Non Veganism and the Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism

If we include animals of other species and not just humans as victims, the Dark Tetrad abuser traits are rather common in this world with abject lack of empathy, artificiality, exploitation, money focus, sexual exploration, cheating, lack of compassion and overall disregard or even hatred against moral awakening. This can be rather Machiavellian, a group of personality traits named after Italian diplomat Nicole Machiaville. I first heard about this last year when the masters showed me who in my abusive ex family was Machiavellian and I began understanding the multiple strange patterns in them and many other Machs I had known around me.

Within this informative series we connected the dots between Non Veganism and the following:

  • Sadism and Sociopathy, characterised by taking pleasure in causing pain or anti-social instincts to hurt animals,

as well as the seperately known Ominous Dark Triad also linked with Non Veganism, specifically

Our habits and cultures of justifying unncecessary cruelty towards innocent animals is the primary dark aspect of human un-civilisation that requires insight and transformation to prevent lack of empathy and lack of moral values Omnipresent in the Omni-vorous simulation of false reality and false education spread everywhere in the British repto-coilian system of the Matrix. If you are wondering how the government controls our multiple twisted minds look no further.

 Download original file 1244 × 1600 px jpg View in browser You can attribute the author  By Santi di Tito - Cropped and enhanced from a book cover found on Google Images., Public Domain, Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito Santi di Tito - Cropped and enhanced from a book cover found on Google Images. Public Domain File:Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito.jpg Created: second half of 16th centuryMachiavellianism is a set of manipulative traits in human psyche named after the historic Niccolo Machiavelli who has written political texts indicating that any means can and must be chosen to fulfil the end purpose or political objectives as need be including application of moral evil and violence at times for political power. Research specifically poinpoints the commonality of Machiavellianism in Non Vegan mindsets due to the cold and highly convoluted ideology of ‘human supremacy’ instead of an empathetic or moral one of compassion taking prominence in the world. Typical traits include:

Cold empathy: Machiavellians or Machs can display an understanding of how other’s might feel or react to things but do not have concern to their actual feelings. They are concerned only in what they would expect or wish to generate out of their minds. We know about non vegans that they know how a cow could react to sexual exploitation or repeated rape, hence they design suitable systems to work with cows regardless of the crime so that the victim cooperates choicelessly but have no intention to actually stop abusing them. Slaughter with high speed conveyer belts is also viable to them as the victims are unable to walk way due to powerful machine equipment. They used the data or information about how the victim might react or foresee them to use the very cruellest methods to prevent escape. A systematic murder and rape system strangely makes complete sense to Machs who are typically non vegan and aplenty around us adding to demand and fuelling those very systems that destroy earth.

Lack of Emotional Responses: The facial expression and outward tone or body language of Machs is highly polished and distinctive or even apparently benovolent if you speak to them kindly. Their cold look of blank expression of fake innocence, face pulled down, closing eyes as if asleep, pretending to be really innocent, nodding, pretending to be attentive and interested, saying ‘sure’, ‘we will try’, ‘don’t worry’, ‘be positive’, ‘give us time’ are obvious Mach tell tale signs that they do not actually care when you describe massive animal abuse or exploitation to them. They are like Machines or Holograms of 3D animation and not human, and thereby feel little or no emotion and always put on a beady eyed mask staring empty at you calmly.

Controlling: They know which buttons to press for what outcome from their victims. They can control you like a computer or robot. Animals are treated like slaves and their whole life cycle. Their reproductive system, health, habitat and lifespan is controlled severely in factory farms. Machs see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even in high welfare farms all animals are subject to graphic rape and murder at the very end of their controlled existence. Machs are authoritarian in power and control. They also like to be leaders.

Cruelty as a means to end: The main trait of Machs is their belief that ends justify means. They might even justify death penalty to humans, population control by forced implantations, culling of invasive species of animals, or anything at all no matter how cruel so as to achieve what they believe to be the greater ‘good’ to them. Killing animals for food, industrial exploitation and satisfaction of consumer demand is their nature.

Change of topic: Machs will elude you calmly as they talk to you about animal rights at the right time and in the right environment or setup as per their planning and in a manner or tone that you find comfortable or even formidable. They prefer to stay in control of and on top of the conversation. They might want to talk you out of your belief.

