Wrong methods of activism are detrimental to Vegan movement and necessary to realize in order to focus on the right ultimate objective, for a true moral and inner awakening of the planet.

1. Climate Denial based Conspiracy Theories:

Some irrational groups are luring a few gullible Vegans who are going to regret their stance in the near future if they end up believing that climate change is not happening and is a hoax/ is a big lie. We know that animal farming kills the forests and the planet and CO2 is lying in the atmosphere instead of being absorbed by plants and trees to become food. Those groups that are climate deniers are usually anti-vegans and focused on luring us into false conspiracy theories that ultimately benefit animal farmers and butchers as millionaires.

Solution: While some conspiracy theories might have some truths to them, most of them are unscientific and incredulous. Focus on facts and on only those theories that have some credible scientific arguments to them. Otherwise it reduces the quality of vegan activism.

2. Apologist Movements:

Trying to find ways to ‘tone down’ activism, feeling scared of being ‘preachy’, ‘judgemental’, of losing friends or jobs or social approval, and therefore worrying more about whether you are ‘alienating’ non vegans by calling animal meat murder or dairy scary, or farming rape is useless.

Apologists groups try to focus more on food recipes, plant based activism instead of use of the Vegan word, not talking about Animal Rights, discuss how to debate with non vegans more ‘cheerfully’ without using graphic words, visuals or ‘triggers’ of murder, rape, etc, and instead end up bringing the non vegan views out into media. This is counterproductive at times if public start empathising and identifying with the non vegan point of view, due to low IQ and awareness levels. To see things as they are and speak the truth clearly and fearlessly is helpful. We are neither terrorists nor militants and not wrong in simply stating and showing facts and footage of government approved slaughter and farming activities. Why hide the evidence?

Consuming the Blue Pill requires no courage and has no effect whatsoever in the reality keeping you mild, incompetent, and ineffective as activists by ‘normalising’ highest forms of horrific violence and befriending their perpetrators. They need to know that their arguments are time wastage and are wrong as well as unnecessary, while Vegan credible experts are right.

Solution: WHO and all major nutrition associations have confirmed that all possible nutrients are found in Vegan diet, non vegan products are unessential, and there is therefore no animal abuse necessary for any reasons whatsoever. End discussion if they continue to argue unscientifically that animal abuse or violence is necessary. My Book Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans has debunked 150 Arguments already including on my YouTube channel @earthhealingnetwork (Playlist of the book title).

3. Celebrity focus:

‘Go vegan please’ petitions to pop stars, filmstars, political, religious and other millionaires are interesting for news media if infrequent and involving significant PR expertise and press exposure.

However lame attempts might be a waste of time as people focus on those stupid celebrities even more as a result. We need to bring focus to FACTS, and bring focus upon VEGANS and Vegan activists who speak truth for all humans and public to learn from. Going after an immoral psychopath is always going to be useless and they remain prone to denial, selfishness, corruption, money focus, greed and hedonism. They have zero respect for kind hearted Vegans and for animals as they are popular due to the masses who are ignorant and they thrive on ignorance, senseless consumerism, hedonism, makeup, glamour, money, status, and fancy cars. They also go vegan in a fake way and cannot be relied upon as per repeated evidence. A sensible person does not focus on entertainers, and criminal celebrities and their fancy quotes or memes.

Solution: Why not focus on making new celebrities out of deserving people who are good humans who are Vegans and bring them to media attention directly. Bring attention to your views as a well educated Vegan or expert if you are one or promote such experts.

4. Biblical or Mythical Religion focus:

Making Jesus, Krishna, or other personality figures or Gods a Vegan ambassador may not work as these beings were all animal farmers, shephards, cowherd or men, who bred animals, killed them, cooked them, or had dairy, and the Biblical books were all full of violence, graphic blood sacrifices of animal and human being or Jesus, and irrational commandments including monstrosities by a dark killer God, such as passover lamb serial killing, that begets nightmares. Some pagan gods and goddesses were hunters as well as hedonists too focused on wine and animal meat, singing and dancing over animal bones and at times blood sacrifice.

Please focus on personal spiritual awareness and awakening of your own consciousness instead of imagining that God is a person living as an individual outside somewhere, and pops in once, twice or ten times by incarnation on earth to save us. These are all irrational folk tales and mythological beliefs with no scientific evidence.

A pondering upon big names of Gods, Gurus, Prophets, and Son of God in the past is also likely to fail if general belief of followers is on idolising them and worshipping them in churches, temples and gatherings, and imitation of their lifestyle instead of realising they are all from the past and not suitable for your awakening as someone who should know better.

Solution: Develop own paranormal superpowers and own spiritual powers to manifest reality and to awaken from the Matrix.

5. Denial of Human and Planatery Welfare Element in Vegan Movement:

I am an abolitionist as I believe in a Ban on Animal Farming. This is for a threefold reason including human wellbeing as I am a wellbeing expert and planetary healer. Being a kind person is a foremost part of being normal and well. Lack of empathy and insight into your behaviour is related to various psychosocial disorders that harm other humans, other animals and the eco-system.

(A) Humans are natural frugivores and we are harmed physically and psychologically by animal products with proven high risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia, and a lot more due to low fibre, low minerals and crucial vitamins, high antibiotics resistance, low immunity, high cholesterol, high saturated fats, high animal hormones, steroids, lactose, casein, germs, and drugs, in animal products such as animal meat, eggs, and dairy.

(B) It destroys our innate natural kindness and compassion and creates criminality, greed and insensitivity if this massive violence against animals continues, it makes us abnormal psychopathic and sadistic beings that are disordered and mentally ill with low moral fibre of soul. It also creates PTSD and depression among children and sensitive adults, especially females and kind people who are normal, if they witness evidence of horrific violence daily, e.g. dismembered body parts, ribs, thighs, kidneys, brains, wings, eggs, and milk of abused females.

(C) It destroys earth and its water, land, food grains, soil, air, and causes climate crisis, pandemics and genetic mutation if we continue to have yucky animal products, dairy, all forms of animal exploitation, and animal testing. Close to 50 percent of earth’s landmass is occupied and owned by animal farming and graphic violence industry thereby causing Humans and other animals to go through hell, stress, fear, poverty, food grain shortage, water shortage, tree shortage, fruit shortage, respiratory issues, low mood, anxiety, depression, rape, death, and several diseases caused by a collapsing environment, economy, food system and social rights system.

There is no way we can have a normal, healed and liveable planet if Humans remain ill, psychopathic and harm all of nature makind other animals ill too.

A love for nature is not just for selfish pleasure of holidays, relaxation and eating tofu and plant meats or feeling happy that you are Vegan and do not harm others while remaining blind to massive hell around you. It is impossible to love our planet if we only focus on personal gain and comfort and are not educating anyone else.

So What Should Be The Main Focus?

Animals who are farmed are the main majority of citizens of this planet. Their rights remain paramount. But for humans to get this point in their head they need to be educated as well as clearly given the repeated, coherent and consistent message that Animal Farming and Slaughter is a massive crime that needs to be Banned and there is no way it can be stated as an option for personal choice based consideration.

Finally this Ban is to be Demanded on behalf of the 80 Billion plus land animals killed every year and 3 trillion sea animals fished every year in increasing numbers, 2023 estimates. A signature of a 100,000, a million or even 8 billion humans is irrelevant when the number of victims is 1000-fold more than of human voters. Noone has given humans moral authority of decision making, about all life on earth or made us kings queens or Lords of earth.

Kindly share the above article widely and hashtag #BanAnimalAgriculture and #BanAnimalFarming to promote the cause and get talking.

Swati Prakash

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