Ten Huge Difficulties Trying to advocate for Veganism over Social Media

With covid and extreme weather caused by hunan disregard for the planet and the animals, most of us try to work from home, including our heartful activism and dedicated lightworking to raise consciousness of the planet. But is it easy? Could you think of some solutions and share your own feelings or experiences please?

1. You tolerate Social Media and are here for a positive cause. Normally stupid and useless content is shared over social media. Some people are promoting fraudulent sales gimmicks on fb. On tiktok there are usually sexual appeal based videos with nothing of strong value to add to the planetary upliftment. You still tolerate social media just for the cause, for the planet and animals. For life. Just because you think you are adding energy towards manifesting a loving, happy and natural reality to live in.

2. Decent and classy Vegan and Conscious Media and images or videos are blocked saying ‘against community guidelines’ or cover them for sensitive images. TikTok has done this to me for simple content saying not to harm animals or for a free book video. Or some fb users report vegans for harassment just because they lost an argument in comments. It took me years to write my books, design covers, edit them, and it costs money and time to dress up, look good, make videos daily to read my book out page by page one day at a time. It is exhausting trying, but we still carry on for the planet and the animals.

2. Our friends usually do not see our posts. WordPress posts are also lost in oblivion. Only those you follow keenly and actively engage with repeatedly are visible, not all posts, not even the best ones. Unless you visit your friend’s pages regularly you cannot interact or be updated normally. Yes, I know, this means sitting on the Internet all day almost and foresaking your income that you can earn by using your time more commercially in a 3D way. We all need to be supported in living a life because the only other alternative is no money for food, no home or safety, if we have no income or wealth. Not everyone is from a wealthy background.

3. Usually no follows, likes or views organically to most YouTube channels, Twitter, Instagram, pages on Facebook, etc, unless you are a celebrity in current news. Previously when I was in news and a verified public figure, a few years ago, I had a lot more subscribers or followers but I deleted my social profiles for safety. Now, I see that was so wrong (as police and refuge, misguided me) and my popular website was taken over by someone using it for lewd content with my full name dot com as domain name. Its really hard to make a comeback and be of any good to the planet. Most of my contacts are lost and those were my income source too and my only supporters. I do not have a family support system either, or close relatives or local community being moving from place tomolace since birth in army family and after marriage, homelessness and divorce.

5. They are all keen on taking money to promote free posts of charitable nature on social media. Imagine writing free books and having to pay to promote them too.

6. We are not making a single penny but must pay to receive just a few views or subscribers or some idiotic comments by non vegans. If you pay and boost your free articles or free books all you get is some silly emojis and same old stupid arguments by angry anti-vegans, arguments already debunked in the book which they did not read. This even after selecting Vegans as target audience in ads.

7. Sharing on groups. Tough one, as most groups have a list of strict rules. I was warned by an online activism group just for posting a video on meditation and a reading from my free e-book for vegan activists. So, it can be really insulting at times, and you do walk on eggshells not knowing who would turn against you even in vegan circles, even those you have supported and whom you like and care about.

8. Most of the times there are not enough engagements, especially if your content is information based, articles, lots of text intensive, knowledge based, intelligently worded, with depth of research, or if videos are detailed and explanatory. They want quick, short and KISS content. Not for authors.

9. To join vegan activism in any group physically, one has to spend so much money and most of your day travelling to London or other cities connecting via Central london in public transport, in all sorts of weather. with no income, no funding, no savings, no support group, no warm friendships or connections at the end, you feel like just one more face in the crowd and of little value to society. But you still do it for the cause for free. No vegan jobs or income is usually offered to activists who are usually volunteers. Online activism is probably the best alternative for a single parent, but with little support online what is the way to get by in life and survive.

10. Local areas, making any online group locally has zero result in my city. So I guess many of us who are not living in the heart of a cosmopolitan vegan friendly city are isolated as vegans and as lightworkers with people around and neighbours who are busy on 3D. Previously while living in Mumbai, mine were among the three biggest Tarot and Magical spiritual meetup group worldwide in early 2000s, featured in leading media. U.K has been lacklustre, dull and extremely boring in energy for the last few years in stark contrast.

I hope some of you do feel I have reflected your concerns as well as my own, and hope some bright solutions emerge. So please do feel free to comment and add your tips. It costs me funds to host my websites and free books and promote them and this time I need suggestions to incorporate going forward.

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