15 Big Lies Non Vegans Wish Were True

In every conversation with non vegans, these are likely to either come up naturally or be insanely implied, at some point, so why not be prepared!

1. Plants have legs to run away from danger because they are as sentient and sensitive as animals can be. Smart universe. Intelligent design.

2. Animals die naturally and painlessly to become food. It’s fun really. Try it. (I’m drooling already.)

3. Cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep all have excess milk constantly coming out of their mastitis infected udders, so that they happily give milk to us. Imagine the relief!

4. Yes, 100s of billions of animals are kept in huge luxurious 5 star high welfare organic hotel farms to live a long, healthy and happy life, to feed 8 billion humans who are all billionnaires. Each one of us.
Except you, vegan grass eaters, hell bent on destroying our only possible source of income, and taking away the 85 percent arable landmass the size of Europe, USA, China and Australia combined, all owned by animal farmers.

5. Humane rape and murder are real, they are termed as breeding and slaughter so that we can pretend that these crimes are not the same thing when industrialised.

6. Farmers are amazing really. Just watch Shawn the Sheep for goodness sake!

7. God loves you sinners, just because of your sensual and erotic human figure. So, keep up the amazing work of abusing others.

8. Please do not change your behaviour….but remember to change your diapers because you still need breastmilk. (Even in your dosa and shampoo).

9. There is no such thing as climate change and even if it is true, it must be caused by veganism.

10. Pandemics were not created by animal trading, breeding, slaughter or animal testing experiments, but by you, you grass fed filthy vegans.

10. We all are going to heaven after eating others, destroying lives, and remaining the same untill our last breath. All except you Vegan Satanists hellbent on pushing your strange beliefs on others, just like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

11. We must remain stuck in old times of ancient Stonehenge, Jesus, Prophet Muhammed, Vedas or whatever your community prefers. It is useless trying to be any better or learn anything new. God spoke to those guys exclusively and is now carefully silent, (for fear of being executed by their paedophile followers).

12. You are all dying of unexplainable nutritional deficiencies you vegan morons.
Just wait till your next life to find out more.

13. Non vegans thrive on high cholesterol, zero fibre diets of blood, pus, germs and extra excreta infused meat, dairy, eggs and insect vomit. That’s why we build huge hospitals with meat and dairy filled up in the cellars and tax you so much.

14. Only those with money and who pay taxes deserve the right to live. Else be prepared to pay up by donating your body to the dual noble cause of economic growth and yummy burgers.

15. Democracy is another name for human satisfaction plus total destruction of the planet by one superior race. Long live our system.

Struggling to cope up with the many excuses and lies perpetrated by the non vegan Matrix of animal abuse? Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans is a Free gift for you to defend the victims. Please Follow My YouTube channel for the Argument of the Day.

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