Strategic violence: Unlike psychopaths who may be unable to control instincts, Machs can stay in control of their behaviour until the time is right to perpetrate violence in a civil way usually. While they can usually speak politely, they can also lash out and be violent or kill if need be to attain their objectives at their will so that you find any discussion unpleasant or unuseful and if they do threaten you they might mean it. To animals they are cold blooded murderers who eat meat for filling their tummy or nutrition. They may also own or operate slaughterhouses or farms in a cunning way. They can make life difficult if they want to along with government agents whom they can manipulate severely by withdrawing tenancy, subsidies, benefits or grants to vegan activists or by arresting them.

Calculative: They are oriented to what they will get out of the innocent farm animals, in terms of milk production output, demand-supply ratios, egg production count, meat tenderness and so on. Non vegans who are Machiavellian personality type want to ensure they are being supplied with their nutrition demands and protein levels systematically. Their new buzzword of environment gives them new carbon footprint and sustainability shows in an even newer Machiavellian economic and political system centred round their much admired ‘facts and figures’ instead of heart based morality.

Balancedapproach: Machiavellian are not clear on moral values or interested in calling a table a table. They try to stay in the border or fence while it is clearly the wrong thing to do. In arguments and analysis of veganism too they refuse to be clear on judgement of right versus wrong and listen to abusers point of view first and twist their judgement to favour the abusers instead of victims in a crafty way. They have all facts but lack the sense of discretion or discrimination between good and evil to play the devil.

Greed: If you talk about health they will eat more fruit and vegetables as well as animal products like gluttons. Its all about having more. They are greedy, lustful, money hungry and food hungry. ‘Build back better’, ‘invest more in sustainability’, ‘collect more investment’, ‘eat more fruit without giving up meat’ are Machiavellian political statements. Machiavellian consumers enjoy being collectors of watches, clothes, shoes, leather bags or other trophies unnecessarily to fill up their meaningless lives. They live to collect all varieties of foods such as cheese, different cuisines, varieties of animal meats, even those outside their prevailing cultures or religion. Addiction to wining and dining or substance abuse is possible too as they fill their inner void. Tangible things are more important than services or experiences to them.

Cunning or deceitful behavior: Machs give contrary information to manipulate us when necessary for own goals, for example research reports are manufactured for the dairy meat and egg lobby regularly to show they are necessary for health or ethical or sustainable and also false researches planted in media to prove veganism is not as sustaimable as claimed to be, and not as healthful. Machiavellian non vegan consumers quote or pull off these researches occasionally.

Result oriented: Just like businessmen and and shrewd leaders Machs focus solely on own ambitions or results. Economic growth and profits of the industry of farmers is important to non vegan business and media as well as workers or patrons of these violent industries. They also like stock market and gambling and hence like no sort of moral reform. Their great ‘reset’ is a business term.

Belief inNecessary’ Evil: Evil is justifiable to Machs as necessary, even if it is crime against animals and humanity both for health and for graphic violence and alternative options are suitable and profitable. Sustainable solutions to serve consumer demand and carbon neutrality are focused upon temporarily, but moral values are diffused when it comes to discussing animal agriculture, economic impact being the focus area but they will not prefer to do away with evil as long as possible. At times they do invest in plant based world if only to achieve more profits or expand market but withoutgiving up on anything. ‘Why should I’ they argue loudly. ‘You do what you want and let me be,’ they insist and go about harmful actions with no understanding whatsoever because they lack the ethics.

Prioritizing money and power: Emotions take second priority to superficial financial or materialism goals. Mental health and personal wellbeing of humans is also only for temporary purposes of getting or keeping your job in the matrix like a well serviced vehicle and animals are treated even worse than humans, injected with antibiotics constantly in unhealthy conditions as non vegans give them zero priority. They are mere properties for them. They are used only as money making machines their entire life and their body only as a commodity as if they have no emotions to begin with and deserve no respect.

Charming and confident diplomacy: Politicians, scientists, researchers, media writers who are non vegan and also our family members who are are non vegan can at times be deceitful but charm their way into justification of animal abuse and graphic rape or violent slaughter. They say ‘our country has the best animal welfare standards.’ and ‘we invested so much into sustainability and environment’ and that ‘they want to ensure that animals are slaughtered in humane ways through stunning’ as if it is perfectly fine to kill them. ‘Neuter pets but keep breeding and selling.’ Non vegans repeat similar things like zombies in a confident and political way.

