Seven Steps Into the Light

Do you believe in the values of truth, kindness, love and unity?

Do you feel a need to reach out and be able to help humanity and nature?

Do you have empathy and understanding for the suffering of others?

Many of us are light-workers even if we may not be practicing any specific healing techniques, because spiritual light is always within all of us and all we have to do is to let go of illusion to be able to accept our inner truth which is 100% love and light.

All our life is a journey of healing because each step we take is a lesson in how we can let-go of whatever feels false or unnecessary so that we can allow our inner light of truth to shine through. There are a few major steps that we all take in this journey of enlightenment, not necessarily in sequence, but often parallel and not in a quick crash-course or workshop but throughout our lifetimes.

STEP 1: A Search for Truth

As humans we have been gifted with intelligence that helps us ask vital questions. We all are born with a natural curiosity to know who we are, why we are here in the world and what we are meant to do with our life. Sometimes in the stress and struggles of growing up, many of us had to let go of our quest for truth and lost our child-like curiosity when we had to immerse ourselves in the task of obtaining degrees and earning a living. But, sooner or later we all are bound to return to the point of being ‘The Fool’ who knows that he knows little and is probably fast asleep in this cosmic dream which even top scientists are baffled while trying to figure

STEP 2: Vanquishing our Fears

We are all riddled with fears simply because we are in the unknown. We are all releasing our fears slowly through life, including our fear of death, fear of suffering, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of losing and fear of danger. Vulnerability is merely a sign that we are ready to face our fears. At the point we seem vulnerable, pretending to be outwardly strong does not help, because our biggest strength is within us in the form of our innocence and determination to be true to ourselves. No evil beings, global conspiracies, devils or demons can harm us because they are expressions or manifestations of fear based consciousness. Each time we begin to face our fears and still find that we are here in-spite of all we have been through, we have overcome the illusion of fear and allowed truth to prevail. dark-2873342_960_720

STEP 3: Self-Love and Gratitude for the Present

A lot of people keep thinking of all the dreams and hopes that are unfulfilled, wishes that could not come true, the romances that eluded them, the fame or fortune that they could have had…only if. This keeps our energy blocked in the past and the gift called the present remains unopened. In truth we may have a lot to be thankful for as compared to the millions who are suffering much more. Regardless of our pain, we can open our heart by focusing on what we have right now instead of on regrets and remorse. From now on we can build upon our present and allow life to unfold and take a better course. This is the foundation of true love which is not worried about what we did not receive but on the process of self-acceptance, forgiveness and moving on with what we really have, because all we really have is our-self. Our personal integrity and goodness of heart is all we need to make a powerful new beginning. heart-2945403_960_720

STEP 4: Compassion for Others

By saying that the universe is within us we do not mean that only our limited ego-self is all there is. The universe is within as our expanded heart that encompasses every being in its consciousness. We can feel a oneness with all there is through an increased sensitivity. Sometimes people who are sensitive or empathetic can shut down and disconnect from others, because we feel uncomfortable while connecting with some beings who drain us energetically or telepathically. At the same time through this gift of intuition we also connect across time, space and dimensions to help those who actually need us. We can begin by random acts of kindness, charity, generosity towards a cause, following our heart and giving our time to serve the helpless.animal-welfare-1116215_960_720

STEP 5: Earth Healing

Through our expanded heart we can feel for nature and not just our near and dear ones or those who will help us in some way. Spiritual professionals always look for some sort of energy exchange in conducting any services that are healing oriented. While this is necessary for our existence in a material realm, we can also share our blessings with animals or trees who are unable to return the favor through money. We know that we share our ecosystem and every improvement in the state of our planet directly improves our life as well. By unconditionally loving our planet we can expand our healing vibrations multiple times and connect with the higher self or ‘creator’ in a deeper way.dove-2967593_960_720

STEP 6: Higher Consciousness

While on earth we are all bound by the rules of existence and laws of nature. Our magical work manifests slowly and patiently in ways that our mind can accept and comprehend. However as we expand our consciousness we might find our magical powers get a somewhat super-boost. We might find amazing synchronicity such as repeated numbers, seeing exactly what we thought a few moments ago in the outer reality, receiving our wishes exactly as we asked, even miracles that we had never even dreamed of might manifest. This is because in the higher or infinite mind, anything and everything is possible and our rational skepticism starts giving way to a great faith and trust in our higher or unlimited self who is one with the source or creator of all there is.universe-2736507_960_720

