Positive Affirmations to Energize You

Here are your affirmations for this week, one for each area of life. Repeat them daily and often. Remember, the more you share them with others, the more they help you….


write success


money graph





  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended and never closed in terms of exactly when, where, how, what or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!


Enjoy an incredibly positive week!



21 Stunning Images in the Clouds That Are Not What They Seem

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  1. Lenticular clouds are often confused with UFO sightings due to their layered and disk like appearance
  2. Mammatus clouds and Tubular clouds resembling bulbs or breasts in the sky can make a spectacular display
  3. Morning Glory, Arcus, Shelf and Rolling clouds sometimes resemble gigantic rolls in the sky
  4. Nacreous clouds, Iridescent or Rainbow clouds are another rare treat to capture in the sky
  5. Kelvin-helmholdz clouds are beautiful rippling wave like clouds that last momentarily when formed
  6. Asperitus or Asperatus clouds and Undulatus clouds can look quite intimidating as if warning of thunder
  7. A Fallstreak hole or a Punch Hole cloud is caused due to localized downdraft movements of air
  8. Fata Morgana is an optical illusion or mirage caused due to refraction, making a straight or reverse image of something appear over the horizon including cities in clouds such as seen in China, Colorado and Mexico in the above pics. A similar sighting was reported by hundreds of villagers in Dulali Village of Bauchi, Nigeria though it still remains a mystery as it was a village with no skyscrapers for a Fata Morgana refraction and hundreds of villagers reported hearing mechanical sounds and seeing the city fly past.


Nature and the universe are always calling out to us. As we observe and marvel at its wonders we learn more about ourselves.

What have you found fascinating and unbelievable in nature…share your story with us on thepositivemedia@gmail.com

The Positive Media

Release, Cleanse, Purge with the Waning Moon!

The Waning Moon is a very powerful phase for cleansing rituals in many cultures. It helps us release the shadows & unwanted things and make room for fresher things & vibrations. Here are a few tips to release the old and heal self, spaces & soul. .


  1. Release the Old & Unwanted: Whether its clothes, worn out shoes, books or just clutter in your home – clear it all out as the moon is waning. Let go of all things that are rusty, not working or just lying useless – donate them or recycle.  This process helps you physically remove stuck up energies in the material sphere of your life and makes room for the new to enter. This also helps you prioritise what you need or don’t and helps you spend more wisely in the future.                                                      
  2. Heal Shadow Self: We all have a dark or shadow self. This self is caught up in fears, temptations, dis-disillusionment, anger, pain, envy, unhealthy lifestyles and in old memories & toxic relationships. Introspect during the Waning Moon and check which aspects your self do not serve your highest good or soul purpose. Release these unwanted energies through meditation, self-help workshops, anger management or counselling – whichever path suits you. Affirm – ” I am now choosing to cleanse myself and any/all thoughts, feelings, memories, situations, beings, events, beliefs that no longer serve my highest good & soul purpose. I ask all energies that are less than love to be transmuted into pure light for the highest good of all. So it is now.” And then, energise your radiant self.Meditation


3. Detox & Depilation: The waning moon is a great time to purge! Go on a detox diet and clear the toxins from your body with a diet of fruits, salads, juices, smoothies & more. This increases the energy flow of  your chakras (energy centres of the subtle body) and helps you ‘lighten up’. This is also a great time to get that long-overdue hairdo to cut off the dead-ends & give your tresses some bounce. Also enjoy other grooming rituals – manicures, pedicures, facials, depilation to remove the dead cells from your skin. Use natural homemade scrubs, peels,  pastes from fruits or plants like aloe vera for that natural glow.


4. Smudge your Spaces: Energies often get accumulated in corners of your favourite spaces like your home or office. These can be identified when cobwebs, dirt spots, or smells linger in unused or frequently used places in your environs.  Clean them up and then use the natural fragrance of sage, incense or any other aromatic herbs to lift up the auric energies of your surroundings.


