Vegophobia: 12 Dangers of Discrimination Against Vegans

Vegophobia: Discrimination against Vegans is also a discrimination against animals, as you are taking away our voice for the animals. This includes:

1. Not having enough vegan food, restaurants, clothing, fairs, Vegan shops, supermarkets, community events in an area just because Vegans are a minority group, thereby making people feel isolated. It also brings down public consciousness and defeats human health as we humans are natural frugivores ftom apes and are greatly impacted by non vegan food, causing cancers, pandemics, climate change, lack of empathy, heart diseases, sociopathic disorders and unkindness in society. Veganism is the best and only right way to live.

2. Not giving Vegans enough respect in meetings and conversations when you eat or share food or talk about food or products and services involving animal abuse and exploitation. There is no reason to talk about your love for eating chicken legs, lamb chips, beef roast, eggs or dairy among each other. These things involve graphic violence and hurt the feelings of kind and sensitive empaths who don’t want to hear about violence and murder of poor, innocent animals being spoken as a way of having fun, taste, or pleasure. It also causes secondary PTSD to be aware of the trauma of others being minimalised and normalised in society. Please be considerate to the strong emotions associated with horrific violence.

3. Arguing with Vegans instead of respecting animal rights. Claiming everyone cannot go vegan due to lame excuses. Kindly refer to my free book Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans.

4. Not enough jobs for Vegans to work in. Government not supporting a strong, immediate and complete economic shift towards a better vegan world for all beings as prescribed by top scientists and government advisers. If even pandemics and climate crisis are not able to awaken humans, then what will?

5. Not enough support for Vegans as spokespersons in press and TV. Not involving Vegans as changeagents and not giving them a voice. Making Veganism a very less talked about issue. I am aware that media thrives on business and advertising of animal abuse products and services but there can be an positive voice editorially as editorial needs to be completely a free press and not related to advertising at all. If editorial is also a cunning and deceptive system of promotion of animal abuse industry then what is left as a way of educating and of uplifting society today?

6. Not having enough support for Vegan politicians, in national, civic and legal leadership. If Veganism is the best answer to all problems of the world, then why are not politicians turning Vegan and making sure schools teach Veganism and society changes, as well as laws. We need a law against Breeding and Slaughter of animals as we need not harm animals to obtain any nutrient or products. #BanAnimalAgriculture

7. At workplace non vegans dominating and serving only non vegan food or having non vegan conversations, not considering that animals are abused. Harming the planet, animals and isolating Vegan colleagues at workplace, work events, job fairs, conferences and trade shows. Why is this happening in the modern world as of we are stuck in a time warp of archaic behaviour?

8. Schools not always serving non vegan meals and not teaching kindness to children when it comes to massive slaughter, and breeding of animals as slaves. What are schools teaching if basic humanity is missing in education? The first thing a child should learn is basic biology that we are humans and not omnivore but frugivore as per body type and DNA and omnivore behaviour is a social anomaly and not our natural self.

9. Constant prejudice in movies and literature, featuring non vegan activities and trivialising vegan philosophy. Celebrities mixing up their beliefs and confusing masses with their lack of knowledge and low IQ levels by saying useless and unscientific things about needing to eat or abuse animals for health or work. Noone needs to abuse animals for nutrition or any purposes. These celebrities are not moral teachers, wise ones or scientists to be followed and imitated in terms of beliefs. They are mere entertainers.

10. Medicines and Healthcare system imposing non veganism on families and individuals, demanding we must use non vegan pills, capsules, vaccines and surgical sutures, procedures, etc., by compulsion or force of law, else we will be accused of neglecting our children, our health, our travel needs. Vegan medical system and alternative medicine system based on herbs and self healing, reiki, self help and alternative therapies are legitimate.

11. Wrongly Accusing Vegans of Harassment or Militancy or Extremism if we speak against animal abuse with friends, family, work colleagues, shoppers, as part of local or street activism and in society on general. Would you accuse women who fight for their rights to not be abused or protest on streets or reach out for support similarly? Or those speaking against child exploitation or pedophilia or child abuse? If not, then why speak against animal rights and refer to animal rights activism in a derogatory way?

12. Wrongly Accusing Vegans of Ableism, Discrimination against Humans of Various Ethnicities or Black rights or false allegations of Anti Semitism against Vegans who say that animal slaughter is a Holocaust. Animal violence is Holocaust, as per dictionary definition of the term Holocaust means mass slaughter. Animal breeding for exploitation is Slavery, as the term is not exclusive to any ethnic rights movement. Animal rights matter too. Animal breeding to work for humans is not Ableism as breeding human babies or animal babies to serve other humans is wrong and is exploitation.

Swati Prakash, Book Author
Earth Healing Network

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