STEP 7: Awakened Being

From the depths of unconsciousness, to the conscious acceptance of our creator self, we have come a long way through this illusion of time and space. We are constantly surrounded by illusion that is a generation of our mind.  We are awake in our own cosmic dream and know that all around us is the matrix of the mind. There is nothing outside us at all. Everything is happening right here and right now with the past, present and future being part of the grand illusion of consciousness existing at various levels of awareness. We are multi-dimensional beings experiencing our unique individuality even while we are actually one Soul, one Truth and one Light. If we think linearly, it may seem that nobody has been able to experience a complete cosmic awakening, yet the truth is that in some dimension of space and time, we are all One and all awakened right now. This awareness pf our True Self or Highest One Self, can in itself be a foundation of our liberation from all sorrows and


Can There Be a Healthy Diet that Does not Kill?

Most people in the western world have grown up in an environment so rich in meats and animal products that the concept of not killing to eat is almost alien. However, those of us who have lived in India and walked through the streets where vegetables are sold all around, find it absolutely normal to have a vegetarian diet that contains no meat or eggs whatsoever.indian-rural-market-837345_960_720


The food industry in USA and other leading western countries has been highly dependent on sale of meat and dairy rich items. A lot of research seems to be ‘targeted’ at somehow proving that vegan and vegetarian diets might be ‘nutritionally deficient’ and might even pose a ‘health risk’ stating that meats and dairy items contain more protein, vitamin B12 and calcium. These researches do not mention that an excess of any vitamin, protein or mineral can be harmful and our consumption of meat rich or dairy rich foods need to be controlled due. Can we always be certain that the intention of research studies to discourage vegan diet, is not motivated by fear of change and financial reasons especially that of the meat and poultry intensive businesses who would want to maintain their commercial success?


Even by a simple observation we can see that severe health issues such as heart disease and cancer are linked with our modern lifestyle that includes factory processed, excessively fried and meat or dairy rich diet. Clearly we all need a diet that does not kill us.

At the same time we can see the significant pain we are putting animals through simply to feed our human population merely because of our habits and taste which can simply be transformed through time and effort for a very positive cause of animal welfare. As an intelligent and evolved specie, we can easily adapt to a diet that does not kill others and tastes absolutely delicious too.vegan plate

Spiritual humans are likely to take on vegetarian and vegan diets for some very important reasons:

  1. Compassion: Those who meditate and develop compassion are less likely to want to kill or harm other beings for the sake of their own health or survival. Such individuals try to research and use their intuition in discovering diets that cause as less harm as possible, for example consuming plants and plant based foods. Plants naturally release their ripe fruits and regrow their leaves and stems once harvested. Consuming vegetables and fruits causes significantly less harm than consuming animals who lose their life once killed for food. Vegans also wish to not harm cattle and poultry by respecting the needs for freedom and health for all specie and not just humans. farm.jpg
  2. Health: Meditation is all about observing yourself. By observing their body and their own reactions to various foods through meditative living, those who are on the spiritual path are more likely to discover what suits them through personal intuition instead of merely following the often biased research statistics. We might find that our stomach and overall body reacts much better to juicy fruits and vegetables than meat or dairy rich foods processed in factories. We also experience more relaxation in our bodies and our minds leading to healthier life. Plant based foods are naturally high in fibre and help us require less intake of food than what we need, as well as keep our digestive system clean and clear. Plants contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates, less harmful fats and a good amount of water that helps us feel naturally healthy and abundant with energy.salad-374173_960_720
  3. Environment: Growing plants and trees for fruits and vegetables is great for our planet and seems to puts less stress on our resources than the meat and poultry industry. We all can do with more oxygen, soil, water and more food for the world and switching to a plant intensive diet helps us in going green and conserving our natural resources. Significantly less land is needed to grow plants than to feed cattle. When we promote plant foods we are likely to reduce global warming rather than cause more of it through harmful gases released by cattle farming. Increasing our consumption and hence demand of fruits, nuts and vegetables, especially organically grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, is a great way to protect our world from global warming and industrial pollution.orchard

Some of the reasons vegan diet in particular has been criticised are:

  1. Proteins: Those who claim that plant based diets are not rich in protein are not considering that most vegetarians consume legumes such as dal, nuts, peas, beans and other protein rich foods such as broccoli to a substantial quantity in foods. protein
  2. Calcium: It is not just milk but green leafy vegetables that are a significant source of calcium in our diet.calcium
  3. Iron: Women especially require healthy amounts of iron in diet, and these can be found easily in vegan foods. iron
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids: Plant based sources of this nutrient are equally or more effective than fish based.omega3

4. Vitamin B12: Neither plants nor animals are capable of independently producing Vitamin B12 which is only created by bacteria found in the digestive system. Vitamin B12 is excreted out of our bodies and not required in high quantities. Supplements and fortified foods are rich vegan sources of Vitamin B12.

