Calling for World Peace

Efforts to promote world peace are on the rise as events all over the world align in synchronicity: Goa is hosting the World Peace Music Festival called Sur Jahan from February 8 to 10. International teams from Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia and three national teams would participate in this┬ánon-commercial, non-ticketed event. Penzance in Cornwall... Continue Reading →

The Timeless Truth

Who are we and why are we here? This little book is intended to raise awareness through messages from the higher Self, the unlimited part of us which is beyond the restrictions of time and space. Let the sacred voice of the inner self unite all of us into the One being.

Child Not Bride: Saving the future of young girls

In a shocking development, Bangladesh recently indicated it would legally allow child marriages in 'special cases' as reported by the Guardian. Child brides face a greater risk of rape, domestic violence and forced pregnancies. A 16 year old girl from Hyderabad, India who was forced to marry a man 20 years older and returned home... Continue Reading →

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