9 Things Non-Vegans Should Not Do Over Social Media

We live upon social media a lot more than necessary, often to promote the messages of Veganism (Animal Rights, not just a dietary choice). Sadly, Non Vegans are sitting on their wifi machines and wasting time criticizing vegan posts when they really can do much better and Go Vegan, to join us in our fight for a better world (a certain win-win situation). So, here is a small piece of advise for them.


Guide to Social Media Interactions With Vegans

1. Kindly do not disrespect people just because you do not know them. A lot of us are reputed professionals and besides each being has own self respect and dignity. Think, about it. if you met us in person would you really be that rude, just because you found out we are vegan and speak up against cruelty?

2. Do not disrespect animals of other species than yours similarly. Laughing or haha emojis on descriptions of graphic violence, rape and murder are not funny and make you look bad.

3. Please do not use abusive language, it lowers your profile and reduces the standard of your presentation. **** off and other loose lingo are simply a sign of bad manners.

4. Do use gender and species neutral language and images. Please do not make fun of body parts or other animals. Calling someone a **** (female/ male body part) or dog or ass, just to shame someone are cheap old tricks, but it lower your standards of communication.

5. Vegans are not soyboys or soygirls or tofu eaters, we eat 10,000 plus fruit, veg, grains and seeds. We just do not think of other people including those who are sentient and of different appearence or languages (species) as food or commodities, because they are not.

6. Yes, you got that right! Animals like us, are not food but people. But only if we interacted more with animals of other species everyday as we do with humans, we will not be so rude as to eat them or wear their skins.

7. You are wrong if you think you have the right to live the way you want and harm others unnecessarily. When you have an option of being vegan and not hurting someone, why would you not choose that option? Why would you go on and on arguing against something as simple as being Vegan?

8. Shamelessly Arguing with Vegans makes you appear like an extinct animal who is in the wrong century. Time to get an education.

9. Your pictures of steak, burger, bacon, sausages, etc., are so similar to vegan bacon, vegan burgers, vegan meats and the like. Please post images of animals whole before they are diced and shaped into what looks like plant based food. Saying…mmm… Bacon, I am eating chicken nuggets now, haha, time to eat a Steak…makes no difference in your comments.

They are not bacon, steak or nuggets but cute, beautiful beings. Yes, dogs and cats, chicken, fish, human beings, turkeys, lambs, rabbits, dolphins, elephants, pigs, cows, bearcubs…without any exception, are sentient beings deserving of love. If you are against killing and eating humans, dogs or cows, which you should be, why eat them?

10. To Live Vegan is indeed the best way to save the planetary eco-system, including all the animals (humans too).

All your Arguments are effectively debunked in this free Book and Video Series, Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans.You may post any text from the book (excerpt) or the book link above or any of the videos below on YouTube from this resource.

YouTube Playlist for all Arguments: https://youtu.be/bwLoRdry2q8

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