5. Vitamin D: The only way of obtaining this vitamin seems to be through daily exposure to natural sunlight or through supplements and fortified vegan foods.

Looks like it is absolutely possible to remain healthy without killing ourselves or others!



FAQs about Spirituality and Religion

This FAQ is based on the personal experience of the author and is intended to encourage readers to introspect, meditate and discover  truth through self-realization. You are welcome to share your own personal experiences and spread the light.

Is Spirituality the same as Religion?

Spirituality does not always require adherence to any specific religion. Spirituality is an inner path, based on self-realization. Religions can be spiritual if they teach people how to be positive and compassionate from within. Those religions who teach blind faith, promote worship of outer God or deities and promote scriptures as the only way to learn truth may not be an inner path of spirituality.

Are all Religious Scriptures Positive and Love based?

By more than a superficial reading of various popular religious scriptures of various cultures, we can see that all of them have not been positive in all aspects. Gender bias, LGBT bias, racial supremacy, religious superiority complex and bias towards human specie have been clearly promoted through certain holy texts. In how many religious scriptures do we find a focus on animal rights, LGBT rights, women’s equality and racial equality which are our common human values in the modern world today? Fear of blasphemy and heresy have been used to prevent updating of holy books or scriptures that were written to suit earlier notions although each holy book often claims to be the one true word of God.

Is there One True Religion?

Religions have been culture specific beliefs prevalent in specific places and later spread or shared cross-culturally. There are far too many religions to be named here and many of them have a foundation of peace, love, kindness and regard for all of nature. We all have a common truth that ideally transcends religious or cultural boundaries and this common truth might be shared between various religions to some or the other extent. Any religion that claims to be the only one truth may be superiority-based or even fundamentalist, and not a source of true unity.

Is Spirituality about an outer God/ Devil or Inner Self?

We all can see a reality around us and know that we exist in a universe, but not all of us realize that each and every one of our situations, realities and life experiences are self-created projections or manifestations. Most people have been blaming either God or Devil for everything in the world. The magical and illusory nature or ‘maya’ of our universe can slowly be understood through awakening of our own inner consciousness through meditation and self-realization.

Who is the Devil?

Some people promote belief in a specific being called Devil as the source of all evil. Through meditation and an honest introspection we may find that our own hateful or ignorant beliefs, ego-based ideas, negative thoughts or harmful deeds in the past may in-fact be the source of evil, both individual or collective. All negative entities or energies, no matter what we name them, may be fear-based creations of our individual or collective minds that can appear quite real in this ‘matrix’ or illusion of reality. Deeply transforming our fears to love may be necessary for healing.

Who is God?

God as a source of unlimited Love and creator of all there is may not be a limited entity or personality. There is an unlimited love energy or consciousness that is present in all beings and waiting to be awakened. This energy is not of a specific gender or form and includes divine feminine and masculine in itself. All positive entities, loving deities, higher angels or positive energies may be creations or forms of our individual and collective love based consciousness. This higher consciousness or Source may be what many of us call God or Goddess or simply our Highest Self.

Is there a Higher Truth beyond our World?

Most people have been too busy in the outer world to give time to self-realization. They have been unaware that through our mind we can create either negative or positive realities in our life. Highly awakened spiritual masters have consistently guided us that all people, material possessions and life-events are manifested or attracted through our consciousness or unconsciousness. Those who believe only in the outer world or outer deities may at first find it hard to appreciate this view.

How can we Realize Truth or Know God?

Religions may have claimed that God or Truth can be known only through worship or through obedience to scriptures. Through self-realization we can personally witness the magical nature of the universe and how it is within us. We can see that healing can be sent and received regardless of religious belief because we are all interconnected beyond all differences. We might find that all things are impermanent or illusory but only deep inner love is true. By realizing our own inner source of unconditional kindness and love those who are on the inner-path can know God as our common inner truth that unites us as One.

How can we Heal ourselves?

Healing literally means rejoining or feeling whole. By feeling separate from the creator we cannot really be healed. Our healing journey begins when we learn to remember how we have been creating our life. We can be a witness to our own self and watch our own life transform through love based positive beliefs, positive thoughts and positive deeds. This happens only through deep inner healing including self-forgiveness, channeling positive energy and acceptance of our present moment as the point of positive transformation regardless of our past. Our true divine potential or Highest Self is always within us.

