Ascension Disclosures: Original Sin and Meaning of the term ‘Humane’ Meat Exposed

We always claim that humans are kind people and humanity is all about compassionate feelings of bonhomie and agreeableness towards each other. The word Humane obviously is from the word ‘Human’. But is Humankind really a kind one? Are humans even Human beings? Our fall into this lower 3d simulation is portrayed metaphorically in the Biblical story of the Forbidden Fruit of Death (outcome of our lust for flesh). The evidence is clearly described below.

  • A female is penetrated upon forcefully. ‘Don’t worry you will not die,’ says the vegetarian voice, just like the reptile in Biblican Garden of Eden in Genesis of Bible. This is Humane rape apparently. Diseases are incidental. Barbaric slaughter follows after prolonged sexual slavery.
  • Cursed with painful labour the poor girl bears a lovely baby, is finally overjoyed and wants to feed the baby her milk. But the little one is snatched away immediately and sent to slaughter leaving both crying for days. How ‘Humane’, say the ‘Essential’ producers of dairy milk, half tone, full cream, double cream, butter, cheese, veal, beef and soft leather products. The cheap customer who values disgusting products gives into the deadly temptation and partakes in these multiple sins. Gluttony, violence, greed, vanity…all for momentary pleasure, day after day, are committed, and Human 3d simulation refuses to change.
  • An emaciated male baby is painfully castrated upon birth and left bleeding. The mother has no say as her son is being fattened for just a few days, upto six months perhaps as tender meat. Mother is not far in the slaughter line after repeated trauma of impregnation and severely painful injustices to her and her children. ‘Humane’ say producers of pork, wool, lamb, etc, counting their millions of pounds of flesh that translates into cash.
  • Blood stained weapons and aprons are displayed into hidden cctv cameras, a thick rosy red bloodbath on the disturbing kill floor. How ‘Humane’ indeed!

Apparently using electric bolt or boiling broth and CO2 gas chambers to suffocate and negligably ‘stun’ them before their head is chopped off is a highly compassionate behaviour. Those millions of desperate cries and kicking of legs as victims are tied upside down is passed off as mere ‘reflexes’. ‘Why shouldn’t ends justify means when we can project a Humane lie?’, vile producers continue to rattle off, quoting pseudoscience of nutrition and omnivorism, all lies perpetrated in outdated school textbooks.

‘No pain no gain’..meat is profitable due to customer demand…therefore termed ‘Humane’. Those who speak against this plain violent terrorism are oddly called vegan militant terrorists. Rich farmers applauded and rewarded. Are they Human, leave alone Humane?

  • A female child is forced to suffer through painful periods day after day, dying hungry in the process. ‘Humane’ again say the egg Union, restaurants and senseless customers who cannot live without indecency. They sell and consume periods from anuses in the form of stinky mucous rich omelette and cake ingredients.
  • A queen bee is inseminated to force her into multiple pregnancy in ‘Humane’ rape factories. Several thousands of babies and worker insects crawl over the filthy vomit collected and regurgitated painfully by their mouths as live together in the same. Delicious and ‘Humane’ say desperate bee owners and unhygenic honey enthusiasts. Cinnamon and turmeric that are actually good for cough and flu relief are there too.
  • The familiar stench of dirty fish and disturbing sight of dead bodies of creepy legs and open dead eyes fills the marketplace. There is no so called ‘Humane’ stunning norms in their slaughter. Sea animals including sea insects (arthropods technically) are suffocated and hacked cruelly by the trillions annually. Noone bats an eyelid.

Millionaires are made by the Humane lie fuelled system of death, rape and controlling 150 billion poor children and parents forceably as a slaves, jailed upon dead land that can be freed up and vegetated, if and only if Humans rise up. But they feel nothing.

Other species of animals are Animals. Humans are something else apparently. A special (specie-El) kingdom of a male God, a higher type of beings. Humans claiming to be endowed with souls and spirit, in contrast to other animals who are simply called Animals move about with head held high. Humans are ‘People’. They are not. Humans are Persons. Other animals, well, they have unique individual personalities but are simply called Animals. One cruel classification to separate Human ego. A classic sin of pride, that keeps us fooled within the artificial money system in which we all are held as slaves, tradeable as commodities, our value negligible.

If we indeed have a soul that is in someway superior to other lifeforms, its only validation would be that unlike other animals we would be kinder to all species.

