Saturday Story: The Dreamer

Once there was a person who was in deep sleep. This person was dreaming, dreams after dreams...just like all of us who dream each night. In one dream this person was a fish, swimming in the ocean...exploring the world underwater...when a bird swept down and caught her...there she met her death. But, the dream continued...she... Continue Reading →

Germany Chooses Love over Fear

Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed Germany's willingness to accept refugees who are fleeing war and persecution. Despite attacks of terror in Germany being linked with asylum seekers and migrants, the German leader recognized that the need of the hour is not to deny kindness to those who need it, but to improve security and alert systems. While the... Continue Reading →

Monday Magick: Mirror Mirror!

In this world we sometimes worry, feel angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted...or moved by things around us. News, events, situations, people, attitudes, changes, turmoil, fear, terror, angst all this is there anyone who stops and thinks - what is the root cause of all this? In struggling and fighting for change all around us...are we... Continue Reading →

Seven Differences Between Being Spiritual and Being Gullible

Spirituality is about being in touch with our inner wisdom. This inner guidance helps us in making choices that help in enhancing growth, awareness and peace. It is great to be open-minded, mentally flexible, receptive and trusting. This is however very different from being foolish or easily misled. Here are seven ways of knowing whether... Continue Reading →

Positive News: Opening Our Hearts to Help Refugees

Your ability to give to those in need does not depend on how 'rich' you are. According to the latest Oxfam report, more than 65 million people have recently fled their homes due to war and conflict related crisis – out of which 21.3 million have entered as refugees in foreign lands, often surviving treacherous journeys and... Continue Reading →

Reverse Galaxy Baffles Scientists

UGC 1382 an enormous galaxy over seven times wider than the Milky Way and about 718,000 light-years across has baffled scientists off late because of how the relative ages of the galaxy's components appear backwards. In most galaxies, the innermost portion forms first and contains the oldest stars and as the galaxy grows, its outer, newer regions... Continue Reading →

Monday Magick: Guru Purnima Blessing

July 19th-20th is the full moon, dedicated specially to remembering the Guru within us all. This full moon in Capricorn as per sidereal astrology will be a symbol of practical wisdom and determination. Our Guru is our inner consciousness that is always awake at some or the other level. It presents itself in many forms... Continue Reading →

Sunday Spirit: Many and One

In the course of a single lifetime we normally get attached and established in the illusion of duality. We believe ourselves to be many distinct personalities or separate entities over several such lifetimes. We believe we are either male, or female. We believe in our race, our ancestry, our religious community, our country, our home,... Continue Reading →

Ten Ways to STOP Inviting Negativity into Your Life

Have you ever asked - 'Why Me?'...or 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' Are you wondering why your prayers and wishes have not worked? Or why thinking positive, donating to charity or being 'nice' has not really helped you transform your own life yet? Here are some ways you can indeed change things for the better... Continue Reading →

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