9 Strong Indications We Are in a Matrix

We believe we are in the real world, but what if it was infact a simulation, just as noted scientific geniuses such as Nick Bostrum have speculated? Here are a few clues.

1. Telepathy. Thoughts transmitting over an invisible wifi line, sounds like an obvious giveaway sign of a Neural Network or Matrix. Whether you believe it or not, minds can be read by psychics and mental impressions and thoughts can be moved from one person to another with some practice. Just like a data cable transfers data packets, we have invisible networks that connect the world as one system. Trials with Zener or ESP cards are examples of telepathic exercises. I have trained students on how to use these techniques several years ago in Mumbai with fantastic results. Meditation and third eye based raja yoga us one way of fine tuning this skill with an hour a day of practice dedicatedly.

2. Manifesting: Yes, magic, Harry Potter and Hermiones, Charmed Ones or Sabrina could be one of us easily with some training. I have trained students in affirmations, spells and magical arts for far too many years to doubt that we certainly always create our reality. Usually people do this unconsciously with data from mind giving various outputs subconsciously that seems random or even contrary to your thoughts. But by practicing higher levels of consciousness one can learn to focus better and project thoughts more clearly into reality. Basically data projection via holographic pathways from mind into matter is from the Matrix, a system of neural interactive virtual reality gameplay with our physical 3d avatars and environs being given to us architecturally by the system, along with some potential to alter and improvise on the situations we are in using free will or choices. This part of allowing a controlled amount of free will was essential so that we believe we are in the real world and flex our muscles and mind within the virtual reality parameters to enjoy the illusion.

3. Dreams. We all dream with eyes closed. We see images in the mind’s eye. We have a body in these dreams. We think, emote, run, dance, eat and visit the toilet in our dreams. These dreams may be very realistic, so immersive that you can never say whether you are dreaming in your mind or living in the real physical world. Lucid dreaming techniques to gain awareness do exist such as trying to switch a light button on or off, trying to read the same word twice to see if it changes, trying to ask someone if you are dreaming and trying to wake up by meditation and then opening your real inner eyes with some mental effort and will power. Similarly there might be ways to awaken from the Matrix dreamworld as well by questioning reality and using your will power to open your real eyes.

4. Fractals. This is an easy one. Observation of nature makes it clear that there are highly symmetrical and beautifully designed patterns graphically made precise using what could only be a computer program. From trees to leaves, cloud to mountains, entire planets to galaxies, the infinite verse of the grand illusion looks as if it is never ending. From microscopic particles’ microcosm to the giant universe’s microcosm, there is contulinuation of simulation via a graphic engineered pattern repeating itself infinitely. If you were to simulate a city or planetary civilisation with nature and buildings, it would be entirely possible with a simple fractal code grand design, using programming language given the right equipment to generate highly immersive virtual reality simulations that make us believe that it is the physical world.

5. Fermi Paradox. If we are just one planet out of billions in this (seemingly) endless universe, where are the aliens? Obviously the Truman show is over if you realise this bit. The planets might be digital graphic simulations, designed to appear distant and fascinating. We only believe what NASA tells us. Or the Matrix might even simulate aliens into the equation if necessary. Anything can be created in a virtual reality simulation. Parallel universes and multiple dimensions included. But so far they have stopped here because the music, media, advertising, jobs, money and entertainment programs have given us enough data to keep us asleep and entertained in these dreams.

6. Senseless world. What could be a better explanation for people indulging in meaningless acts of violence and harm, than the possibility that they are programs doing what they are made to do as per their inherent coding? Many programs are all around us, including Sentient Programs or beings that are living out their life cycles while accomplishing various goals or purposes, destined for them by the Matrix. These include evil purposes that keep us preoccupied in struggles, strife, violence, frustration and stress. Emotional involvement to a very high level will always prevent a mind from awakening by making one highly engrossed in the ‘story’ given by the Matrix, just like watching cinema but crying as if it were really happening. Obviously we know that killing animals is morally wrong as they feel suffering and value their life. Yet most people seem alright with it as of mere programs carrying on and on regardless. Most people around are simply programs with no common sense. Even most Vegans are unable to figure out that we are in a simulation and are controlled. They seem smug and content that ‘they exercised a choice’ which was one of the strong ways of making us believe the world is real. The truth is that real humans were always Vegan, the Matrix made us believe we became Vegan.

7. Unexplained Origin. We do not normally remember being born, do we? What if we were not from here at all? The Matrix might be filling our mind with a story, to implant us with realistic simulations of ‘memories’. Implanted. What if the family we believed was ours was infact not so at all? We seem to have no memories regarding how our consciousness started out, whether in the womb or before that, and the start point of our existence is unknown. We simply believe what we are told with no independent evidence of our own.

8. Mediumship. Mediumistic abilities of spirit communication, contact with otherworldly brings, angels, ghosts or deceased loved ones is passed off as an evidence of human or animal soul giving us messages or God and his or her team intervening in our life to help us through. What if these were various programs in this artificial reality show and not any real human? Programs such as the Oracle or Ghosts in the Matrix. Voices or angels talking to you may not be schizophrenia if they give accurate information about what is around you or will happen in future. I have for instance a being telling me absolutely accurate things suddenly, such as what will be the next scene in a new movie I have not seen before, or a line written in a page I never read, a few seconds before I read it.

9. Extinction. Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Because the Matrix is a simulation created artificially it needs to end, which brings us to the apocalypse, climate change and extinction eventualities. Just like in Inception, the film, catastrophe might strike and the dream architecture crumble down or fall like a pack of cards in Alice in Wonderland. The dreamer needs to wake up somehow once the slated time is up. And our time might be up soon given the state of climate collapse. Just as Matrix resurrections indicated, what if Greta Thunberg was the latest version of Merovingian program who looks after those programs who do not wish to be deleted.

What do you feel? Does the Matrix have you or are you so inert, so dependent on it, that you are not ready to question reality?

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