Manifest 2016 – A Wonderful Year in Every Way

For each prediction you read, each forecast you see, each and everything you hear – there is one reason to cheer!

2016 will be a fantastic year in every way!

Hurray!! 2016 is upon us and its going to be wonderful in every way….just because that’s what we intend. Our life is totally our creation and while everyone else gives their own opinion, the planets, the cards, people, media…what really matters is what is within each one of us.

So as we celebrate and bring the new year in let us affirm our positive vision.

Happy 2016 from the team at The Positive Media

2016 Have a lovely 2016!



Top Paradigm Shifts in Science, Computing and Technology of 2015

As you and I wind down the year, let’s consider the top paradigm shifts in science, computing and technology of 2015 that already promises to transform how we will work, play and tap energy in the year ahead!



As governments wake up to daily news and memos of their nation’s ‘environment performance’ and ‘sustainability index’ around health conditions, air quality, water and sanitation, agriculture, climate on a global scale (and though some may disagree on their relative rank), the fact remains, more countries are seen taking a leaf from eco-friendly companies and jumping on the green bandwagon, before and after this year’s global warming summit.

With Sweden and Denmark taking pride in running on clean sources of energy, Brazil leading in biodiversity and entrepreneurs developing 24/7 solar power or universities pushing boundaries by using natural sources to power computers, the ubiquitous of all electronics, our planet is slowly but surely showing the awaited sign of less dependency on fossil fuels!





For a hyper-connected race coupled with the need of instant gratification, anything that offers fast, cheap, quality information is the next big thing. This is why IoT or Internet of Things has got everyone exited as the overarching goal of IoT is truly to connect anything with everything…

IoT can be said to be the wingman of Artificial Intelligence as it extends sensors everywhere to monitor and gather information while AI analyses  it and more importantly, reports show benefits outweigh risks in practically all areas of life. For all we care, any skeptic and critic can join that bum on the sidewalk and scream about the ‘uprising of machines’ all they care but we won’t waste another second on you!





If you think you have ‘seen and heard’ it all from Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass to Oculus VR, maybe time to take (or buy) stock again.

Yes, virtual reality is a game changer literally and figuratively as we are seriously talking of now working and playing in a simulated reality…

If you think, the price tag is too high or all this applies to gamers, feel free to check out Google Cardboard selling low cost devices or Magic Leap, set to change your cinematic experience to Microsoft who predict 2016 as year of AI.




In closure, it is amusing to note, as kids we are awed by magic and as adults, at times afraid of technology. Perhaps ’tis that time of the year when we can once again remind ourselves, it is one and the same thing!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

Dealing With Negativity


Think Positive, Read Positive, Share Positive, Create Positive, Manifest Positive….

But what about all that negative stuff…you know the things we all kept hearing, in the papers, on TV, on facebook, twitter and you know…well…everywhere! Is that not the truth? Should the negative be ignored, brushed under the carpet, kept under wraps…denial!! Is that the way to handle negativity?

NO. Of course not!

Then what is it that we must do with all the negative things we encounter?

You tell me! Will sharing it help in reducing it….or will it increase the negative?

Whatever we share gets more focus, more attention, and therefore more energy…and energy creates more of whatever it goes to….it expands what absorbs it, it multiplies wherever it reaches…infinitely.

So one thing is clear – negativity is NOT to be shared, used for gossip, sensationalism, meaningless talks, mind-chatter, entertainment…to fill up our time and timelines with…

Then what is the right way of dealing with it?

Heal it….transform it…change it.

Visualize it changing beautifully into something that is actually good for all of us. Just don’t go looking for it. For that will make more of it come your way. That’s the way the universe works. 

Your mind is your tool, a magickal one. Whatever you do ‘in there’ starts making its way ‘out here’ too.. You see the universe is this ONE big illusion…everywhere we manifest more of whatever goes on in our heads…Together we can manifest either good or bad…the choice lies in us. Fair and Square! The universe does not care what you are focusing on, its job is to create whatever is there in your head..both the Conscious and the UNCONSCIOUS.

So do not forget the hidden stuff…the things you forgot to heal, the things that made you afraid…things that repulsed you and you closed your eyes to them…but in your mind they made an imprint in your PAST. Are they still hanging around inside you?

Healing is a deep and inner work. Not superficial, not shallow….not one off. Reflect and introspect…go to the darkest corners and shine some light on them…shadow work is all about transforming our inner mind. Its not about ‘feel good’. It is to be good, become it…BE THE CHANGE

Believe it or NOT! Inside you is the ocean of existence and within you each wave of creation can be touched and transformed with your inner self. 

