Saturday Story: The Dreamer

Once there was a person who was in deep sleep. This person was dreaming, dreams after dreams…just like all of us who dream each night. In one dream this person was a fish, swimming in the ocean…exploring the world underwater…when a bird swept down and caught her…there she met her death. But, the dream continued…she was now a bird…flying high in the sky…soaring on the clouds with her strong wings… and looking down sharply to catch a prey..and as she flew down to hunt…a leopard took a leap at her and made her his meal. That was the end of her flight and her life. Yet, she kept dreaming on. This time she was a leopard roaring around the jungle looking for a good hunt. She felt strong and powerful…almost invincible, when suddenly she was struck by the bullet of a poacher in the forest that brought her down.


Still, she kept dreaming on….this time becoming a young man who lived a rough and weary life, struggling for money and basic necessities. Driven by the urge to feed himself and his family he joined a gang of poachers who made good money hunting and selling animal parts and skins. Then one day he was died in an accident. That was the end of that dream. Yet, he kept dreaming on into another dream. This time he was a wealthy businessman who lived a luxurious life with his wife and kids, in a large house decorated with the stuffed animals he purchased from the poachers. He ate hearty meals and indulged as much as he could. Then one day he was died of a heart attack…but the dreamer went on dreaming. This time she was a widow who was trekking through the forest, when she came across an injured animal who was struggling for life. Having been through the pain of losing her husband who had died of a sudden heart attack, she felt great compassion for the animal and the animal’s family. She thought of walking ahead and leaving the dying creature alone…yet kindness took over and she called the animal rescue team who rescued the beast and its life. She felt good. From then on she decided to be a positive person who helps everyone and hurts none. She began an amazing journey learning how to be peaceful, loving and generous. She saw how she had the power to change the world with her physical efforts, unaware that she is merely dreaming. Then one day she died and this dream was over, and another began.


This time the dreamer was a kind and honest man who lived a simple life, teaching others about love, peace and kindness. He wished he could be everywhere helping as many beings as possible, but physically he could do only so much. Yet, he felt so much compassion that he often closed his eyes and wished that the world would heal. He imagined seeing the world as a better place and magically enough, he began changing the world with his mind. He was amazed that he indeed could wish for anything and see it happen. At first he was afraid of this power. It seemed strange and scary that anything good or bad could indeed happen at his will, not only in his life but around him too, with just the power of his mind. Then he began accepting this power as something divine that can be used for the benefit of all. People gave him titles of great respect and awe. Then one day he died and the dream ended, and another began.

All this while he was dreaming…and unaware of who he really was. In the next dream he began again, living an exalted and peaceful life with divine superpowers. Except that one day, he began to wonder…if the world can indeed change so easily with these divine superpowers and positive thinking…how real could this world be? Suddenly he felt like a fool who is unaware, sleeping and lost in illusion. He wanted to realize the truth about the universe and his existence. Who was he really? He wanted to wake up.


This story is the story of each one of us. We are all in this dream called the world where we are learning how we all are One. It is illusion to think there is anyone else out there. Our family, loved ones, friends, pets, and all creatures everywhere…all share one single consciousness at the core. We may have many bodies but our soul is the same. This one consciousness or the soul of the universe is within us all. When we hurt any being it is our-self that we are hurting, when we help any being, it is our-self that heals. Our mind connects with everything and everyone on earth and beyond and can influence the world in greater ways that we ever knew, because we are all One.

It is through meditation, self-love and inner contentment that we heal ourselves and prepare for our awakening, all satisfied and relaxed with deep inner peace. This journey from ignorance to the ultimate truth is what our existence is really all about. Know Thyself!

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Germany Chooses Love over Fear

Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed Germany’s willingness to accept refugees who are fleeing war and persecution. Despite attacks of terror in Germany being linked with asylum seekers and migrants, the German leader recognized that the need of the hour is not to deny kindness to those who need it, but to improve security and alert systems.

While the intention of attackers is to spread hate and fear, and the best way to ensure they do not succeed is to remain positive!