How can we Heal the World or our Collective Reality?

Most religious believers have left the task of healing the world to an outer God. At the same time through self-realization many people have personally experienced their own inner powers of healing and compassion. It is found that we heal our life, we also begin to magically heal others individuals or groups in kind and loving ways. True love unites us as One through our deeply felt inner awareness of magical abundance and higher consciousness. Both individually or in groups we can all heal our collective and individual self through love-based consciousness. A good place to begin is our own heart through meditation.


Who is God in ‘Particular’?

In response to Daily Prompt: Particular


Particle physics may not always be able to explain our reality, because the light through which we see the world outside can be proven to be a particle if our experiment aims at proving so, or a wave if our experiment is aimed at establishing the wave theory.

Is there a ‘God Particle’ out there in the gigantic CERN experimental laboratories that may explain to us the entire story of creation?

We are made of particles. Or are we in-fact light?

Or is God a ‘Particular’ person like one of us, just much more powerful…who has simulated this entire reality of our existence here in the world through his brilliant intelligent technology as witnessed by us in the perfect design of nature?


Religion can, just like the experiments of science, be contradictory at times when it attempts to define God as ‘a particular person out there in heaven’, and at the same time say that ‘God is LOVE’, because while a person seems to be of ‘particular’ form, Love is an energy we all have within us, and unlimited.

Perhaps we need to take a cue from science and realize that the way we see something, even God, is the way it will appear to us, filtered through our own level of consciousness.

Those of us who attempt to see God as an outside being that is having an absolute and unquestionable power over their reality will end up meeting more people and reading more texts that will constantly strengthen their own particular point of view time and again. Their realities will continue to be something that is not within their own creative influence but only dependent on the benevolence of this ‘particular’ being they worship. Just like experimenters in science who try to observe something with their outer eyes, they bring their own observer bias, and create their own ‘particular’ limitations based on their own ‘particular’ beliefs. Trapped in that point of view, human beings might wait for some kind of a higher power to awaken us and heal the world…waiting forever without actually being the change we seek.

When we drop all our beliefs altogether and allow ourselves to experience who we are, then alone do we start unfolding the many spirals that hide our own truth within.


Meditation simply means to ‘go within‘. Looking at anything from the outside can only be like dreaming a dream and looking for the dreamer among all the characters in our own dream.

Can any ‘other’ person in our dream ever be the creator of our own dream?

One who meditates knows that he or she can never be absolutely sure that the world he or she is living in is not just like a dream. Ask yourself if science can ever find a particle that is not a wave at the core. Are we living in a hologram or matrix linked deeply with our mind? Let the arrow of awareness point back to yourself. Observe yourself.

By asking ‘Who am I?’ the dreamer realizes himself as the dreamer or the creator of this entire play around the Self.

We can for ourselves see our entire reality shifting and changing in accordance with our own thoughts, our own emotional states and our own subconscious fears or hopes. We will be able to influence our life experiences, and not just in small or insignificant ways. By transforming our own deepest fears to LOVE, we will see how everything in our life becomes more and more beautiful and loving. We do not need a scientific experiment to establish this as true. Those who meditate and discover their inner source of endless love can see it for themselves. This miraculous dream called life is for each individual, created by nothing else but their own inner vibrations.

Those who seek God outside as someone in ‘particular’ who is beyond them, do not see God as their own inner energy. Through their fear or disbelief in their own magical power of creation, they may never be able to find the magic within themselves. Afraid of a ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ who has the power of magic, how sure can they be who ‘God’ even is? Any ‘being’ may appear to us or seem to speak to us from the outside and say ‘I am God’ and dictate any kind of texts that we take as the absolute word of God. We can see for ourselves whether various religious scriptures have been able to enlighten humankind or create biases, judgments and fear of eternal condemnation.


Have we all been fooled by centuries and centuries of blindness to look for a light outside when all this time the light has always been within?

Those who do look within can begin to awaken now.


The Difference Between Illusion and True Spirituality

Spirituality has been in vogue recently. It is the next big achievement people wish to flaunt in their ‘curriculum vitae’ or course of life. While we see ourselves and so many others joining the spiritual revolution on earth we all go through various stages in awakening to be either one or more of the below at any point of time (please note this discourse is not about judging the awakening level of others but for self introspection and personal awakening of each reader):

Type 1: Spiritually Dead. Only interested in material world, daily chores, routine, work, success, money, gossip, other people, celebrities, glamour, fame, fortune, pleasure and avoidance of pain. At this stage we have no interest in knowing the truth or questioning reality. Blind to the suffering and pain of others and often to our own we merely exist in a cold reality we call life, always looking for something to entertain ourselves with. We all have been at this stage at some point of time, or even now.


