Go Vegan Rishi Sunak For Life. Ban Animal Abuse and Graphic Violence Now!!

It is that time of the year again. January. Veganuary requests people to ‘try’ vegan for 1 month.

But this time round Million Dollar Vegan has once again started campaigning for a celebrity public figure, none other than tycoon British P.M. Rishi Sunak, to go ‘Vegan’ (try plant based would be the right term), for one month in exchange for 1 million charity donation. Presumably to a charity of his choice, (hope it won’t be a non vegan charity that tests on animals, or deals with animal products). This time round, the focus appears to be on environmental and public health issues (human interest story) as per this announcement by GenV.

Please read the intelligently worded letter on the link below:

This campaign evolves this new year, after an unsuccessful attempt in 2019 to convince the Pope to Go ‘Vegan’ (try plant based) just for the Christian month of Lent, or just for one meal with the campaigner, a young girl called Genesis, the namesake of chapter 1 of Bible mentioning the world being Vegan in Eden, before original sin. This campaign was supported by PaulMcCartney (known to be vegetarian, not vegan himself). As before the temptations on offer was 1 million dollars in donation to a charity of the Pope’s choosing for trying plant based for Lent. The Pope seemed to have chosen the sins of Gluttony and Violence among others instead of a return to truth.

Multi Billionnaire Rishi Sunak has demon-strated no better moral values himself as he has strongly supported animal abusers and violent murderers in the name of British beef, steak, dairy and other disgusting criminal industries shamelessly before, going against his own scientific advisors at times.

Will Rishi Sunak change his horrific ways?

To ask or demand noted personalities and influencers to Go Vegan, is a great propaganda. But a few setbacks in these campaigns are again pointed out as follows.

Going Vegan cannot be something you for a month or a set period. Veganism is not another name for plant based food. It is a basic belief in moral values of not deliberately causing harm via abuse and slaughter to animals, those beings who are sentient.

Veganism is against exploitation of animals by boycotting animal products such as animal meat dairy, eggs, honey or additives in food, and also other items such as animal leather, animal fur, animal wool, animal silk, animal testing or use of animals in entertainment such as circus, rodeos, zoos, any other product or service that can be avoided in practical routine life. It is not just a food trip or an ego massage offered to billionnaires.

Veganism has eco friendly and climate benefits, as well as health benefits including personal health such as risk of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancers, global pandemics, flus and epidemics, and overall hygiene in environment, besides being a clear win for economy, setting large swathes of land the size of continents free and making water energy and food crops available to eradicate world hunger, water shortage, land shortage, homelessness, poverty, malnutrition. Imagine the world going Vegan, and you have ‘a world that exists on the future’. The other option is extinction.

If these above truths are before us in clear words, why not ban these heinous crimes permanently, crimes masquerading around as ‘industries’ of animal rape and murder.

Why should abusing and murdering someone be left to public opinion or personal choice? What about the opinions of the victim animals, the 80 billion land animals and 3 trillion sea animals killed every year worldwide for food itself? They did not ask to be bred and bled.

All of us are animals. All of us deserve a basic right to life and our economic freedom from slavery, exploitation and graphic violence. Human, cat, dog, goat, sheep, duck, pigeon, chicken, turkey, sheep, cow, bull, pig, fish, crab, lobster, prawn or any other victim. We all have our own feelings, emotions and dignity. Stop assaulting us for money, pleasure or taste. There is no excuse for animal abuse!

Breeding and Slaughter for food or other things that can be easily replaced by plant based and vegan ones, is a horrific crime that belongs to the dark ages. We are frugivore animals, humans, evolved from apes and kind hearted, good beings. Stop evil now.

#BanAnimalAgriculture #BanSlaughter #BanAnimalFarming

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