5. Prune your Greens: Remove dry leaves, weeds or even dead plants that are no longer fresh or lively. Replace pots, sharpen your gardening tools and fences -this is great for rejuvenating the greens and also for your overall well-being. It lets your plants know you care and creates vibrations for them to blossom once again.

Which Waning Moon rituals do you follow? Share your inputs with us and get featured on The Positive Media.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/


Syrian Refugee Kids Show How to be Positive

Humanitarian aid agency CARE International UK has been providing psychological support for the children who live in the refugee camps. Some of these kids were recently asked to turn their experiences into stories and drawings, giving them a chance to express some of their darkest memories.

Instead of images of pain or fear, many of these children have instead chosen to draw positive images of peace rather than conflict, when asked to draw by CARE, for instance white doves to symbolize peace and eternal flames of strength.

“Syria is like a lit candle that will never turn off,” says 11-year-old Salam, “I drew it because it resembles hope and the brightness of the future.”

07 B

Twelve year old Seadra Hajali’s entry is a colourful depiction of the beautiful land she dreams of returning to one day.

Saedra’s picture of a magical land.

READ MORE AND DONATE TO CARE ON https://www.care.org.au/blog/syrian-children-tell/


Eco-friendly News -Khadi Textile, Bamboo Bicycles, Sustainable Labs

There are so many simple ways in which one can be Eco-friendly in daily life. Here’s a look at what National leaders, communities and scientists are doing to go green.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has plans to make Khadi global! A textile first introduced by the inspirational Mahatma Gandhi, the making of this fabric involve spinning wheels and not electronic machines or polluting equipment in big factories. Its handcrafted by artisans using spinning wheels called charkhas in rural parts of India and is very popular among fashion designers for its raw beauty, skin-friendly quality, lightness & authenticity. Modi’s strategy involves introducing solar-powered spinning wheels which will enable manufacturing of the fabric on a larger scale and also create work opportunities for village folk by paying them monthly wages of Rs 6000 – Rs9000. Under Adarsh Gram Udyog, atleast 70-80 lakhs jobs are being estimated for 2016-2017. Read the rest of the news details, Courtesy India Today.

Cycling is great for staying fit and with bamboo bikes you would be nice to the environment too! Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative is a firm that has started the trend of making use of the native bamboo plant to construct these bikes. Simple & sturdy these get you around easily and are also very low-maintenance. For every one bamboo tree that’s used, the firm plants ten more to maintain the balance. the bikes have created feasible income for the locals who lovingly create these bikes and make them pretty with native symbols & varnish. Watch the workings of this bike and also read the complete details courtesy, India Today.

Scientists are also doing their bit to reduce usage of energy, the Harvard University FAS Sherman Fairchild Laboratory is a popular example, owing to its long-standing contribution to a greener world in more ways than one. Some globally well-known scientific labs are going green by undertaking simple measures such as recyclable building materials, solar panels, large windows to maximise daylight, using green chemicals, rainwater harvesting, and natural ventilation system within the laboratory space. Read the rest of the details, Courtesy Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Which green initiatives do you undertake or would like to be part of to save the planet? Share your story with us and get published on The Positive Media.