Five Positive Last Moments

  1. It is well known Steve Jobs had a single book- Autobiography of a Yogi on his iPhone – so much so a copy of it was given to everyone at his funeral. His famous last words were, ‘Oh, Wow. Oh, Wow. Oh, Wow.” Although he was suffering, one wonders who or what he saw unbeknownst to anyone, that so touched him as he gave up his ghost.steve-jobs-quotes-5


  1. Spiritual master and author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, Paramahansa Yogananda’s last words were “Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God — I am hallowed; my body touched that sod.” It is reported, his body showed no sign of decay for 21 days before it was placed into a casket and that he foretold of his coming back to live up in the Himalayas in his next earthly visit. yogananda
  2. Einstein’s personal secretary who was with him at the hospital the day before he passed away on April 17, 1955 recounts how Einstein, bedridden but feeling a little stronger, asked for pages of his equations where he had been endlessly manipulating mathematical symbols in the fading hope that the unified field theory materialize. Einstein did not rise with the morning sun. His final scribbling’s offered no further light on unification. While some may think, he died with unfinished business, others won’t hesitate to say, his soul is (or was) but taking a break…


  1. Terry Pratchett who amused many with his alternate universe stories tweeted in his last moments,”Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night. The End.” In his books, this character called Death muses- “Humans make life so interesting do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom?”



  1. Finally, the one line story of a dying man whispering last words of advice to his wife, ‘remember dear, every morning when you lift your head from the pillow, you have all that you need!’




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

Monday Magick: Mirror Mirror!

In this world we sometimes worry, feel angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted…or moved by things around us. News, events, situations, people, attitudes, changes, turmoil, fear, terror, angst ….in all this is there anyone who stops and thinks – what is the root cause of all this? In struggling and fighting for change all around us…are we missing an important factor – the inner spiritual reason for everything…within us!

We live in a fractal universe where everything small or big merely represents or simulates a certain mental vibration. It is as if a program exists that picks up your thoughts and feelings telepathically, (especially your unconscious vibrations that are suppressed deep within)… and generates an entire world based on them. Imagine the world as a hall of mirrors where your image is reflected again and again and again…infinitely. Negative thoughts and feelings generate negative worlds, positive thoughts and feelings generate positive worlds. If something changes in us then everything around changes too in that very moment. Today let is work this magick by not being angry or breaking the mirror but by realizing that everything is a reflection and making that inner change which will change everything infinitely.


Think of a positive change you would really, really like in your world right now. Close your eyes,  breathe naturally and relax yourself for a few breaths until you feel peaceful and calm. Deepen this relaxation more and more….and more….feel yourself connecting with a deep part of you which is at the center of everything. This is the part of you which is universal and all-powerful. Now visualize that the change you seek is already made…your wish is already fulfilled…as clearly as you possibly can….see it as so, feel it as so….know it is so and believe it deeply, because it is so. Truly and deeply feel and sense pure joy and peace. Feel a great gratitude and contentment that comes with this change. Stay with this positive feeling…let nothing pull you down. Everything and everyone around you will now start reflecting or mirroring this inner change in every possible way. Keep reminding yourself that the world is a mirror and stay self-aware and self-loving.

mirror fractals


Seven Differences Between Being Spiritual and Being Gullible

Spirituality is about being in touch with our inner wisdom. This inner guidance helps us in making choices that help in enhancing growth, awareness and peace. It is great to be open-minded, mentally flexible, receptive and trusting. This is however very different from being foolish or easily misled. Here are seven ways of knowing whether you are being the wise ever-learning Fool or an ignorant fool.

  1. Check Facts First: Sharing news, information, reports after checking their authenticity is always better. Sometimes in spiritual groups and forums people spread a range of incredulous hoaxes, apocalyptic fears and conspiracy theories that have no real basis and are purely fabricated by overactive minds. Some people make tall and fraudulent claims for self-promotion. Always support and cross-check stories with your intuition in addition to confirming with reliable resources.magnifier
  2. Do Not Get Manipulated: Some people have been using hypnotic techniques not for healing or helping but for temporarily manipulating minds in order to sell something that is not actually required, or to indoctrinate others in certain ways to thinking or behaving that may not actually serve everyone’s best interests. Being spiritual does not being of a malleable mind that can easily be led into other people’s agendas. manipulation
  3. Love Not Fear: If there is something negative, fear-based or hateful in any ideology, belief or practice then steer clear. Such paths are not really spiritual. Choose only things that harm none, improve your life and help you let-go of the negative. Once again your intuition will guide you well. If it does not feel right it most likely isn’t. heart-583895_960_720
  4. Do Not Allow Yourself to Get Drained Out: Some people attach with others with an aim to constantly get something out of them, either materially or mentally. Emotional, psychic or energetic vampires have been found in both in physical groups and e-groups trying to get maximum attention or sympathy from others while taking away from the essence or purpose of the event. They also sometimes befriend you to hound your time. It is necessary to cut them out as well as switch them off mentally, so that you can regain focus and allow them an opportunity to self-heal which is what they really need too. switch off
  5. Be Authentic: Being spiritual does not mean you need to wear a false mask of sweetness and be ‘nice’ to others no matter whether they are harming or helping. If someone is trying to harm you in any way it is perfectly alright to shield yourself and detach from them. If someone is clearly harming others it is perfectly alright to raise awareness and alert those who are in danger so they can be protected. Support the positive, not the negative.mask-1431136_960_720
  6. Down to Earth: Some spiritual enthusiasts get into a trance like state and become overbearing, trying to show off their importance, or pretend to channel messages all the time, whether or not they are asked to. Spirituality is not about calling yourself fancy names, being spaced our or imagining you are someone superior to the rest of the universe. If so then you are in a state of duality. True spirituality is unity and integration with everyone and everything which melts away our lofty egos and imaginary personas. Not just a chosen few, but everyone is a multidimensional being of infinite power deep within! Respect all.stones-801756_960_720
  7. Ignorance is Not Bliss: Being spiritual does not mean being in a trance without self-awareness or self-realization. Taking a drug, retail therapy, being drunk, hypnotizing yourself to feel positive or any other way of artificially inducing a ‘happy’ state make you dependent on something or someone external and therefore are not ways to true or lasting inner happiness. True bliss comes with meditation which is not about any ‘technique’ but is simply being with the inner-self by stilling your mind. This leads to real self-love and true happinessspiritualSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


