Five Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

We all have heard people whining about retrogrades of Mercury, something that happens frequently and is actually much less fearful an event than it is made out to be. In-fact here are five things you can actually be grateful for as Mercury has once again gone into retrograde from 30 August to 21 September 2016 transiting through Virgo and Leo in its apparent backwards motion through this period.

  1. ENJOY SILENCE: Mercury represents communication and in retrograde its this aspect of life that seems to go awry at times for many of us. This is a hidden opportunity to practice being silent and recede into the quiet beauty of life, nature and inner peace. Communicating all the time is unhealthy and these breaks are much needed for your own mental sanity. Switch off all those unnecessary updates, mute your unwanted calls or messages, turn the media off and enjoy your stillness.sunset-1207326_960_720
  2. TAKE THE INNER JOURNEY: Another meaning of Mercury is travel or movement and during retrogrades travelling is not always advisable as plans become unstable and journeys cancelled at times. What better occasion to retreat within and take a journey back to yourself. Outer travel is illusory while inner journey is what awakens and fulfills us in a real way. Go back to your real self where you find peace and be with yourself, especially now.sand-768783_960_720
  3. RELEARN THE TRUTH: Mercury is symbolic of learning and represents that part of us which is always learning as a student of life. Its retrograde often takes us back to old lessons so that we can remember and relearn about the lost parts of our self. Life is indeed a journey from inner truth to outer world and back to the inner self.  A retrograde of Mercury is a good time to remember and relearn what you forgot.narrative-794978_960_720
  4. FIND THE INNER TREASURE: Mercury also stands for money and finances. Needless to say, retrogrades are times most astrologers advise you not to make financial decisions or commitments while urging you to review your plans. Another way to look at this is to return to the inner source within where all things emerge from. There is great wealth and real treasure in your soul and this is a great time to reconnect with this source so that you can emerge richer and wealthier than ever.oyster-1327311_960_720
  5. GO BEYOND THE MIND: Mercury is ‘Buddha’ or ‘Buddhi’ which represents our mind which is full of thoughts. Retrogrades of Mercury might be puzzling for many when thoughts are scattered and the mind is dulled or unsettled. However you can easily silence the mind through meditation and experience your inner thought-free state of nature. Thereby you are no longer a victim of your mind but a master.    buddha-1063270_960_720

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Positive News – Top 10 Jobs of Tomorrow


Microsoft recently shared an executive summary on 10 futuristic jobs that says what careers our kids can hope to have in another ten years or so.

  1. Virtual Habitat Designer: Creates realistic simulations for architecture, therapy, vehicle training for example.
  2. Ethical Technology Advocate: Discusses AI ethics and moral responsibilities.
  3. Digital Cultural Commentator: Communicates with digitally savvy public.
  4. Freelance Biohacker: Tweaks genes for healthcare and wildlife conservation.
  5. IOT Data Creative: Improves Internet of Things.
  6. Space Tour Guide: Makes space travel fun.
  7. Personal Content Creator: Downloads your thoughts, memories and dreams.
  8. Rewilding Strategist: Transforms abandoned industrial sites to wilderness.
  9. Sustainable Power Innovator: Develops self-sustainable energy sources.
  10. Human Body Designer: Bio-engineers bespoke body parts.


With increasing applications of artificial intelligence around the word today from robotized factories, self-driving cars, delivery drones to smarter systems, automated terminals, labor saving devices, some argue that technology is making jobs obsolete, skills redundant and retaining a big workforce no longer cost effective! Taken to one logical extreme, this is often cited as a ‘threat of machines’ but that is not necessarily true.

If anything, scientific advances have shown that technical and mechanical evolution offers more creative opportunities and when ethically applied improves the quality of life brought about by a spirit of discovery.

Skeptical? This TED talk then on what jobs we will lose to machines and ones we won’t will surely intrigue you.


As one author put it, ‘Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, cause they’re looking for ideas!

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Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


7 Ways to Transform Anything Negative to Positive

When anything negative presents itself you need not react with stress, anger, frustration, worry, guilt, fear or escapism. While you might think that these reactions are natural, truth is that by our true nature we are powerful, positive, calm and self-content from deep within. Here is how you self-realized people handle negative energy or situations:

  1. Stress to Peace: No matter what the magnitude or severity of the life situation you are faced with, breathe! Allow yourself to be in the present moment which is NOW instead of staying in the energy of what just happened. Right now is the moment of transformation. Do not think or say that something negative is happening right now because it is not. ‘NOW’ is a state of meditation where there is only peace and inner silence. Tune into it. This is the first and most important step to transformation.meditating-1170645_960_720
  2. Anger to Forgiveness: This is not the time to find who is to blame. Whether or not someone takes responsibility for what happened, you can now take responsibility of how you handle this moment. Whether or not someone learns a lesson, your responsibility is for what you learn. Wanting to punish someone, return them the negative energy or harm them back is unwise because this will only drain your energy out and create negativity within you. This moment is precious and only with peace, love and forgiveness can you ensure that you focus on what matters – the highest good. Whether or not someone feels sorry, let go, forgive and be
  3. Frustration to Gratitude: Instead of saying ‘Why me?’ say ‘Wow me!’ You were chosen by the universe within you to handle this because you are capable of it.You are indeed amazing and your powers are infinite. To see the truth of this statement is to know yourself.  This experience is leaving you richer and wiser than ever before. This is an opportunity and a gift. Feel thankful that you have what it takes. gift-444518_960_720
  4. Worry to Trust: You might be wondering if things will get better, but the truth is things are better right now, regardless of how they appear to be. All possibilities and probabilities exist within you right now. In an alternate universe the perfect and most positive alternate reality exists right now and you can draw that towards you through trust. Imagine that things are absolutely alright now, be totally sure that all is well, feel the positive situation so deeply that it is impossible for it not to happen. The law of nature is that what you believe becomes real right now, trust it perfectly!human-1177413_960_720
  5. Guilt to Self-Love: You are not the same person you thought you were a moment ago. Your awareness levels are infinitely greater than ever. The past you may have made mistakes, but the present you has learned from them and loves you for your mistakes. No matter what you did, it was the past you and not the present you. To love who you are right now is the only thing you need to do. Everything rearranges itself around you, even the entire universe, because you are love and you transform everything.face-66317_960_720
  6. Fear to Acceptance: When you are afraid of something you try to run away from it, yet it chases you constantly, because it is only a part of you that you were running away from. The universe is within you and everything as well as everyone is within in a very real way. Do not be afraid of yourself because you are truth and there is no escaping you. No matter how great the negative energy, when it touches you it transforms to love and light because that is what you are. Embrace and transform everything now.rainbow
  7. Escapism to Awareness: Ignoring a problem will not change anything, going on a shopping spree will not help you escape the reality, going on a trip or movies or drugs will not be of consequence either. The more you avoid this transformation the more you will increase the gap between your real self and your outer self. The moment of truth is right now. If not now then when? And remember the only thing transforming is your awareness of who you are. There is no God or Devil, demon or angel controlling your life or controlling the world. It is only you everywhere in everything. If not you then who? You are not your physical or limited self. Know Thyself!ascension-1568162_960_720Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Building Castles Not Just In Air: Woman Realizes her Childhood Dream

Ever dreamed of being the king/ queen of your own castle? Well, this story proves that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if they believe.

Little Dot Smith grew up in a small dairy farm north of Auckland with little money and a great imagination, dreaming of castles in air. Today at 60 years of age she is adding finishing touches to her magnificent building project called Riverstone Castle, set on an island at Riverstone, NZ, and complete with dungeon, drawbridge and towers. It includes an award-winning restaurant, Riverstone Kitchen, Dot’s giftware shops, oceans of organic vegetable, flower gardens and much more.

Read more about her fascinating journey in her book.


Village Residents Take Action: Carbon Emission Successfully Reduced by a Quarter Within 10 Years


An English village of just 1000 residents is currently making headlines, being set to become the country’s first carbon neutral community. They have successfully dropped carbon emissions by a quarter, thanks to ideas generated during a pub quiz.

These were the steps:

  1. A  well planned launch and communications strategy to educate and create awareness through logos, website, banners, council meetings, school projects and media coverage
  2. A baseline survey of carbon footprint was taken and regular measurements conducted to note progress over several years
  3. A ‘carbon sink’ comprising an initial 16,000 trees planted on tracts of land donated by local farmers to absorb any excess CO2
  4. Residents began installing solar panels on their homes costing approximately 3000 £ each without waiting for government grants or government actions
  5. Donations and sponsorship were gathered without asking for council money to fund the grassroots initiative
  6. Lifestyle changes were discussed and adopted among residents by dealing with their fears and being non-confrontational, focusing on action instead of blame

Perhaps citizens of the world will wake up soon and be their own change instead of waiting for government initiatives. MORE HERE ON THEIR WEBSITE

Permanent World Peace Right NOW in Three Easy Steps!

Who does the buck stop with? Who is responsible for the state of the world? Who is the absolute creator of this universe?  Why do we pray to an external power? Only because we have not realized our Self yet. Within all of us is the same ONE soul through which infinite universes are popping in and out at this very moment. World Peace has already been created right now within! Kindly join us in the event below to celebrate and energize earth and feel free to spread the light.


The intention: ‘We now manifest eternal peace and bliss on earth’.
From the date you read this until 21 Sep 2016 (Day for World Peace) we will send energy waves of peace and bliss to every nation on earth everyday, hereby banishing all conflicts and manifesting a happy and positive world for all in these three simple steps:
1) Light a white candle on any day, or daily if you can with this intention and repeat: ‘The world Is Now at Peace permanently, with harm to none so mote it be’.
2) You can add more energy or focus by placing a world map or a globe, or focus on the event photo for helping you visualize world peace. Mentally and emotionally feel peaceful vibrations or white light filling the world, absorbed deeply in each and every particle of the world.
3) Bring yourself to a state of inner peace by relaxing your mind and entering a meditative state. You may close your eyes gently and be with your natural breath observing yourself coming to a state of inner peace to aid the process. You will be increasingly able to maintain this peaceful state in your daily life.
You will also see amazing signs of world peace soon. Please share your experiences and observations if you can in the comments below!
Thank you for joining us in a peaceful world. Feel free to spread the message and invite others who may be interested.

