Five Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

We all have heard people whining about retrogrades of Mercury, something that happens frequently and is actually much less fearful an event than it is made out to be. In-fact here are five things you can actually be grateful for as Mercury has once again gone into retrograde from 30 August to 21 September 2016... Continue Reading →

Positive News – Top 10 Jobs of Tomorrow

Microsoft recently shared an executive summary on 10 futuristic jobs that says what careers our kids can hope to have in another ten years or so. Virtual Habitat Designer: Creates realistic simulations for architecture, therapy, vehicle training for example. Ethical Technology Advocate: Discusses AI ethics and moral responsibilities. Digital Cultural Commentator: Communicates with digitally savvy public. Freelance Biohacker: Tweaks... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Transform Anything Negative to Positive

When anything negative presents itself you need not react with stress, anger, frustration, worry, guilt, fear or escapism. While you might think that these reactions are natural, truth is that by our true nature we are powerful, positive, calm and self-content from deep within. Here is how you self-realized people handle negative energy or situations: Stress to... Continue Reading →

Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe. Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is... Continue Reading →

Village Residents Take Action: Carbon Emission Successfully Reduced by a Quarter Within 10 Years

An English village of just 1000 residents is currently making headlines, being set to become the country's first carbon neutral community. They have successfully dropped carbon emissions by a quarter, thanks to ideas generated during a pub quiz. These were the steps: A  well planned launch and communications strategy to educate and create awareness through logos, website,... Continue Reading →

Permanent World Peace Right NOW in Three Easy Steps!

Who does the buck stop with? Who is responsible for the state of the world? Who is the absolute creator of this universe?  Why do we pray to an external power? Only because we have not realized our Self yet. Within all of us is the same ONE soul through which infinite universes are popping... Continue Reading →

Continents to Unite Again – Physically

While the internet has already united the world as one, it is also believed that at one time approximately 300 million years ago all continents were joined together as Pan-Gaea (whole-earth), a single landmass which broke apart and drifted away to form the existing continents. Now scientists say that all continents might be coming together very slowly... Continue Reading →

Positive News: Calling Self-Driving Cars!

Hoping to avoid rush hour in public transport and not wanting to drive yourself around? The future to easy commute is cheaper than you can imagine without even owning a car. As Peter predicts, your 'key' to autonomous transport is close at hand with eco-friendly, self-driving vehicles available on demand and will redefine 'window shopping' with 5 converging technologies coming to a store screen right next to you.... Continue Reading →

Six Ways To Success with Saturn Direct and Jupiter in Virgo

As everything is a projection of our energy, celestial events too are reflections of inner change. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom transited into Virgo, the sign of earthly knowledge and practical management on 11 August. And today Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline goes direct after being retrograde from 2 March this year. Here... Continue Reading →

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