Exploiting and manipulating others to get ahead: Machs have no qualms using others for profit, gain or any other personal benefit whether sexual or emotional. Exploiting animals and fooling them into so called humane system for profit and for unhealthy food and products is one of the worst of this trait’s manifestation. Imagine exploiting every other species especially farm animals for entertainment, zoos, animal testing, and especially food, leather and other items. This happens at a gigantic level unimaginable with 150 billion land animals and 3 trillion sea creatures victims of cruelty and slaughter each year. It is completely Machiavellian and very immoral to say ‘we need to test medicines on animals because we need to be safe from the dangers of cruel cosmetics or pharma and sacrifice lives of other creatures in the bargain.’ In personal life they rarely love but get into relationships to economically or socially gain respect or resources and animals are no different. If wildlife is at tipping point of extinction they suddenly plan conservation to maintain economic sustainability.

Using flattery when necessary: Non vegans act charming in many ways including praising and saying they ‘admire’ the idea or ‘appreciate’ the efforts of activism. Machs may hate you but will pretend and be eloquent with praise. One horrible food columnist replied to an email of my 9 year son who criticized her terrible non vegan carnist recipe of pig’s shoulder in which she suggested to throw away vegetables. Her reply over email stated ‘You have to appreciate that every diet is different but people like you make the world a better place. I will dedicate the next column to you and make it plant based recipe just for next time.’ To not lose a reader and please her editor she used a Machevillain technique of flattery to soothe the mind while completely justifying cruelty and calling it ‘different types of diet’ and continuing to be non vegan in the long term.

Lacking moral principles and values: Lack of morality is common to all Dark Tetrad members. Typical arguments of non vegan Machs are, ‘let us agree to disagree’. Also that it is ‘necessary to be immoral at times because you cannot be perfect’ and ‘you cannot tell us to be moral do not impose your morality’ as well as ‘lions and tigers kill other animals we are omnivores and have canine teeth.’ Machs are mentally cunning and expect friendship or business relationships regardless of their superficiality.

Cynical of morality: According to Machs you are being way too idealistic. They try explaining that you are unrealistic and think more down to earth as noone will agree to ban slaughter and violence. They clarify that the world is ‘not ready’ for that level of optimism. To take baby steps year after year is their common excuse against veganism because morality is subjective and not really important as long as you survive climate change and thrive yourself and are integrated or supported by others in your community. They believe you are in ‘fantasy mode’ and not in touch with reality as they are practical and shrewd.

Strategic withdrawal or aloofness: Machiavellian personalities are smart and tactical in isolating vegans or using non verbal ways to communicate. Not inviting vegans for birthday parties saves them time and money as they do not care about people or animals. Staying away in picnics or deliberately consuming animal products in your presence to make you isolated even in your groups or family is Machiavellian. They are not group facilitators or good with agreements that are made with integrity. They would not usually seem excited or joyful in enthusiasm but stay calm and collected if you share positive emotions or information with them. You could feel the cold.

Alexythymia or lack of emotionality: Machiavellian personalities are low in emotional quotient. How can someone not feeling anything if an animal’s beheaded body or parts are placed on table for dinner…not feeling anything about baby chicks being macerated for egg industry… or for baby calves killed for milk and keeps continuing to consume those products as usual? How could one feel nothing on seeing these cruel evidence of crime and horror in shops or supermarkets and still going on as usual in daily routine or in relationships? How can covid continue into business as usual without any change in animal farming system? Machiavellianism is the answer to those (silly in their view) questions. They truly are numb.

Hierarchical tendencies: A Machiavellian would value powerful diplomats while being condescending towards ordinary citizens. They respect only government made laws not the simple knowledge that it is wrong to harm animals and that vegan plant based nutrition is complete and suitable. They would require repeated endorsements from various peer reviewed scientific research updates, British and American Dietetics Association and coursemade textbooks of school. Another example of this is that ‘God approves them and their methods’ as per major Canonical texts so why should they listen to human vegans or part time authors who are ‘lower’ in respectability as compared to published scriptures that are far more elegant and popular with billions.

