The Cruellest Evils of Animal Testing and Vivisection Exposed

In our enthusiasm to save the planet, we purchase goods from charity shops or donate to them. But little do we realize that many of these institutions such as Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation, among others, are strangely funding and directly supporting the abuse and maltreatment of innocent victims who are enslaved and tortured in horrific ways. Not only that medical and educational institutions such as Imperial College London, are yet to update their abhorrent animal testing and Vivisection malpractices prevalent since the dark ages, while countries such as the U.K. recognize cruelty, having outlawed animal experimentation in the cosmetic industry, are yet to update evil medical testing laws.

The Severely Dysfunctional Medical System of Animal Testing Failure

If animal slaughter in the food industry traumatizes you, please check out videos on Animal Testing. Animals are not just confined to cages and mentally tortured, they are burnt deliberately, injured violently, cut open alive, injected with poisons, paralyzed, blinded, irradiated, shocked, scarred for life, isolated, starved to death, and their organs removed while they watch helplessly, brain operated upon, metal discs and rods inserted into their head, seizures induced and they are finally killed. The victims are usually defenseless bunny rabbits, little beagle puppies, such as those at MBR Acres, small baby monkeys, little mice, and other gentle creatures who are easier to capture and subdue. This is much eviler than the cruellest version of dark witchcraft you could ever imagine, even in Harry Potter or any other fantasy novel.

Vivisection Exposed, a leading grassroots animal rights group has conducted a series of events in London and around the U.K. to demand an end to this horror show once and for all. For example, Imperial College London, where animals are kept in cages and tested in graphic ways is one institution where protestors have been demonstrating with strong voices such as the one of the 10-year-old in the video below.

Leading Animal Rights organizations such as PeTA have repeatedly ascertained that Animal Testing is simply ‘Bad Science’. Taxpayer money should not be put into these fraudulent malpractices that fail 95 percent of the time in human cases because the human body and DNA are very different in comparison when it comes to animal research on nonhuman species.

Not only that we already have enough cutting edge technology based on lab cells and ‘organ on chips’ that allows to eliminate the need to use live animals to test upon and kill for such research. Noone needs to suffer just to see how a drug or medicine will fail.

Animal Testing – The Stuff of Nightmares

The Legal Stuff

British Parliament held another long debate anticipated recently to decide upon whether to Ban the Breeding of Animals for Laboratory Testing after a strong petition was signed by over 116000 citizens and well presented among MPs. Emma Hardy, Labour MP pointed out instances when animal experiments caused miserable deaths to humans as a result of being unreliable, “For instance, TGN1412, where a dose 500 times smaller than the ‘safe and effective’ dose used in animals killed five human subjects, and Vioxx; relying solely on its results when tested on monkeys resulted in the deaths of, and injuries to, nearly 8,000 people. Conservative MP, Elliot Colburn stated, “NAMs, or Non Animal Methods, have the power not only to replace animal testing but to improve the robustness of the testing that we do, provide more accurate results and be more cost-effective. For example, a recent study found that Emulate’s liver-on-chips were able to correctly identify 87% of drugs that caused drug-induced liver injury to patients despite passing through animal testing. The University of Oxford researchers have developed an animal-free model of stroke by using organ-on-a-chip technology.” The question remains, why is the government taking so long?

Protests Against Cruel Animal Testing by Public at Imperial College, London by Vivisection Exposed

Camp Beagle has already made a noise at Cambridgeshire, against the chilling global corporation, Marshall Bioresources, that breeds and tortures puppies who unlike house pets, never go outside, touch the grass, or receive affection, thanks to the government-backed secrecy of the barbaric animal testing industry. Non Violent protestors of Animal Rebellion heroically liberated a few dogs from the jails of MBR at the risk of several years in jail to them for trespass, unlawful entry and theft.

Another protest ‘Breaking Hearts’ was also held recently outside British Heart Foundation, to opine that this charity must stop testing on animals, just ahead of Valentine’s Day. Previously facts came out in the media that BHF was funding cruelty against labrador puppies by purposely giving them heart attacks causing severe pain, trauma, and death, and even having their hearts removed for analysis before being put down. These researches are being published for over a decade now including the Catalog of Cruelty.

So what is it that we all can do?

We must be Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and avoid paying for slaughter or animal testing. We must also continue to raise our voices against the perils of Animal Testing and Animal Exploitation, sign petitions to outlaw these crimes, and protest alongside other teammates from Vegan and Cruelty-Free organizations such as Vivisection Exposed. We can also be mindful in our shopping and donations or volunteering, to avoid funding Animal Testing. A strong list of charities that do not support Animal Testing, versus those that do is found HERE.

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