5 Steps to Manifest a Better Planet

We all believe in our power over reality physically speaking, in our power to manipulate matter and change its form scientifically in mundane world. But did you know that we have the power to transform our world using our inner powers. This is because we are entrenched in a reality simulation or a holographic system that projects our mental content out into this Dreamworld or Matrix.

These are the steps to start controlling reality instead of letting outside energy control you.

1. SPIRIT/ TRUTH: Meditate to look within for your inner Self or your connection to Higher Self. We are all ONE being in this dreamworld. Just like in a dream everyone appears to be different people, we all are one Soul scattered through time, space and dimensions (multilevel dreams). But the same way as the dreamer of a dream is one person, yet, people look all different as distinct individuals (illusion) yet, we all are One true being (God/ Goddess/ Angelic self) in the real world when we wake up. This higher self is our true self. By meditation we reduce our involvement in this dreamworld and stay connected to the Higher Self in Samadhi, establishment of awakened consciousness.

2. AIR/ THOUGHT: Our mind is creating our reality on a daily basis as Buddha discovered upon enlightenment (Buddha means mind). Our negative thoughts are also manifest and become our demons 😈 that control and harm us and disturb our reality causing our economic collapse, climate change, violence, evil and mayhem. We need to banish these negative energies powerfully and stay aware of their presence anywhere so that we can banish them promptly. At the same time positive intentions must be stated, with a list of positive goals that connect us with our Angels. Banishing negative thoughts and manifesting positive thoughts is easier done by using positive Affirmations stayed privately in your safe space using present tense as if those things are happening right now. E.g. “I am an amazing, powerful person who is now manifesting my highest good in every moment “

3. FIRE/ WILL POWER: We all have an energy frequency in our energy field (aura) that we can focus upon, just like a magic wand. We can send energy to cleanse ourselves of negative debris or thoughts and to channel positive energy inwards as well as send our positive energy outwards wilfully to project our intentions through Visualisation. Some examples include, shielding our aura, casting a protective circle or sphere, sending and receiving healing for wellbeing as light or pulsation using pranic or reiki methods, energising intentions via candle magic by imagining a new reality vividly, or by using wands or hands to energise space, self, others, or our affirmations with chosen colour and forms of light.

4. WATER/ EMOTIONAL CONTENT: Emotions are stronger than mere thoughts as they have gone deeper into our ❤️ Heart center. Negative emotions block out some energies while positive emotions open us up to energies. We need to be careful to not allow negative fear based emotions to manifest, and to get rid of any such fear based emotional control by any person, by any institution or religion or system. We can also accept and strengthen positive emotions to manifest a heavenly world of love, light, laughter and joy for ourself and our loved ones. This involves awakening our heart based inner child like self to forgive our past, feel deserving of love and kindness and capable of giving love and kindness to manifest a happier reality, such as a Vegan planet where we experience peace and kindness.

5. EARTH/ PHYSICAL GROUNDING: Grounding ourselves in a positive reality of our choice is necessary while cutting cords out of the unwanted reality. We need to say goodbye to evil and let unnecessary things out of our life by decluttering and removing ourselves from unnecessary and unwanted situations or environs. We also need to simultaneously make space for good things, and extend our feet and whole body into a new and better situation or environment so that we can ground ourselves there. A new magical and love based reality is ours to embrace and rejoice in. Our actual physical actions and behaviors need to be aligned with our highest good in order for grounding to work, else it will be futile. Sensible feng shui, eco friendly and positive vegan career, workplace, home, clothing, jewellery, Vegan and Ethical lifestyle modifications, plant based healthy diet, activities, exercise, friendships, love life, relationships and famllily, all should be aligned with the highest and most positive levels of reality.

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