Type 2: Spiritually Asleep. At this stage we want to know truth but only through other people or books. We are either seeking scientific proof, or worshiping gods and goddesses through rituals and rites, or dreaming of a supreme being who lives in a fantasy realm of heaven with his angels, saves the world, carries our judgement of earthlings, fulfills apocalyptic prophecies, sends his messengers to preach his word..and so on…unaware that we are the God we all seek. We surpass this point only by looking within ourselves and discovering our own inner power. Religion can be spiritual if it is open to self-realization. An outer path is not really a spiritual path.

sleeping god

Type 3: Spiritually Dreaming. At this stage we are dancing in ‘maya’ or illusion, dreaming of past, present or future, trying meditation techniques, performing energy work, visualizing ‘chakras’, talking to apparitions or voices of spirits or angels, connecting with other worlds or dimensions, searching for relationships, using law of attraction for achieving more, repeating chants or affirmations, positive thinking, having a positive aura and so on which are necessary steps in awakening. Unfortunately a lot of people only get lost in the play called ‘the world’.

An outer display or illusion of spirituality is not necessarily about really being good on the inside but on how to use spirituality as a means to an end ‘for getting’ what we want while ‘forgetting’ who we are. There are far too many people who are being enchanted by false spiritual gurus who only put on a fascinating show. Operating at this stage we are actually Type 1, only  in a ‘spiritual’ mask generating various illusions of spiritual success or grandeur. We graduate from this stage only when we return to our own inner self instead of merely being lost in the outer world of spiritual ‘success’. This is not to say that people who are outwardly popular or flaunt their spiritual beliefs are not really spiritual from within. They can surely be, however the point is that we must not be lost in the outer glamour and must focus on our inner personal ethics and realizations.


Type 4: Spiritually Awake. True spirituality is beyond illusion of seeking more, wanting more, calling for God to save you, worshiping deities, having spiritual objects around you, being good at yoga, having tattoos, playing with illusion through magical thinking, displaying your amazing spiritual powers or controlling reality and people through your mind. All these are dreams and not awakening. Looking for anything ‘outside’ or ‘in your mind’ to make life more fulfilling is illusion because we are still in the mental ‘matrix’, creating our own illusions and attracting only illusions. We are all awakening right now.

eye open

So What is True Spirituality beyond all the illusion?

  • It is not science or intellect
  • It is not religion or worship
  • It is not ‘maya’ or mind power
  • It is not about relationships
  • It is not spiritual fashion
  • It is not worldly success


Spirituality is not about seeking love but feeling love within

Spirituality is not about being powerful outside but being heart-centered

Spirituality is not about attracting outer things but inner fulfillment

Spirituality is not about knowing the world but about knowing yourself

Spirituality is not about philosophical awareness but personal practice

Spirituality is not about seeking creator but being a loving creator

Spirituality is not about being positive on the outside but being truthful within

Spirituality is not about judging, but about knowing ourself

Six Positive Benefits of Meditation and How To Practice It

Meditation is a non-religion specific, personal practice of conscious awareness in any given moment. The benefits of meditating are numerous and not limited to the following:

