12 Easy Ways Towards Effective Vegan Activism in Routine Life

The young man working at my neighbourhood supermarket till point agreed to go Vegan today, when I started a conversation about how everything in the store should be Vegan, while paying for my groceries. He was worried about Vegan items being too expensive and was happy to learn that they are not.

Indeed there are some really easy ways we can move forward in activism in our everyday routine life, even if alone!

Please feel free to comment and add more brilliant suggestions to this post.

1. Just talk to people everywhere you can, whenever you feel it would be right to have polite and friendly conversations, when not too busy in official Vegan outreach events or work.

2. Wear Vegan merchandise with strong Vegan messages, badges, hoodies, t-shirts, bags, wallets, place Vegan stickers on your water bottles. Be a walking advert.

Design your own Vegan t-shirt online, Design by child activist Shaurya

3. Sticktivism. Bunch of stickers in your pocket everytime you go out to decorate every suitable pillar and post you may pass by, on walls, trains, bus stations or upon shopping aisles or even on items in shops. Please check the risks and local laws as applicable first. Search for vegan stickers on etsy or other online stores or design your own.

Stickers on Trains

4. Chalktivism. Colourful chalks are inexpensive tools to paint your streets eith Vegan slogans and illustrations. Some places could be outside supermarkets, parks, town center and schools, wherever convenient if it is not a rainy night. Chalking is not outlawed everywhere, although in some places it may be. Kindly look up on local laws.

Vegan Chalking by Shaurya Dutta, 9 years, Essex, UK

5. Draw your own creative posters, or print information out and hold an impromptu exhibition on your high streets or local park with several of them. Keep stones on their corners to prevent them from flying in the wind. You may also bring leaflets or show appropriate footage of animal exploitation industry on device screens if necessary for educational purposes. Parents may supervise children suitably if they are objecting to footage so there is no need to feel shy about showing footage or posters as evidence of a legal reality of a well known industry.

Posters for Activism

6. Talk about how horrible it is to use animal products or kill animals for food in trains, planes, while shopping or anywhere you can with a vegan friend, ensuring passers by overhear parts of your conversation or even join in.

7. Talk about pets with people and add how wrong it is to kill them, as chickens, rabbits, calves, lambs, pigs, all can be pets, and are equally cute.

Animals for Dinner

8. Add ‘Go Vegan’ message or cute stickers to all your festive cards or whatever items you gift to people on special occasions.

Activism Stickers

9. Subvertising. Some groups do cover local ads on busstops, trains, telephone booths or outside stores with vegan messages, posters, stickers or marker pens when noone is looking, e.g. over animal products ads. This is not always legal or risk free though so please look up on local laws.

10. Start or join groups online or local meetup groups for vegan socials, events, activism, meditation or community building.

11. Write strong letters to businesses, media, government officials, education department, local M.P., P.M., lawmakers, and agriculture departments to highlight the issues with evidence and call for action when possible such as petitions or parliamentary motion. Government officials and MP of your constituency are obliged to respond suitably in most cases.

12. Keyboard activism. Social media rocks with Vegans. Poetry, memes, articles, stories, info-graphics, videos. Use relevant hashtags such as #banslaughter, #govegan, #BanAnimalAgriculture  and #bananimaltesting to name a few.

Please do comment, like, ❤️,  share and spread the light and follow vegan and earth ship activists for raising our planetary vibrations higher.

#earthhealingnetwork, YouTube @earthhealingnetwork

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