Domestic Violence, Rape and Animal Slaughter: A Close Connection Explained!

Normally the terms murder, serial killer, and rape, remind us of horror movie scenes where humans are victims. But could there be a possibility of acknowledging innocent animals as victims of serious crimes?

The issue here is the deep connection between two similarly violent, graphic crimes and the need for immediate legislations to ban the latter:

1. Objectification of a human being who is abused within four walls of the house. As some serial killers confess in jail, ‘they had a feeling of total control over someone’ as they raped and killed them or chopped off their body parts. These actions are regarded as a crime in law and the assailants usually diagnosed as mentally ill delinquents or delusional psychopaths.

2. The common practice of objectification of animals other than humans, being turned into food after being cruelly chopped off, their lives, their babies, their breastmilk and eggs, being taken away against their free will. This too is a kind of domestic violence, rape and murder based on power and control. These crimes are shamelessly authorised as a respectable business, protected in law without any justification, as our body and mind are better being Vegan and we do not need animal products at all.

Let us take a closer look with the following examples to elucidate the similar patterns of human as well as other animal abuse.

A much talked about case having surfaced recently is that of The 5 star non vegan meat chef, Delhi Butcher, Aftab Poonawala case in which he sliced up his partner and kept her meat in a refrigerator. He had masterminded the crime on learning about similar crimes and acquiring meat butchering skills.

The cruel connection between animal meat and psychopathic crimes is seldom acknowledged.

This is not the first time a human was turned to meat and refrigerated. Sex based violent crimes including serial murders and serial rapes across the world have included cannibalism with the abuser keeping chopped body parts in the fridge freezers, eating parts of the body (Jeffrey Dahmer, the Butcher of Milwaukee).

Another serial offender used the skin of victims to manufacture leather objects such as gloves, bags, clothes or shoes (Edward Theodore Gein, the Plainfield Butcher who worked in his family farm and tannery, and having witnessed his parents slaughtering pigs since childhood).

The infamous and anonymous ‘Jack the Ripper‘ of London is theorised to having been a slaughterhouse worker too as he carefully disemboweled female victims of their internal organs and even ate them at times.

What is the difference between murder of a human and that of a cow, dog, pig, sheep, fish or bird, when clearly all animals are sentient and feel sorrow, terror, pain and fear and clearly value their life?

Rape of human females,outside of marriage is reported as a crime and condemned in media news features, especially if it is linked with severe physical injuries or murder. New Delhi was shamed as the rape capital of the world with several notable incidents repeated time and again in media including the very horrific Nirbhaya gang rape on a city bus in 2012 in which metal rods were inserted in the female’s private parts, causing fatal injuries. In Dec 2022 the news of a little 5 year old girl raped in a Bhalswa Dairy in Delhi was in media after she was operated upon owing to injuries in her private parts.

But did you know that Dairy industry is also a rape industry based on making females forcibly pregnant by inserting metal rods into her vagina and fisting her anus, to impregnate her and ending up controlling her life for her milk?

The Cruel Dairy Industry of Rape, explained by Erin Janus on YouTube

Arguably all animal farming involves sexual abuse of a female, and domestic violence against the entire family by the farmer and slaughter workers. Ironically the process is termed ‘animal husbandry’, the pathetic equation between marital rape and subjugation of an unwilling female, forced to bear babies after babies serially upon repeated insemination at the hands of the farmer. The children are seperated from mothers and either butchered for economic gain as ‘meat’ or similarly groomed to be slaves to bear babies as the cycle repeats itself over and over infinitely.

While India is amazing for banning slaughter and trade of animal meat and eggs in a few notable Hindu cities and towns, Dairy industry in each part of the world continues to rape females, neglect the babies and steal breastmilk away for human consumption unnecessarily just for gluttony, when it is a bovine secretion meant for baby cows, and unfit for human consumption.

Similarly while murder of female victims is condemned in no unclear terms, rape within domestic walls or marriage is regarded as a legal phenomena with no respect to a woman’s rights over her own body in India, if the assailant is her husband and she is above 15 years of age. In stark contrast, within UK law, marital rape is a crime with sentence of upto lifetime.

Females are seen in some cultures as things owned by men and subject to wishes and commandments of their male dominators in patriarchal cultures. They are expected to love the men who conquer them and expect them to serve food, sex and children to them, while never attracting attention of any man as per their own free will. Burqua, veil and abaya culture is one example in Islam where a curious dress code is imposed. In some Hindu communities too, a woman’s body displayed willingly in a sexually attractive way is frowned upon even in the year 2023. An example is a silly controversy ahead of the release of a big budget Bollywood movie due to a ‘saffron’ clad bikini scene being linked with ‘Hinduism’.

If we must set a good example of ‘ahimsa’ or non violence, marital rape as well as ugly Dairy industry need to be terminated and illegalised urgently alongside animal slaughter or murder which must also be banned as soon as possible. Stop the control of the female body, forcing females to belong to men and become mothers at the will of men, or to have their life, behaviour and free will controlled to serve various vested economic and power based interests of their abusers. This includes the female victims of the Dairy and Animal Farming Industries and their family members who are abused and graphically murdered, unjustifiably.

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