside of it, provided we go ahead and apply free will judiciously (as it shows we are often stuck in limited patterns and need to break out of it) to receive a kinder fate…Therefore, methinks the movie could have played out differently, had the character (without giving away too many spoilers) followed his/her own sage advice of loving oneself!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.








Positive News Today – Eco-friendly fertilizer, rickshaws & taxis


Marguerite Homb, president of a non-profit organization called Health and Nature has found that the moringa leaves which are native to the African soil are natural organic fertilizers. Even a training centre in Madimbu uses these dead leaves for farming. The centre co-ordinator François Xavier Mifoundou says,” Moringa has other uses too. To protect crops against insects, we immerse moringa leaves in water for a few days. The liquid we obtain enables us to treat the crops. It’s also an incredible feed for chickens.” In Congo’s capital Brazzaville, vegetation in fields was usually burnt before planting crops and this slash-and-burn approach had harmed the soil and affected the health of female farmers.

Read the complete details on World Crunch



A fleet of eco-friendly taxis have been unveiled at Tehran – Iran’s capital. The new cars run on both electricity and gasoline and can help cut down on fuel consumption and reduce air pollution. Officials plan to make 10,000 such vehicles operational by the end of 2018. Read the complete details on Press Tv.

Kai Clemens Liebich, a 22 year old German student from Bengaluru has come up with an eco-friendly car which is swift, offers a jerk-free ride and is emission-free. Kai is currently interning with Bosch India  and he explains, “The vehicle is equipped with a powerful electric motor for each wheel and a new steering concept in combination with torque vectoring, which facilitates improved agility and extremely small turning radii. Torque vectoring also makes the rickshaws safer (prevents them from toppling) and helps them perform better on bad and slippery streets”. If these e-rickshaws become active, they will make Bengaluru healthy and also save commuters time. Read the complete details on Times of India


Which eco-friendly initiatives are you excited about and would want to be a part of? Share your inputs with us on The Positive Media.


Heal with Ho’oponopono



Ho’oponopono – is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation to help us release unwanted feelings and gradually clear dis-ease from the body as well as improve the overall quality of our life.

Causes of Negativity or Disease: Fears and negative emotions could have been carried in the mind since previous births, past experiences, unhappy memories, pain or abuse faced in this lifetime and in some cases ancestral karma. These may have resulted in an ongoing thought-process which turned into negative self-talk and even unhealthy talk of others or the world. Unhealthy vibration frequencies emitted by us had manifested negative life experiences based on the same unhealthy pattern. Thankfully you can heal everything starting right now!

Here are some simple ways you can enjoy healing with Ho’oponopono:

The word “Ho’oponopono” literally means “to make right”. Its like a second chance you are giving to yourself through a gentle repetition of four beautiful phrases. “I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. I Love You. Thank You.” This is what I feel the phrases really mean in the forgiveness context.

I’m sorry – I could not understand why I feel this pain or anger, 

Please forgive me – if I knowingly or unknowingly hurt you,

I love you – because you are inspiring my spiritual breakthrough,

Thank You – for helping me gain this breakthrough and realize this lesson in love


Sing these lines in a musical tune, dance as you speak – just let your heart be your compass… Simple, isn’t it?

The following Ho’oponopono prayer is also very beneficial for those seeking forgiveness and clearance of ancestral karma by healing our relationship with the higher-self or universe. “Divine Creator, if I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds or actions since the beginning of creation until the present – I seek forgiveness. Let this cut, release, cleanse, purify all negative thoughts, memories, blocks and vibrations and transmute this unwanted energies into pure light, for the highest good of all. So it is. So it is. So it is.”


To make this method part of your daily ritual sit in a comfortable position and meditate. Speak to yourself or visualize you are speaking to the person with whom healing is needed, and send the words “I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. I Love You. Thank You”. This will help you release your negative energies and transform your experiences into a positive one.

Let the tears flow, express and free yourself from your anger if you feel any but keep repeating the four lines until you find peace. Repeat this exercise until you find closure and this experience gives you answers or insight to your karmic lesson. You can also repeat these lines while you’re walking, after you wakeup or sleep, while commuting or whenever you feel the stream of painful thoughts. This exercise can also be said in times of joy in gratitude to the universal abundance coming your way.


The Ho’oponopono has been a tradition in many South Pacific communities  and many parts around the world where it has brought separated families, friends and lovers together once more to experience the divinity of their bonds. Its a great group therapy tool and is an alternative healing adding on to many spiritual practices including individual or family counselling. This practice can be used to bring respite to the ill, the aged, for curing pets, of plants, cleansing the aura of spaces, for enhancing prosperity, for finding true love and just about anything. Most of all you can use it for healing yourself, to forgive and love yourself!


Just BE in the space of forgiveness, love & gratitude with Ho’oponopono and watch your world heal!


Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/ 


Your Positive Tarot Message for This Week

8 wands

The 8 of Wands from the Witches Tarot cards by Eileen Dugan

At first sight you can see that an inflow of positive energy is coming your way. The 8 of wands bring messages, opportunities and even a windfall for many of you. Be prepared for this amazing shower of blessings coming into your life. Perhaps you were not expecting this so soon. The universe wants you to know that the time is right. You are ready and you deserve all this abundance right now. What you do with this pure positive energy is your calling, and the universe trusts you to apply this gift in the best way for your highest good.

Enjoy and accept!


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Swati Prakash is a spiritual author. You can reach her through www.swatiprakash.com

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