  1. INNER PEACE: Meditation helps us experience our own inner peace by helping us calm down and apply common sense in daily situations. Those who are peaceful from within are less likely to be restless and agitated. Inner peace reduces need for violence, crime, anger, sexual frustration or mindless imitation of celebrities or media figures. We might be focused on images and stories of violence, crime, terror, fear, drama and anger through the numerous best-selling books, blockbuster movies and plays enacted for entertainment. People and situations around us can make us upset and worried about our life or future. Meditation helps us look beyond this outer world and notice how we are absorbing energy from outside so that we can detach and choose something much more meaningful through inner awareness.
  2. SELF-CONTENTMENT: Meditation reduces need to depend on anything or anyone from the outside for happiness by helping us find inner contentment. Inner peace reduces unhealthy habits, reduces stress and therefore eliminates need for smoking, drugs or drinking as an escape or dependency. The danger of young children, teens and adults falling into the bottomless pits of negativity or addiction has been constantly around us. Sometimes people look for relationships for love and find themselves in abusive or unhappy situations instead. Fortunately we all have our inner wisdom that prevents us from taking a fall and helps us find our way back to our personal well-being through meditation.
  3. PERSONAL CONSCIENCE: Meditation develops our own innate consciousness instead of merely following any outer doctrine. Meditation improves natural intuition and helps people have inner feeling of right or wrong instead of merely following rules for the sake of rules. People naturally become heart-centered, compassionate and kind through meditation and learn how to live in balance with others and nature. Countless religions and their commandments have been ineffective in creating a peaceful and healthy world so far. Laws and enforcement have been struggling too. What we truly need is a method through which people can be aware of ethics and truth for themselves instead of having to drill it into them through laws or religion. Meditation awakens our own awareness by guiding us to the inner light.
  4. RIGHT DISCERNMENT: Meditation reduces needs for mindless consumerism preventing us from being victims of overspending or wasting our time and resources on unuseful activities. In our daily life we are constantly bombarded with information from various sources, such as media and retail outlets, vying for our attention through glamour, convenient availability and popularity. It is easy to get lost in the world by chasing our numerous desires that are not necessarily in our best interests but meant to keep us busy in diverting our resources towards unnecessary purposes that merely help those brands or celebrities become more popular and wealthy often at the expense of really important causes that deserve more attention.
  5. HIGHEST POTENTIAL: Meditation helps people experience the power of positive thinking by calming stress waves in the mind and helping them achieve better results in all areas of life. Meditation improves memory and absorption of right knowledge through better concentration. Meditation brings our innovation, creativity and our best inner talents. People who meditate regularly have been found to have life-changing experiences of greater health, success, emotional well-being, healthy relationships and joyful existence. We all deserve abundance and good-fortune regardless of religion, birth, country or background. No matter what our situations of circumstances have been so far, meditation can bring us into the ‘here and now’ of present moment awareness that frees us from past limitations of future worry by showing us our true and unlimited potential.
  6. TRUTHFUL AWAKENING: While science focuses on helping us gain awareness about the world outside us and religion talks about a creator outside us, meditation helps us observe our own inner-world by helping us observe our-self.  We can observe our body, our physical activities, our mental processes, our emotional states and finally learn that who we are is beyond all this. We learn to observe the one who is breathing, the one who is thinking, the one who is observing…and experience who we are. Slowly we begin to see how the ‘outer world’ observed by science and our senses is merely projecting through our mental thoughts, our unconscious inner-talk and inner emotional states. We can clearly notice synchronicity between our thoughts and our realities and witness how we have manifested or attracted various situations ourself. We can even change our reality at our will and finally be at peace with our-self and one with our creator self which is within


  • Meditation does not require any special skills. religious belief, special clothing, accessories or props.
  • Meditation can be as simple as sitting still and breathing for a few minutes everyday with eyes gently closed so that we OBSERVE OURSELF
  • With practice we can be in meditative state even with eyes open to cope with any situation,stress, daily life challenges or confrontations with inner peace and intuitive awareness
  • No special chanting or special spiritual orientation is needed
  • No special or complex yoga poses or gestures are required.
  • No special timing or days are needed
  • No special books or words, images, religious or otherwise are needed for meditating ‘upon’ anything
  • Sometimes calming instrumental music can help too, especially for beginners
  • Meditation can be taught in groups or individually and practiced on one’s own anywhere
  • Regularity of practice is helpful in experiencing benefits of meditation training


True meditation is:

  • Non-religion specific and non-denominational
  • Based on a common universal value of inner peace
  • Not limited to any brand or ‘system’ of meditation
  • Simple and not technically focused
  • Easy to achieve – simply pay attention to yourself at any time or place
  • Brings life-changing awakening of consciousness in daily practice
  • Helps us be intuitively aware from within to make our own positive choices
  • Helps us be incharge of our own emotional and mental states in routine life
  • Prevents dependency on or blame on outside things, people or situations
  • Leads us towards a healthier and happier world created through our own choices


There are numerous ‘brands’ and ‘systems’ of meditation being promoted all over the world, however my suggestion is to keep it simple. No special ‘type of meditation’ or ‘particular spiritual system’ or ‘tradition specific initiation’ is needed in order to practice meditation.

More details of how to experience present moment awareness in The Present-Untensed on amazon and kindle.

What They Don’t Teach You At Any Conventional School

Most of humanity has been living at a very low level of awareness, namely only at an outer level. Since we are very young, we learn about how to read, write, count, play, win, earn, aspire and succeed through routine life. Our education system has seen quite a few positive changes, such as fun-based education, vocational training, gender equality and cultural sensitivity. But what are we really missing in our academics today?

