Most of us have been falsely trained since childhood that we need to consume a certain ‘food group’ including dairy, cheese, milk, curd or yogurt. The true cost of dairy is eye opening and demands a complete elimination of this disgusting product from our diet. Here are 11 reasons:

1. Dairy is a product of sexual abuse. A terrible vice and social evil called animal husbandry and artificial insemination involves forcing cows to lactate by making them pregnant, at a young age, against their will. The grotesque act includes opening the vaginally cavity by thrusting the fist of the farmer into the anus of the victim cow right upto the elbow and then inserting a metal rod with semen into her painfully. The following video has full information.

Dairy = Rape

2. Dairy involves horrific murder. Dairy industry involves breeding and multiplication of several cows per second. Billions of cows are killed per annum to become beef, including dairy cows. Every one of the poor dairy cows walking on earth will be killed in a slaughterhouse against their will after a life of abuse and repeated grief after their babies are killed too, that is if they do not die in the process of childbirth or through diseases and horrific conditions. The images and videos of slaughter are too graphic to share. This makes a point in itself.

3. Dairy is Infanticide. as well as over 21 million male baby cows usually killed soon after birth every year. All they needed was their mother and they were cruelly shot on the forehead even before they could stand properly on their feet, just for your coffee or cake? Is this necessary?

Millions of baby cows killed for dairy

4. Dairy seperates mothers from babies. It is not only male calves, killed for veal, but also female calves that are seperated at birth from mothers to be similarly exploited, raped and killed later on. It is observed that mothers cry for several days loudly after their babies are taken away or killed, looking for them frantically if they can or crying alone if confined in a shed.

Mothers Running For Babies

5. You are not a baby cow. Dairy is not our natural food. We are humans and like any other mammal we need our own mother’s milk and that too only at the infancy stage of our life cycle after which we are weaned off milk and introduced to a regular diet of solid food and water. We are grown up human beings. Even at infancy newborns are healthiest if they receive human mother’s milk and grow up into healthy adults. No matter how much Jains or Hindu’s claim that they ‘make’ cows their mothers, the truth is that a cow produces milk only for her own infant.

6. Dairy causes cancer, heart disease and autism among other health problems. Dairy even carries cancer virus and several other viruses including coronaviruses. Dairy is also associated with Parkinsons and Schizophrenia besides hair and skin conditions suc as psoriasis, varicose veins and several more issues. My previous article has links to several of these including various scientific research reports for a full analysis based on evidence.

7. Dirty Dairy is truly unhygenic. The secretions of vagina and anus including fecal matter and urine are also part of dairy. Dairy mothers also have mastitis, a painful infection of the nipples or udders on seperation of the babies from them, which means often blood is also part of dairy.

Dairy Destroys Health

8. Dairy causes climate change. If Co2 is caused due to deforestation (also caused by animal farming that enslaves 80 billion plus land animals per annum), the deadliest ozine layer destroyer, Methane is a direct result of dairy industry which is also the beef industry. Bovine gastric emissions and the razing down of our rainforests at the speed of 1 football field per second are known to be the cause of our planet’s impending doom.

Diary Causes Climate Change

9. Dairy abuses the planet and erodes soil, wastes water and food grain to cause economic poverty and taxes us unduly to give undeserved subsidies to this cruel industry which is alive only due to the taxpayer’s money. Plant based milks are several times less carbon intensive and wasteful than dairy as this BBC infographic states.

10. Most humans are lactose intolerant. University of Berkeley states this fact clearly. In cultures where domestication of cattle for dairy is rampant since centuries, DNA has mutated to digest dairy but this is an anomaly and not a natural human DNA state. In tofu eating cultures of the Orient 99 percent of humans are lactose intolerant. Casein intolerance is also common, which is a part of dairy too. Our digstive system is simply not designed to consume animals or animal products as we are from frugivore apes.

11. Plant based nutrition is essential and complete for humans. We have no need for dairy. Plant based food contains calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, and all essential nutrients. We do not even need plant milk, except for taste and to substitute for our addiction to animal milk and similar products. A whole foods plant based diet is sufficient and economical to live on and much healthier than any other diet. The scientific research article linked here indicates that plant based diet is infact much better for health in every way and must be prescribed to one and all.

Please share the above interesting facts widely so that we can together educate the masses further to help the planet on an urgent basis.

#dirtydairy #bandairy #bananimalagriculture #banslaughter #govegan #dairyisscary

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