Racism and Speciesism: Machs believe in dominance at any cost for power. They respect British systems of reptilian control, first World economy, capitalism or nobility, monarchy, rulership, hunting, Speciesism and the culture of one specific race of men in suits and boots controlling others. Rich men who eat ham, sausages, cheese are more respectable to them as they ruled over lesser vegetarian Indian mortals according to Machs vocabulary. Their methods though cruel were right in opinion of Machiavellian people just because they ‘worked out’ and established reptocoil control over the planet Lyranland where they stay firm in supporting this Matrix illusion of Earth.

Callousness: Machs disregard pain and suffering callously. Their affect is shallow and they shrug off with a ‘I Don’t know and I Don’t care’ attitude briskly. They pay no attention to the soothing beauty of nature or raw emotions of birds, squirrels or other fauna. They walk briskly and focus on their destination, not on the journey, both literally and figuratively. Similarly they have apathy and disregard to cries of animals in farms or slaughter facilities. They pass their time listening to videos, television dramas or mobile phones to block out any opportunities of quiet meditative insight or heart centre.

Businesslike and competetive: White collar crime suits Machiavellian personalities. ‘If you can kill, rape and abuse millions of animals every month so very legally and profitably why would you say no to it?’ admits a Machiavellian. Machismo is a related work and alpha male tendency prevailing in our Matrix system that suppresses feminine traits of intuition and creatively or healing, and instead promotes marketing, sales, crime, dominance and competition. Domestic violence and animal farming or non veganism are also Macho traits and Machiavellian. There is no room for compassionate advocacy or heart centred meditation.

Ritual and regimes: Machiavellian are planmen and not attention seeking or impulsive. They have faith in frightenimg gods, some humility and religious behaviour but in a superficial way. They prefer rudimentary prayers, idolatry, cultural norms, pretentious costumes and chants. The ritual of animal slaughter and even religious sacrifice on Kali festivals or Satanic cults and black magic to get fulfillment of wishes, answers to prayers, short term and long term results and systems of animal abuse for dairy milk used ritually, ghee, honey and in some cases, wine, cheese, animal products in Churches or temples are acceptable in the name of culture and customs. Machs value social and religious regimens and patterns as well as like to be prominent and in controlling positions when they can in such traditional activities.

Sly temperament: Machs think and move their eyes or brows slyly snd nod head as if plotting and planning their future moves secretly or pout lips deceptively. They are mean machines who know how to harm on and on intelligently without negligence and without giving away their plans. The animal meat and products industries ate rather sly in conducting their operations in far off areas and labelling it high welfare while hiding evidence and cameras. Their systems and mindset are well thought out and their arguments of non vegan beliefs and lifestyles are clever. They are already thinking of the right thing to say or do next while careful observation of the beings they wish to control or defeat. One Machiavellian admitted to me he was proud to fool everyone of his innocent while doing wrong things, cheating on his wife, abusing someone, causing loss and pretending nothing happened although it was all planned in long term.

Patient control of impulses: Unlike some other dark traits Machs may have patience instead of impulsive tendencies but in a dangerous way. They make classy displays of silent treatment, neglect of emotions of others, do not react to any outbursts, stay calm and wait their turn. Non vegans have learnt to take high degree of violence with a pinch of salt and vow to continue on the path eternally with patient denial of truth. They can be smart about their decisions, passive aggressive and not willing to change that fast. In slaughterhouses and farms they gamble with money and wait for returns inspite of dangerous nature of work. They are not in a hurry to turn over and resist the impulse to speak up violently for a long time.

Energy out not in: Machiavellian beings would have their necks projected outwards and energy to the edge of their cheeks and mouth. While normal humans breathe inwards and receptive to listening and sensation of peace, Machiavellian personalities are not normal and lack receptivity. Even in yoga they are posture focused and not really relaxed into their third eye or heart chakras at all. Cough and nose problems are therefore common and so are negative foods or tamasic and dark diet and they consume it all blindly without realising its dangers to health and spirit. They are difficult to treat spiritually in healing as their eyes look outwards even when closed and mind looking around for food or their next meal more like a frog than a human waiting patiently to snap up the next meal even as they sleep, or an insectoid that is ever scanning for food with antennae out.

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