Simply put …if you see, hear, observe anything that feels negative…just us your IMAGINATION to change it into something phenomenally POSITIVE. Say positive affirmations and with all your heart and soul, feel great that its changing to something better…

DON’T JUST BELIEVE IT …TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! And witness the Magick yourself as everything transforms for the better.

Share your experience as you work with this technique – experiment with it and let us know what worked for you at


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

Stranger pays for a Muslim Family’s Xmas Dinner – brings Joy to the World!

Courtesy: Daily Mail UK

It was a Merry Xmas for a Eslam Mohammed’s Family dinner at Olive Garden Restaurant, Augusta Georgia. With 7 adults and 5 children, the Arab family was clearly recognised because of their dialect and the distinct Hijab (head scarf) worn by the women. After dinner when Eslam Mohammed asked for the bill, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the it had already been paid for by a kind stranger. What touched them the most were the  words lovingly scribbled on the receipt:

” Paid, Merry Christmas Beautiful Family!”

This heart-warming news has received more than 19,000 shares on Facebook so far and has gone viral across all media. In the wake of the recent Muslim Ban proposed by Donald Trump this is a loving gesture that has touched hearts among people across the globe.

In Eslam Mohammed’s words, ” There is still light in the dark”. Indeed.

Read the full story here, Courtesy Daily Mail UK.

One in Spirit: 12 Year Old becomes the First white boy to be initiated in Native South African healing

Close on heels to the recent news regarding child prodigies at The Positive Media, we now have more good news, this time of a talented 12 year old boy who has been initiated into the native South African healing system as a ‘sangoma’ (spiritual healer).

kyle sangoma

Kyle Todd from Pretoria, is the youngest ‘white’ boy to have joined the ranks of South Africa’s 69000 registered sangomas, a sign that race and cultures are finally merging together in spiritual light.

Born in England, Kyle began on the mystical path at the age of 9 with a series of pre-cognitive dreams in which he foresaw many world events. He also had dreams of an old man and a young black sangoma who teaching him about the ancient medicine and asked his parents to drive him to the east of Pretoria to Mamelodi and then directed his parents to the house of the young Sangoma who were to be his teacher.

His parents support his career choice and he is pursuing his calling along with regular education. Kyle has already helped many patients including children.


Top 3 Reasons Our Future Is Brighter than Most Sci-Fi Movies Depict

Are armies of monstrous aliens about to hunt us down and wage an interstellar war over our planet? Are we about to destroy the earth’s eco system and be doomed to die along with our planet? Is our apocalypse imminent or is there some hope for us humans after-all?

Here are a few points that could cheer you up (and they might be true as well if you introspect)


  1. We Are Evolving Spiritually: As a human civilisation we have come far. We were a baby civilisation once with little scientific awareness. As an adolescent world we learnt to master natural resources. As a maturing civilisation we are now beginning to foresee our trajectory and taking stock of the harm we did so far. Earth friendly spirituality is on the rise. The Age of Truth is within us. Our future science and technology could be far more spiritual and ethical than ever. We are indeed likely to improve our standards of eco-sensitive living soon. Let us forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and learn to move forward as a better and improved version of who we were.  Nothing is impossible so why not aim for the best and allow ourselves to come to harmony with nature. It is never too late to try.


  1. Aliens Could be More Evolved than us Spiritually and not just Technologically/ Materially: If there are indeed beings out there capable of finding us chances are they might be much more evolved than we are and perhaps a lot nicer than we are too. They might have already been observing us and accelerating our spiritual awareness for all we know. They might look and behave a lot more beautifully than what our science fiction movies have made them out to be. Their spiritual and magickal powers, and not just their gross technologies, could be highly developed. So let us not be surprised if they are not found wearing steely armours and commuting in metallic spaceships, but using spiritual skills such as teleportation, telepathy and invisibility instead. And most of all let us not imagine that they are necessarily coming for us to take us down.

the end.jpg

  1. We Create Our Reality: There is no reason to take apocalyptic and doomsday theories as given just because of religious or scientific pessimism. Our reality is a projection of our minds and all our minds are interconnected. A few positive people can have a lot more power to heal and change the world as compared to billions of unconscious individuals who think negatively. Even if one of us is completely enlightened and believes in our best we can still see a positive future created in reality. So the next time someone paints a dark and dreary picture of the future of humanity or earth, why not use your mind to transform it into something phenomenally positive and believe in your power. You can do it!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca tradition of spiritual healing.


Sharing Warmth with the Lesser Priviliged this Winter: Anshu Gupta, the Clothing Man of India

Kap-Anshu Gupta- 30th Nov 11 3962

Anshu Gupta, this year’s winner of the Ramon Magsaysay awards distributes over 2000 tonnes of clothing, including bio-degradable sanitary pads every year through his charity Goonj.

