The True Costa Dairy Exposed by Viva’s UK-wide Campaign!!

Over the past few years we have witnessed a dramatic shift in conversations in public life, with more humans being open to accepting a new reality. Plant milks are no less ordinary now. At your local Barista, Pret-a-manger, Costa, Starbucks, or any other coffee shop, you have vegan coffee, vegan cookies and a few vegan cooked food dishes too. This is all thanks to amazing activists such as the team featured in this photograph at The True Costa Dairy event on Saturday 11 March 2023 at Colchester, We Stand for the Animals and AV groups as well as several others around UK to name just a few of those creating a stir worldwide.

At Colchester and Chelmsford, Essex, Martin Pugh, the organizer of regular activism events and outreach is unperturbed by arguments as he handles every comment or question with ease and confidence along with his group members who are equally polite and well-spoken. By showing footage of leading documentaries and presenting ideas of Vegan options, clearing doubts, and educating the passers intelligently, there is a massive hope that the planet can indeed be saved with dedicated activism.

Laetitia Blanc, this year’s organizer of this campaign in London spends a large amount of time, educating people regarding Veganism, and protesting against severe injustices and reveals chilling descriptions in the following short video clip taken at this campaign below.

But while Vegan items are served as an option, on one hand, there is also tremendous suffering, exploitation, slaughter of innocent babies, rape of mothers, and the violent destruction of the planet, on the other hand, also provided as an option – as dairy and other animal products. Viva’s True Costa Dairy has attempted to expose the massive injustice faced by Dairy cows by involving groups to conduct outreach outside Costa outlets in February and March this year. If you are wondering ‘why Costa?’, the answer is in the below clip by Viva.

The True Costa Dairy Expose

Can we ever imagine cruel murders of humans and human child abuse being sold as an option for fun or enjoyment on lazy Sunday afternoons? A thriving business protected by law, that too!! Most definitely not. Yet, a similar level of unforgivable cruelty is the truth of the world we are assumed to be living in. A world where Scary Dairy and Meat of unnecessarily murdered victims is served every second of every passing day. Billions of people living out their lives in the Matrix, unperturbed.

Viva’s nationwide campaign, just like many other similar campaigns, well conducted by leading organizations and activists, in the UK is another strong wake-up call. Dairy is a useless industry that harms human health and our planet. No human can be healthy on animal products as we are by nature frugivore beings who evolved from apes.

Our rainforests are being destroyed at a lightning speed every second until no trees are likely to be left standing, with wildlife deteriorating at a fast pace, seen never before. This is already causing extinction on our planet, due to no habitat and no environment to live in, predictable within a few decades, if the ecological destruction perpetrated by Animal Agriculture industries carries on. Unless humans stop demanding pandemics, violence, death, and destruction we will continue to remain plugged into a nightmarish system of illusion, that ends disastrously.

So what can you do? Besides being Vegan, (if you are not already), please support Vegan activism, and be part of this fabulous revolution yourself as activists, by sharing such information, news, updates and knowledge across your networks, your social media and educate all those whom you know and care about. Why not consider joining your local vegan charity group today or contact Viva to see how you can support the planet with an outreach table on your local streets.

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