Positive News: Opening Our Hearts to Help Refugees

Your ability to give to those in need does not depend on how ‘rich’ you are. According to the latest Oxfam report, more than 65 million people have recently fled their homes due to war and conflict related crisis – out of which 21.3 million have entered as refugees in foreign lands, often surviving treacherous journeys and living in abysmal conditions in refugee camps. Of these  almost 12 million people are hosted by Jordan, Turkey, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Pakistan, Lebanon and South Africa, whose economies collectively account for less than two percent of the world’s total.

Richer nations that earn over 56 percent of the world’s GDP have taken only 2.1 million or 8.88% of these refugees. Due to the strict policies in most of these nations, refugees are often denied the opportunity to gain education, work and earn thereby contributing an increase in poverty and joblessness in the world. UK has taken only 168,937 refugees. According to an Independent report, the British Government has pledged to contribute £17 million over the coming year for joint work with France aiming not to help refugees but to strengthen policing and border controls with the aim of preventing migration into UK while large numbers of refugees including minors and unaccompanied children require care and support.

Thankfully there are wonderful people everywhere who are trying their best to help in whichever way they can. A charity called Side by Side Refugees in association with locals from England is trying to send aid to refugees in the UK-France border in Calais. Recently filmmaker Natalie Sloan delivered caravans from Walthamstow, London to the refugee camp in Calais so that vulnerable kids could have a bit more safety in these camps. Residents are continuously raising funds to buy more caravans for refugees and collecting donations to send to the refugee camps even while the French government razed off vast portions of the camp.

Natalie Sloan delivering a caravan to Calais
Image courtesy:
Caravans for Calais

You can help by donating through Paypal in cash or in kind via the following amazon wishlist to help our refugee friends in their time of need.


Amazon Wishlist:

Thank You for contributing to a Positive Cause! Share this story so that more people can support and help.

Reverse Galaxy Baffles Scientists

UGC 1382 an enormous galaxy over seven times wider than the Milky Way and about 718,000 light-years across has baffled scientists off late because of how the relative ages of the galaxy’s components appear backwards. In most galaxies, the innermost portion forms first and contains the oldest stars and as the galaxy grows, its outer, newer regions have the youngest stars. By combining observations from many different telescopes, astronomers were able to piece together the historical record of when stars formed in this galaxy — and the result was bizarre. “The centre of UGC 1382 is actually younger than the spiral disc surrounding it,” says Mark Seibert of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science, in California. “It’s old on the outside and young on the inside. This is like finding a tree whose inner growth rings are younger than the outer rings.”

Read the NASA feature here


Image credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/SDSS/NRAO/L. Hagen and M. Seibert

Monday Magick: Guru Purnima Blessing

July 19th-20th is the full moon, dedicated specially to remembering the Guru within us all. This full moon in Capricorn as per sidereal astrology will be a symbol of practical wisdom and determination. Our Guru is our inner consciousness that is always awake at some or the other level. It presents itself in many forms to remind us of who we are. Those whom we consider our spiritual gurus or teachers are not the only gurus that enlighten us. Almost anyone and anything can help us remember our true self in our day to day life. Divination is about reading the signs through various symbols found around us, whether shapes of clouds, or through the positions of celestial bodies, or the appearance and behavior of animals, or through Tarot cards and similar techniques.  Our intuition is the voice of our inner guru or wisdom.

