Positive Action – ‘Dump’ the Milky Way?

  In ‘Pale Blue Dot’, Carl Sagan muses if an alien explorer were to fly by Earth, the first thing it would notice is not signs of urbanization but abundance of methane in the atmosphere or to put it succinctly, 'bovine flatulence' – not a flattering assessment of intelligent life on this planet! This popular video makes a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Positive Words EVERYDAY!

TODAY'S TIP: Imbibe the power of affirmations in your day to day speech. Speaking positive statements once a day is great but if you speak negative statements for the rest of the day you cannot have that much luck. Imagine how much success and happiness you can attract by choosing to think and speak only... Continue Reading →

Blessed Blossoms ~ Secrets of Lavender

A flower that induces sleep with its heady scent, a protection charm since antiquity, the Lavender flower has many healing powers and secrets. It’s known for its rejuvenating properties, replenishing energies of mind & body, is associated with night rituals of Greek Goddess Hecate and planet Mercury that rules Gemini & Virgo. In Wiccan Worship,... Continue Reading →

Positive Movie Review: The Abundance Factor

Would you like to attract more abundance and success right now? Here is one movie that helps you get new perspectives and opens your mind to the amazing energy of abundance. Riley Dayne had a miraculous recovery from a near-death experience and awakened to find himself searching for the answers of life and how to... Continue Reading →

What Exactly Are They Trying to Say Through These Crop Circles?

Physicist Anthony Gareth Lisi once said, ‘I think the universe is pure geometry - basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time.’ Unless you were living under a rock, you would have heard about the mystical drawing also known as a Shri Yantra that appeared on a dry river bed in Oregon back... Continue Reading →

Life After Death: New Study Attempts Resurrection

The stories of magical resurrection dating back to thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt are well known to all. Now in a groundbreaking research attempt Dr Himanshu Bansal, working with Revita Life Sciences and Bioquark Inc, has been granted permission to test whether parts of the central nervous system of 20 'clinically dead' patients can be brought back... Continue Reading →

Monthly Full Moon Names and Their Significances

Astrology is not a tool to make fixed prediction but a tool with which we understand the messages from the higher self through the language of symbols called Divination. The Moon in astrology signifies the play of light and dark as it waxes (Shukla Paksha) and wanes (Krishna Paksha) in its approximately 29.5 day period from... Continue Reading →

Affirmations to Not Just Think, But Be Positive!

TODAY'S TIP: Thinking about what you want will not attract it to you. It is feeling that you already have whatever you need that will trigger those positive vibrations to manifest your very best. Therefore affirmations are always in the present tense and while saying them the idea is to feel truly content. Speak as... Continue Reading →

Triple Your Success with Blue Moon, Red Mars and Mercury Direct!

This is an exciting weekend for three heavenly reasons: We have an extra full moon for this astronomical season called the Seasonal Blue moon on 21st May (different from the other more popular kind of blue moons when two full moons are observed in the same calendrical month). The blue moons are not usually blue in colour,... Continue Reading →

Nine Ideas That Suggest We Live in a Simulation

Top scientists and philosophers have been debating this topic for quite some time now...wondering whether the universe we live in could be a simulation. Let's examine the key features of this idea and leave it to you to figure out the rest: DIVINE SIMULATION: The idea of the universe being some sort of a simulation... Continue Reading →

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