Top 10 Reasons for Not Celebrating this Winter

Are we victims of mass hypnotism, glued to cheery television screens or mobile phones in an attempt to enjoy ‘the most terrible time of the year’, while evading the reality of climate breakdown and animal holocaust?

1. We have no clue if Jesus really existed or was born today. Those of us who are sensible, don’t need any celebrity or hero worship in either case. Why not believe in developing our own powers and moral values or consciousness instead of being fixated on historic legends and lore?

2. Santa was historically a crude symbolism of an old murderous man on a ‘wild hunt’ on his sleigh. (Later ‘Nicked’ by the cunning church and developed into the capitalistic czar of today). Vegans are against hunting and eating animals. With the poor beheaded animals on the table, Christmas appears to be more of a Satanic blood fest.

3. Do we really enjoy winter? Fir, Pine, Holly within dangerous snow and all the cold, cough and flus are no fun. And why are tropical islands and coastal Mumbai or ‘sunny side up’ Australia celebrating winter anyways? Aping the west!

4. Boycott Consumerism. Why waste money to make corporates rich by buying plastic toys or other things that noone really needs? From an acre of imaginary space on moon to dirty dairy chocolates and disgusting alchoholic drinks…some presents!

5. Thought poles and economic glaciers are melting. Need reason to celebrate climate apocalypse? Instead why not plan how to manage the severe economic hardships, extreme weather emergencies and various disasters such as tsunamis that are predictable in the coming few years. Family meeting time!

6. Has celebrating festivals done any good over the years except in a mediocre way? Giving murdered birds as presents to a few homeless and poor as a passing thought once a year is no real charity. Do any of these charities donate vegan meals? By the the time we Vegans do, Christian unethical charities have already delivered killed animals to unconcerned people.

7. The entire base of festivals in various cultures is a display of ugly grandeur, flashy lights, wealth, fancy clothes and glamorous parties. A show of Narcissistic demonism steeped in a delusion that money is forever.

8. Hypocrisy of ‘peace, love, warmth and kindness’ when noone actually cares about anyone else. Most neighbours could be a sorry example. Numerous people have no time to think of a poor pig or sheep either. Millions of turkeys are murdered. Those who genuinely care and spread love and light, do so all year round regardless of festivities.

9. It is the turn of the season, a solstice. Any reason why the Summer Solstice or Litha is not so highly anticipated? Marketing! They simply needed to find a way to keep dull businesses going in dark times.

10. Animal products are responsible for coronaviruses and several other diseases that are at their peak in dead winter. Best to stay safe. This is no time to be mingling around. Is it?

Until and unless animal products are banished there is little peace or reason for celebrating. What with dead body parts and secretions of abused victims, sold everywhere we look!

An appeal by a poor boy who is concerned.

“Would you kill your own baby? Then why a pig?”

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  1. Greetings from Sondu Vegan support center group, Kenya. I love to let you know that there is need to eat from plant kingdom and raise awareness to animals right protection. Yes I started a vegetable seeds sharing project that provides them with seeds to go Vegan and enhance the safety of the animals for food, clothing or any other purposes. Following the reasons I wanted to reach out to non Vegans with love so that they know the importance of being avegan.


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