Continents to Unite Again – Physically

While the internet has already united the world as one, it is also believed that at one time approximately 300 million years ago all continents were joined together as Pan-Gaea (whole-earth), a single landmass which broke apart and drifted away to form the existing continents. Now scientists say that all continents might be coming together very slowly and returning to a single super-continent once again within 50 to 250 million years. Perhaps the jigsaw puzzle of earth keeps re-solving itself over and over again as earth heals physically, although global spiritual healing is always happening even right now.




Positive News: Calling Self-Driving Cars!


Hoping to avoid rush hour in public transport and not wanting to drive yourself around? The future to easy commute is cheaper than you can imagine without even owning a car.

As Peter predicts, your ‘key’ to autonomous transport is close at hand with eco-friendly, self-driving vehicles available on demand and will redefine ‘window shopping’ with 5 converging technologies coming to a store screen right next to you.

P.S. I bet on a 11K UHD (ultra high definition display) but then that is news in different color!




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


Five Simple Steps: Meditation For Inner Peace

What do we focus on if all the news we see in media today is focused on war or turmoil? In these times it is necessary to go within because when you see nothing outside that inspires you, there will be something within that helps. No matter what is affecting the outer world, it is only the inner world that truly matters. Everything around us depends totally and wholly on what is WITHIN. By meditation we reach a state deep within that makes it impossible for us to manifest any unease outside in our personal physical lives. If we all were in a meditative state, we will have a peaceful universe instantly. Yet you are not supposed to worry about why others are not at peace. Your only responsibility is to be at peace within YOURSELF right now!

For the uninitiated, here are some easy steps:

  1. Wherever you are just sit in a comfortable yet alert posture and relax your mind.
  2. Most beginners find it helpful to close their eyes gently and be with their natural breath for the first few minutes.
  3. With the noise of thoughts reducing, there will be spaces between your thoughts and slowly the space will increase and the mind will come to peace by itself.
  4. This inner peace is your true and natural state of being. Stay with it for as long as you can. Beginners can meditate for 30 to 60 minutes each day for practice. Give it time = give it priority.
  5. With continued practice you will find that you can maintain this inner peace at all times with least effort without any technique. Welcome to the real you!

peace ocean.jpg

Six Ways To Success with Saturn Direct and Jupiter in Virgo

As everything is a projection of our energy, celestial events too are reflections of inner change. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom transited into Virgo, the sign of earthly knowledge and practical management on 11 August. And today Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline goes direct after being retrograde from 2 March this year. Here is how to get the best out of this shift:

  1. Get Down to Earth: Time to adopt more humble, realistic and sensible ways of living, thinking and working. Wishes and dreams can be transformed into goals and clear intentions to manifest into your life. Be prepared to take real steps towards progress instead of merely waiting for a change.footprints-1310332_960_720
  2. Take a Reality Check: Your inner thoughts known and unknown to you are constantly manifesting in life. Assess your progress in a practical way and get an idea of what energy you have been receiving and giving. Get your accounts in order. Check your ‘to do’ list to see how many goals you achieved. Then alter or remake your path as needed.checklist-150938_960_720
  3. Learn Your Lessons: Saturn and Jupiter both represent teachers who help us learn our lessons.While Saturn’s lessons come from practical experiences, Jupiter’s lessons come more from inner enlightenment. Reflect on what you have learnt in the last few months. Let go of all negativity, forgive and release all pain, while remembering the lessons and carrying the wisdom forward.learn-897410_960_720
  4. Clear the Clutter: If there are things around you that are useless or unnecessary just toss them in the bin now. Keep only useful things around and keep them tidy and well organized. This also applies to the information on your computers and mobiles. Get systematic. Finally your mind needs to get all cleared up too periodically. Flush out toxic thoughts and let them go. Feel clean and pure, inside-out.order
  5. End the Negatives: Have you been latching on to something you should have released long ago? Have you been hopelessly draining your energy trying to repair what is not needed? Are you wasting time giving attention to what is of no use to you? Free yourself from your own chains by letting go of the unwanted. Focus energy on your highest good instead of what you are unnecessarily attached to.three wise
  6. Good Rules: Rules and regulations are not always bad. We create the rules of our life based on our values and goals, with an aim to avoid negative and achieve positive things. Self-discipline is the key to phenomenal success. Make your own rules, systems and routines wisely now and be clear about them so that only ‘good’ rules in your life that lead to better health, wealth and happiness.chart
    Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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