Pyramid Energy: From Ancient Mystery to Modern Magick

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  1. The great pyramids of Egypt such as the Giza complex still remain a puzzle.
  2. The amazing Mexican pyramids such as the Mayan pyramid among others.
  3. The newly found Bosnian pyramids of Europe, already mired in controversy claims to have labyrinths underneath what appears to be naturally formed pyramid hills.
  4. Pyramids with flat tops have been observed in China as well and are equally sensational.
  5. Indonesia temple pyramids such as Borbudur is one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world.
  6. Underwater pyramids have been found off the coast in Cuba, Japan and Portugal.
  7. Temples of India such as the 108-door Ras Manch of Bishnupur Kolkata are shaped like pyramids.
  8. Sri Yantra and pyramids have been closely compared for their geometric parallelisms.
  9. Glastonbury Tor in UK has a pyramid like appearance with labyrinth like structure.
  10. Mount Kailash, the sacred pilgrimage site of Shiva worshipers and Buddhists is compared to a pyramid.
  11. Conspiracy theorists have even claimed to have found pyramid on Mars.
  12. Pyramids constructed in Russia have been used for studies in positive energy and health benefits of pyramid power by Alexander Golod in his research
  13. Pyramids made of metal, fiber and crystals are used in home decor involving Vaastu and Feng Shui remedies for energy correction.
  14. Dhammayangyi Temple of Burma is also famed for its pyramid like structure.
  15. The Louvre glass pyramid in Paris with an inverted cone inside, was highly popularized in The Da Vinci Code book and movie.
  16. Large pyramids for meditation are being built and popularized in India by Pyramid Spiritual Society for meditation of Brahmrishi Patriji.



Alexander Golod who has built several fibreglass pyramids in Russia has claimed the following in his research:

alexander golod

  • The Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

  • Specific properties of medicines increase with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid (SRI of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

  • Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield;

  • Russian military radar detected an energy column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can be done for example in Australia);

  • The pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid;

  • The amount of radioactivity becomes less after exposure in the pyramid.

  • Work with more than 5000 people in jails in Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared and behavior was much improved after placing crystals in pyramids

According to Brahmarishi Patriji, who has constructed several unique pyramids in India for the sole purpose of meditation:


  • Due to a pyramid’s shape and angle the structure gets aligned perfectly to the Earth’s magnetic field there by making it the greatest receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy
  • Maximum amount of Cosmic Energy is accumulated at 1/3rd of its height from the base. This area is called as the King’s Chamber
  • Food items placed in Pyramids remain fresh for longer periods and attain more taste
  • Body exposure to Pyramid energy for a few minutes a day has an everlasting positive effect on the health front. This is because Pyramids generate negative ions which have a positive influence on our bodies.
  • Many meditative experiences including the out-of-body experiences like ‘astral travel’ are much easier if practiced inside Pyramids.


  • Placing crystal, metal or any other material pyramids of various sizes in your rooms can help increase positive energy flow and transform negative energy to positivecrystal pyramids
  • A wish written in the form of a positive affirmation in present tense on paper and placed under the pyramid can help in increasing the focus on the positive goal.
  • You can even use pyramid shaped candlespyramid candle
  • You can also place any articles to be blessed or photographs of people to be blessed inside a pyramid structure or beneath a pyramid for energizing and healing pyramid box
  • Visualize a pyramid around you or your space for energizing and meditative work pyramid

Hope you utilize the positive energy of pyramids to the fullest! Share your positive experiences with us on thepositivemedia@gmail.com


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca. Read more on www.swatiprakash.com


Meditation: The Most Important Thing for Us All


What is meditation?

Meditation means going within (from the latin word medi that means middle or center). We all are something beyond our physical bodies, beyond our feelings, our desires, our thoughts…there is something deeper within us. Meditation is about being with this deeper part of us.

Why should we meditate?

In our day to day life we go through many ups and downs, seeing and experiencing both negative and positive things in the world, in our lives…and getting affected by them all. This is a state of duality or illusion…where we fall out of balance, fearful and unaware of who we are. Negative energy, fears or blocks are a result of this imbalance or ignorance…manifesting as diseases, problems, harmful thoughts, negative attachments, destructive beliefs, disturbed behavior or unhappiness of various kinds. Through meditation we awaken to our inner truth and discover inner happiness. We know that there is nothing to fear at all. This brings peace and joy to all of us and puts us all back in a balanced and wholesome state making everything better.

Who can meditate?

Anyone can, there are no restrictions of gender and even children can meditate whenever they are ready for it.


When should we meditate?

Meditation is an inner state and not restricted by time. Whether it is morning or night, before food or after, is not so important, although keeping a light stomach helps some people in focusing better, and it helps to be not too sleepy when you are trying to meditate. Women in their periods, or people who are not feeling well can meditate as well. In-fact meditation could help in healing you during uncomfortable times. With practice meditation will become easier and effortlessly possible at any time.