The best part is that the charity does not just hand-over the donations, but gives it as a ‘payment’ in kind towards community work. This has a two-fold benefit – not only does it uphold the dignity of those who are being helped, it also encourages them improve their own surroundings and living conditions as a group. An example is the pond-cleaning drive at Odisha, India, pictured below:

Pond cleaning in Odisha under Goonj's 'Cloth for Work' initiative.

Goonj is 16 year old non-profit which works across India with offices in 11 cities and implementation work in parts of 21 states of India.  Goonj primarily uses underutilized urban material – almost anything and everything that can be reused in urban homes, schools, collages, institutions, corporates, processes it and then reached it out to rural communities as a reward, who work on improving their own community and environment in return for this material.

Starting as a freelance journalist, Anshu left a corporate job in 1998 and founded GOONJ with a mission to make clothing a matter of concern and to bring it among the list of subjects for the development sector.

Anshu’s work with GOONJ goes to a core challenge of our times; the growing gap between the urban prosperity & rural poverty. His work has a game changing element in many ways; he has taken the menacing growth of urban waste and used it effectively and efficiently as a tool to trigger large scale development work on diverse issues; roads, water, environment, education, health etc. in some of the most backward and remote pockets of India. Not only is the so called urban waste addressing ignored basic needs it’s turning out to be a valuable asset for income generation. Bridging the massive gap of social and economic inequities between urban and rural India in an innovative way, Anshu has created a new dynamic focused on the receiver’s dignity rather than the donor’s pride.


This winter, Goonj’s plan to reach out over a million pieces of woolens and blankets under its ​annual winter campaign Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ). ​​Under this campaign Goonj is urging people in cities across India to take out and contribute their underutilized woolens and blankets for people who struggle in the cold.

Volunteers leading Goonj's collection camps in the cities

What can you contribute: Woolens, blankets & shawls, jeans/trousers, sarees, bedsheets & curtains, school material and utensils.

You can also organise a collection drive in schools, educational institutes & corporates or residential areas..and contact Goonj.

Visit the Goonj website – for information regarding collection camps and Goonj offices across different cities in India. Write to or call at 011-41401216, 26972351 Monday through Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

Please refer and their Facebook page here to know more about ​Goonj and its work.




Share the Spirit of the Season with Blessed Bucks – Hide them & find them!

blessed bucks

This is a popular ritual since centuries called Blessed Bucks and it is very apt for this season of winter/ Yule when we share warmth and blessings with each other. 

We all love discovering surprises in unexpected places. Our inner child and optimism lights up when we read and find an uplifting message, money or compliments. A random act of kindness can change moods, moments and even lives!

The intent behind this beautiful act is that – The good you put out will come back to you manifold! A popular money ritual, the main objective behind it has always been creating joy, happiness and lots of positive energy for one and all!

This ritual has spread around the world and it makes people feel warm and fuzzy on the inside – smiles, laughter, good mood, happy dancing, improved health, optimism are some of the emotions people experience.

To create Blessed Bucks, all you have to do is:

  1. Take any currency note/s and write, ” May you be blessed with health, wealth and joy!”
  2. Fold the note and hide it in a public place where a random stranger can find it.
  3. Places where there are lots of people – malls, markets, temples, churches, libraries, parks, shops and more.
  4. Hide it places that are easy to find – between the pages of a book, a supermarket shelf, inside the menu of a cafe, in clothes pockets, bags, toys – the more accessible the better!Avoid places where the note can fall off as it could be ignored and seem like an accident.
  5. As soon as you hide your Blessed Buck, leave the place and let the magick of the universe unfold. Its best you don’t wait to find out which stranger found it or not. Release yourself from the outcome.
  6. You could also hide ‘Blessed Notes’ like “You are Loved”, “You are Beautiful”, “I love you”, “You are precious”, “I bless you with happiness”, “I wish you good health”, “Your angels are always with you”, “Blessed Be” , “You are eternally blessed”are some examples.
  7. Feel free to be creative – add stars, smileys, hearts, fairy dust and make your notes special… 🙂
  8. Before placing your Blessed buck or note – just say a small prayer of goodwill for the person who will find it. You can also channel Reiki to it.

Effects of Blessed Bucks:

  • Watch the goodness you’ve created return to you manifold, in mysterious ways
  • People have reportedly found unexpected wealth within weeks
  • Blessings can take any form – a work promotion, better health, finding your soul mate…the list is endless!
  • You will be setting in motion kindness and optimism – its a feel good factor!
  • This ritual has created a ripple effect of positivity in many parts of the world

Please do share your ‘Blessed Bucks’ story with us. Lets transform the world we live in – with random acts of kindness! 🙂

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