That ‘Love’ is the answer to every problem is screamed across songs and performances all around in media designed to severely attract revenue and mass following. Sadly media and cinema promote sexual relations as Love thereby eradicating kindness altogether, drawing children and each other as adults, closer towards a system of using one another, and other species. A foolish culture of connecting Love with sexual feelings has been spread deliberately by media to keep people entwined in reptilian lower kundalini vibrations of lewd glamour and slinky seduction of grossly tamasic or lower dimensional nature, where heart chakra remains inaccessible and perhaps closed altogether. A classic sin of Lust and Human downfall.

The Lust for Flesh has been found in nasty food habits as also indicated in The Genesis of the Bible, the first Original Sin of the forbidden fruit of death being consumed and shared between a couple. Consumption of death in the form of dead bodies of animals as well as regarding each other’s bodies in Consummation as objects to feed from, to drain emotional and sexual energy or pleasure out of is all disgusting and clearly sinful behaviour. Media and social culture as well as economic maths would ensure we are tempted anyways. Whatever helps sell more, catering to consumer demands, for dead bodies, for sexual relationships, for recreation venues, to sell space, luxury, fashion, food, beauty, media shows and music. We are encouraged to produce babies and create more and more consumers out of us…. in order for us to fuel the Matrix. That in essence is the reptilian simulation or deception that we have fallen for in this vaguely Human form.

A Human being is in a fallen state right now in this lower reptilian realm, and nothing like the innocent Edenarian who was promised the Fruit of Life.

Several reptocoil and demonocoil arch demons and millions of other multitudes of demons have taken over the performance of every Human being in this reality show crafted out of an AI computer simulation machine. No humans are here in this world all around. It is all a hographically generated, hollow thought process modulated simulation. I see the evidence daily as thoughts give rise to situations in life.

Lucifer (deadly sin of pride and corruption), Satan (deadly sin of violence), Baalzibub (deadly sin of gluttony and ego), Baelphegor (deadly sin of sloth), Mammon (deadly sin of greed), Asmodeous (deadly sin of lust), Leviathan (deadly sin of envy) complaining and arguing against change and claiming that it is a ‘Personal Choice to rape, abuse and kill someone for the dangerous deathly fruit of Azazel that shortens lifespan, spreads diseases and gives doom to the planet. What a terrible performance!

Ideally any demon will not want a lockdown or any restrictions on personal freedom. They would prefer to shop non essentials, to eat out in dirty non-vegan restaurants that attract flies and germs, and roam around spreading many more germs such as covid. They are hell bent upon never changing their habits or restricting economic activity which is the right approach to saving the planet. We need to go within but they all want to go out. Economy and its diligent servants and slaves would live to continue on with trade, money income, jet travel, sexual dating and propagation, eating out for fun and other temptations. Exploitation is taught at math time in schools.

Narcissistic people are most averse to being alone and working on themselves and in freeing their mind off routine socio-economic life. Little do people care about the cause of climate crisis and epidemics being animal products and capitalism. No measures are taken to curb them and to cure Humanity of their mental diseases. The viruses and climate change are merely symptoms.

Dangerous vaccines are poked into bodies cruelly under pressure, to enable pus production. Just like cattle are vaccinated and injected heavily to increase productivity, we are too going down that route, so that we can sell products and services while living in a massive ocean of germs, pollution and hell.

The Half-Awakening Human Consciousness ♥

Pubs, racy strip clubs, polluting jet flights, adult business, slaughterhouses and obscene capitalism fired by vaccines. That is the way demons resolve the current planetary crises, pandemics and climate change, living and dying as emotionless and remorseless as could be. No lessons were learnt.

Humanity continues to be an ugly world. Rape, abuse and murder passed off as Personal Choice and strangely termed ‘Humane’. Not far is the day when killing another Human for food will be termed ‘Humane’ and ‘Essential’ too if done in the ‘right way’ whatever that means..a festival perhaps? What is the difference between Human and other animals anyways? Sadly we do exploit each other for catering to the money based economic system and so called relationships already, at least we are forced to.

We all know we are in a computer simulation and forced to live in this horrible deadly artificial environment daily against our will. People look like Humans but are not. Once you know this there is no going back into this Inhuman Human deception. You are aware, yet still here! You are not Home.

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