What should be worn?

There is no need to wear any special type of outfit. As long as you are comfortable you can meditate whether at work or home in your day to day clothes.

Are there any specific methods of meditation?

It does not matter what technique you use to draw focus from outer world to the inner self….some people begin by closing their eyes and sitting still, some prefer listening to soothing music to relax their mind, some focus on chanting or mantras, some focus on their breath, all these are just aids or induction techniques to gradually achieve stillness. Yet these are not meditation itself. Meditation is when we go beyond all this and be without any thoughts to discover the innermost self.


What are the steps to follow?

Step 1. Relaxed awareness: In day to day life sometimes we get absorbed in the experiences without remembering our innermost self. The first step in meditation is to draw our senses inwards. You can try this by closing your eyes gently and sitting in a comfortable posture, neither slouching not stiff.

Step 2: Observation: Instead of getting attached to any feelings, thoughts or mind-chatter, just observe them and watch them quieten. Observing something gives you power over it. Observe your breath and your mind… and watch the space between your thoughts.

Step 3: Witnessing: When you find the space between your thoughts …when there is inner silence, then you can observe your true self. This is who you really are. Be with yourself as a witness to the self. This takes you beyond the illusion of the world process and in alignment with your inner truth which is pure peace and bliss.

For how long should we meditate?

You can meditate for as long as you want. You might take some time in the beginning to even reach a meditative state and the idea is that once you get there you must stay in it for as long as possible. You can begin with practicing for 30 minutes a day and slowly increase it to one hour a day. As you practice each day after a period of dedicated practice, you will find that the meditative state will come naturally to you and in every part of the day and even at night while sleeping you will be in a deep inner state. Still it will be good to dedicate at least one hour a day for specially being just with yourself and meditating.

What will happen once you reach a meditative state?

For each person their own individual and unique experiences are important. You can note and observe our own experiences. For example: Being one with nature, Being one with the universe, Feeling light, Just being, Pure peace and bliss…these are some of the common experiences of people who meditate. After you achieve this ‘enlightened’ state you will not feel superior in any way but will be more compassionate and humble, recognizing that all is one.


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca tradition of spirituality. You can read more on www.swatiprakash.com

Native Norse Traditions Revived in Iceland

An Icelandic association called Asatruarfelagid headed by high-priest Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson has raised sufficient funds and received permission from the government to construct the first Norse temple in 1,000 years. The neo-paganistic revival of such native traditions sends a positive message of inter-religious tolerance and co-existence once again.


Image: Chris Hemsworth from Thor, the movie

Norse traditional beliefs include mythologies surrounding Odin, Thor and Freya, some of the gods behind which our seven days of the week are named as such. While we know that Saturday, Sunday and Monday are named after Saturn, Sun and Moon respectively, some of us are not aware that Tuesday is named after Tiwaz or Tyr which parallels Mars (Tiwaz day), Wednesday after the magical Woden or Odin also symbolized by Mercury (Woden’s day), Thursday after Thor connected to Jupiter (Thor’s day) and Friday after goddess Freya (Freya’s day)….all ancient Norse deities once regarded in high esteem in northern lands.

Iceland officially converted to Christianity 973 years ago overshadowing their ancient native traditions revolving around their rich mythologies of the Norse faith. Once Christianity had established itself, paganism was suppressed and forced underground. However, thanks to the literary endeavors of 13th Century Icelandic scholar and chieftain Snorri Sturlason, the old Norse myths were preserved and widely read by Icelanders through the ages. Today these mythologies not taken literally but as poetic metaphors of the forces of nature and human psychology.

Professor Luke Timothy Johnson of Emory University says early Christians frequently misinterpreted virtuous gods as demons adding that, “It is impossible … not to recognize that [paganism] is the furthest thing possible from the demonic. It is indeed a form of religious expression from which we can learn much, and at the very least we need to respect.”

More here

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