BREAKING NEWS!! Greedy Restaurants Profiting From Animal Abuse Exposed the Fourth Time by Animal Rebellion

You might have heard in the newspapers recently that Animal Rebellion activists were thrown out of restaurants for peacefully protesting. They were simply occupying a lonesome table, and demanding a transition to a plant based system via a fabulous green menu calling for rewilding earth and reclaiming back the land lost to animal agriculture that occupies more than 80 percent of arable space on earth but produces less than 18 percent of our calories. The venues included the infamous Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey’s London restaurant which is literally hell for the cruelly killed animals who are disrespected everyday, a Murderous Steakhouse Nusr-Et owned by Millionaire Butcher Salt Bae, that sells ‘gold plated’ horrifically killed bulls costing 1000s of pounds (of innocent victim’s flesh) at London and boasts of ‘environmentalist’ hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio as a patron, and Mana, a Manchester restaurant that is also heavily reliant on animal abuse and refuses to change itself.

Last evening protestors from the sad yet brave group were rudely attacked by yet another greedy Michelin star chef, this time at a restaurant called, Da Terra in London, another cruel business that thrives on animal abuse and explotation, selling dirty products such as:

Ugly Foie Gras made of Diseased Livers of Force Feeding Ducks and Geese,

Abused Chicken’s Feet and Liver (Image credit human.cruelty)

Caviare or eggs, made of Rape of fish and Extreme Cruelty,


Murdered Cow’s Fractured Ribs (Image credit: Animals Uncovered)

A staff member gurading the gate last evening at Da Terra, London was viewed by the public, rudely snatching the phone off a protestor who was calmly walking past them. The Chef was found screaming his lungs off in a clear show off inhospitality and apathy towards the planet, the animals and the social cause, furiously demonstrating a less than zero Corporate Social Responsibility of the business. All this evidences an evil despicable lust for making money by stealing away lives. The animal victims suffer in vain, just to have their male babies taken away to either be killed at birth in dairy and egg industry, fattened to be killed early or forceably ejaculated for artificial insemination. In case of females born in this shady industry, they are raped repeatedly to be inseminated against their will and treated as breeding machines all their short lifespans, just to be bereaved of their offsprings annually.

And all these recognisable crimes are industrially conducted, just so that some rich gluttons could have a few moments of ‘filthy ‘fun’ and fill their tummies with disgusting carcinogens, fibreless goo and viral germs even as 80 billion plus animals are killed every year just for food on land and trillions in sea.

We all know for the last few years, all thanks to UN and Oxford researchers, that more than 3/4th of arable land on earth is lost to animal agriculture, thereby causing food shortages, poverty and selfish misery to humans, pandemics that lead to collapse of economy and healthcare systems and climate change that brings about an end to our uncivil, ruthless civilisation at a dangerously fast pace. Yet, Piers Morgan of British Television remains lacking in cognition, abysmly low on empathy and addicted to unhealthy junk.

Meanwhile richie -rich Rishi Sunak, Prime Miniser, is causing climate catastrophe. This man is known for marrying the daughter of ‘ethical’ vegetarian Hindu tycoon Narayana Murthy, but is busy ignoring the advise of his own scientific leaders. He has been busted for wagging his tails around animal farming profiteers who make billions out of abuse and explotation of poor victim animals year on year with glee, as he himself partakes in the crimes as a non-vegan.

This remarkable display of sheer ignorance and shameless brutality against victim animals does not have to end in a compete apocalypse. Media and abusive corporations need to stop brainwashing public into consuming animal products once and for all and our gruesome government needs to be pressurised to stop these crimes by the way of a Bill towards a compete Ban on the archaic system of Animal Agriculture, if the demands for a transition continue to be wilfully ignored.

You can ACT NOW!! and please join Animal Rebellion by signing up for these actions this Christmas and New Year and not be Deterred by Da Terra, and the Dirty Devil of Animal Farming that turns sentient emotional beings full of love into mere objects or food!

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  1. Am avegan/ animal activist from Sondu, Kenya. I love to promote the mission in Kenya to express nonviolent practices towards animals. Yes I wanted to reach out to enhance the growth of animals right protection and educating them on the importance of being animal rebellion.


  2. This is horrible!! What I’ve just read!! Thank you!! Brave animal heros!!! I will google these Hell holes and call them!!! THANK GOD FOR ANIMAL ANGELS!!


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