There are seven types of education needs that require attention and nourishment.

  1. Physical: Right from the time we are born we learn about physical awareness, personal care, kinesthetic skills and slowly get engrossed in the ‘world process’. This training is given throughout our pre-nursery, nursery and preparatory education. games-2801332_960_720.jpg
  2. Sensory: As our foundations are built in sensory awareness we learn various creative skills including art, crafts, music, dance and literature. The idea is to enjoy interacting with our environment with all our senses as taught to a certain degree in our primary to secondary schooling as well as in specialized learning centers. piano-2323844_960_720.jpg
  3. Mental: We grow into thinking about our world and how to succeed in it through career skills that are in-demand in the outer world, primarily science, technology or business in our maturing years through college. Learning theoretical concepts, various rules and their application seems to be the primary concern for most of our educational institutes and for most parents who worry about ‘what the kid will be’ in the commercial world of grown-ups.learn-2405206_960_720.jpg
  4. Heart-based: We learn how to be kind and loving as human beings and to be in tune with our inner nature through our feelings and not just through rules and regulations. Our education system has been more or less mind-centered while lessons of the heart are experienced through our own relationships and heart opening experiences. We need to learn how to be in-touch with our own heart and soul through education that allows us to follow our heart and be aware of our inner source of love, healing and compassion. puppy-2814858_960_720.jpg
  5.  Truth-seeking: We all need to be able to talk to our inner self with honesty and trust. Sometimes schooling prohibits our truthful introspection by focusing only on talking to others. We end up copying the world and repeating what we learn through books or through rules via mental absorption and shallow self-expression. We need to learn how to listen and talk to our inner-self, and not just with people around us so that we can discover higher truths.relaxation.jpg
  6. Inner Power: Our higher energy center awakens through meditation when we stop looking only outside and begin to look within. Our own intuition begins to develop. We learn to see beyond our thoughts and to be aware of something beyond the mind and beyond distance and time. As we learn how to use visualisation towards conscious manifestation of any situation in our life we suddenly we begin to see the maya of the world for what it is, merely a projection of our subconscious mind-stuff. Yet, only a small fraction of our population ever get to really experience or accept this important inner awakening which our world-focused education system is yet to discover. meditation
  7. Self-realization: Within each of us is a source of great peace and truth. As we realize from the dream of this illusory physical universe and no longer crave for mere material or worldly success, we experience for the first time a deep sense of inner contentment. This is the energy center of higher wisdom where our consciousness is fully awakened and we no longer feel separate from who we call God or Creator. Our education system will be unable to fully offer this training as this experience can only happen from within. yet, our schooling must evolve in order to inspire us through meditation and self-introspection to help us question reality and seek the truth about who we are and why we are here.lotus-2824909_960_720

As we can see, a love for inner truth and higher awareness has so far been totally ignored in conventional education. If some schools have started to include yoga and meditation in their curriculum, it has been more or less presented as a technique for physical wellness and stress management to help us cope with academic and material life, and not as an truly awakening experience that sets us free from the ‘matrix’ of unconsciousness.


The result – a world where most people have been deeply asleep. On one hand we have extremes of materialism and addictions to external things, and on the other we have escapism, illness and suicide.

When people are unaware that creation flows from within them through their heart, soul and inner-vision, we see a world plagued with frustration, crime and poverty. Struggle and strife became the bane of existence with only an outer level education. The feeling that the world is very big and we are small, powerless and need a lot of money, fame or acceptance by society is the illusion that gave birth to a great sense of insecurity, meaninglessness and anger.


We all have been ‘dumbed down’ through ignorance based religious texts that inspired hate, division, fights and dogma by preaching blind-faith in external deities. We were doctrinated into gender discrimination, sexual dominance, racial superiority, religious pride and ritualistic superstition by belief in scriptures that prevent real conscious inquiry.

So what can be the solution?

We as awakened adults need to first learn and then teach both our kids and other adults on a priority basis that:

1. We are in the world to be conscious and awaken to the True Self from within.

2. The outer world is an illusion that we are all manifesting through our personal and group consciousness.

3. We are all interlinked through an invisible matrix of minds, yet we exist as One Universal Soul at the creator level consciousness to which we are all meant to return.