The Hierophant card of Tarot denotes the Guru principle. The word Hiero-phant means the divine representation. To work with this card observe the images and allow them to trigger in you memories of various gurus or teachers who have awakened and inspired you. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. Thank all divine masters deeply and allow them all to merge into one in the form of a light – choose a color, and visualize this light bathing you from head to toe. Affirm, ‘I fully awaken my inner guru to help me attain the highest possible self-realization right now. So be it!’

star tarot

Image courtesy: Hierophant from Star Tarot deck by Cathy McClelland

Sunday Spirit: Many and One

In the course of a single lifetime we normally get attached and established in the illusion of duality. We believe ourselves to be many distinct personalities or separate entities over several such lifetimes. We believe we are either male, or female. We believe in our race, our ancestry, our religious community, our country, our home, our family, our profession, our degrees, our language…creating a certain ‘story’ of our life. Yet we are now awakening into an awareness of how all of us and everything is interconnected in magickal ways. We now know that our lifetime is not the only one, for we have been male and female, living in various places, at different times in infinite past or parallel existences. Deep inside we are all skin colors, all religions, all cultures…. one great being split into so many existences in the grand illusion of time. What if all of us – all people, things, creatures, planets, universes, dimensions, realities – were all inherently One? What if the MANY were projections of a ONE single consciousness who is healing itself through our growing awareness of who we really are? If we see the truth underlying all of existence, we would no longer have discord and war,anger, hurt or strife anymore.


Ten Ways to STOP Inviting Negativity into Your Life

Have you ever asked – ‘Why Me?’…or ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ Are you wondering why your prayers and wishes have not worked? Or why thinking positive, donating to charity or being ‘nice’ has not really helped you transform your own life yet?

Here are some ways you can indeed change things for the better now:

  1. Stop Playing the Victim: Self pity, angry outrage, guilt tripping or fishing for sympathy are the worst things to do if you wish to have a better life. When you tell yourself and others how terrible things are for you, or how you are stuck in a horrid world, you are telling the universe that you deserve more of those terrible situations. Instead, be the change you seek, because the universe is within.self
  2. Find something to feel positive about: Look for the faintest potential of light in this darkness – you will find it, because there is something positive always hiding somewhere inside everything. It could be the sunshine or the rain, the stars or simply your breath. Or, imagine something positive and feel great as if you already have it, do not feel ‘wanting’ anymore. What you feel creates more of what you feel!man-828739_960_720
  3. Meditate: Instead of thinking and complaining about how life is bad for you close you eyes and be in the present moment – because you have the power to take the right action and change everything now and that is the only thing that counts. The more you meditate the more you will enhance your consciousness which is the real power.mediate sunset
  4. Consult Your Own Intuition: Chances are you wound up in negativity due to thinking, accepting or following wrong ideas. Yet, there is something inside all of us that always seeks our highest good. To be in touch with it and listen to your natural intuition is the best way to flow joyfully through life. Let your soul guide you now, no matter what other’s say. person-864804_960_720
  5. Love Yourself: If you thought being ‘nice’ to others is going to return your way as good karma, remember that giving is good karma only if you give enough to yourself too. If you are giving to others in the greed of receiving something directly or indirectly in return, but sacrificing your own good, you are telling the universe you do not deserve good. Real abundance is in knowing that all including you deserve the best. Be unconditional to yourself AND others.face-66317_960_720
  6. Stop Getting Involved with Negativity: If you really want a happier world for yourself and others stop consuming, sharing and chatting about negative news and sob-stories. Give attention instead to positive things because energy flows where attention goes and energy creates more of WHATEVER you focus upon. Think about solutions not
  7. Choose Positive Habits: Success and happiness can be inculcated by real and genuine effort. If you prefer to take drugs or drinks instead of really taking the effort to meditate or exercise or change your habits for the better from deep within , you cannot blame fate for your negative situations. You are always in-charge! choose
  8. Mind over Matter: It is not merely through outer physical efforts or external rituals that life is transformed. It takes deeper inner work. Transformation happens inside out. Else it is mere superficial change no matter which technique you follow. Let your mind create good now though every word, every thought, every thing.mind
  9. Soul over Mind: Your mind is only a tool of the Soul. The real power is in the Soul and its choices. When you handover the pen to your Soul or higher-self and allow it to write your story it will do a better job than the lower ‘you’ because its wisdom is infinite as compared to the limits of your outer-mind. We all have a common Soul or ‘Self’ which is all-powerful. It is the only real God or Goddess!hand-534867_960_720
  10. Truth over Illusion: If you cannot see beyond your immediate life problems and endless desires, seeking love, romance, money and popularity all the time…you are in illusion. The only thing real is the Self, all else is only a dream playing as life through the stage of your mind. Ask yourself who you are and find more about the mysteries of the universe for a change. Transcend duality!dream

Stay Awake Within!


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