Two major obstacles have been in our way and it is time to rise above them.

a. Religious fears can and should be challenged so that we can exit the false illusion of bookish systems of fundamentalism and understand that it is the inner self that needs to be awakened to create a better world. Blindly believing in rituals or scriptures even though they have been severely negative and confining, merely because our ancestors and family members have done so has led to a divided and ignorant world.

b. Scientific blindness has to be cured by understanding that science is an observation of outer world, whereas spirituality is to experience your own inner creator power for yourself regardless of seeking everyone’s approval through technical proof. Infact other people’s disbelief creates their own reality of a ‘non-magical’ world in which they are not in the center of creation. Each one of us has to awaken from within and to learn how to live as conscious beings of light.

The Five Step Panacea to Anger

We all feel angry or upset at times and usually end up feeling even worse when we start expressing our anger outwards, especially when the person whom we are annoyed with retaliates or ignores us all the more.

Here are five simple steps that can help us manage our anger and transform it to peace:

STEP 1: Relax, Ground and Center. While many people advocate venting out our anger and expressing it fully as a release of emotion, there are some ways in which we can release all of the negative energy without actually harming others or our-self. A simple relaxation technique is to take a couple of minutes wherever you are to focus on your natural breath as you gently close our eyes and count down from ten to one. Feel all the stress flow down from head to toe and all the way into earth leaving you feeling much lighter. This way we quickly bring our heart rate and mind-rate down to a calmer level for clearer thinking. Catharsis can be another way in which we release anger in an inanimate object such as a pillow, however for those few minutes we still can experience agitation and negativity that sometimes harms our health from within. Meditative techniques such as the one given above can be quick and effective while enhancing our health and wellbeing at the same time. hands-2168901_960_720

STEP 2: Focus Within on the Real Inner Need. Continuing to be angry can sometimes keep us focused on something outside of us and beyond our influence at times, thereby blocking our energy or wasting it. As we calm our energy down and ground ourselves using the above method, we can  can get down to focusing back on ourself or our real needs that will bring us true joy instead of spending countless amounts of energy and time in focusing on something frustrating. All anger is merely a reaction at something that did not feel quite right because of a real inner need that was not being met. We were in-fact looking for a solution to something that was simply out of balance in our life and the truth is, the solution is still well within our reach. Escaping to spas, shopping or daydreaming can be a temporary approach to change your mood but not the real solution which is ultimately based on a recognition of what matters.


STEP 3:  Know that the Solution is Within You. By focusing on our inner need for we can now direct all our energy positively at meeting that need. We are not really angry at someone else or even at ourselves. We simply want something positive for ourself that we are quite capable of providing for our-self. For example we might be upset that we are late for work in which case the issue is a fear of being reprimanded by our colleagues, or a fear of losing our job. Translated into something positive, this merely indicates a deep inner need for enjoying your day at work. This can still be achieved to some or the other extent, regardless of the fact that you are late. Similarly if we are angry because our spouse was cheating, what we really need is honesty and integrity in relationships and this can be found regardless of how our partner behaves because we are still in-charge our choosing the course of our relationship.


STEP 4: Focus on Experiencing Joy. Once we do recognize that our anger is not really at someone but merely a sign to focus on what we need, we can get down to the basics of how to meet that real need. As we look within we find that there are wonderful alternative solutions. We might be able to discover better ways to fulfil our goals instead of feeling stuck because of someone or something that does not seem to work in our favour. For instance, if the need is to have a good day at work then instead of being angry that we are late, we can put all our attention to the ways in which we can improve our work with whatever time we have left, because quite simply we cannot bring back the lost time. Similarly we can focus on being honest in our relationships and seeking honesty in future instead of feeling stuck with someone who is not right for us. Ultimately we need to bring attention to that which brings joy from within and take the right steps towards experiencing that joy right now.


STEP 5: Trust Your Higher Self. We all have a higher version of ourself in the form of our own wisdom that is hidden within all our confusions and uncertainties. Regardless of how complex and tiring our situation may seem there is always this best version of our-self that can come to our aid. When we do start trusting this Higher Self, we find that amazing things happen with much lesser effort than what our anger and struggle were producing. Sometimes things do not go a certain way because there is a better way that will in-fact bring us true joy and fulfil our highest potential. There can be hidden opportunities to be discovered with everything that seems to go wrong. Being serene and trusting that there is great positive energy within us and somehow it will bring us exactly what we need will literally create miracles that you can see for yourself. Thinking of all the ways in which we can meet our inner needs and putting great mental and physical effort into working things out is one approach. Allowing the universe to work it out by magic through faith in our Higher Self and then taking the next step with relaxed positivity is another.



Let us know if the above methods worked for you in your comments below. You may also share the story to spread positive awareness.

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