Animal Sentience Bill includes Marine Creatures, but Slaughter Ongoing: Why Are We Deluded?

Media is awash with the good news of Animal Sentience of certain Marine Animals being recognized finally with laws against boiling the poor creatures alive. Yet, it is completely negligible in speaking about protecting the very basic right of everyone to live without being killed by humans for food or other exploitative purposes.

British law has recognised that animals including farm animals such as mammalian cows, pigs, turkeys, chicken and lamb have emotions and feelings. Now cephalopods and decapods such as crabs, lobsters, octopus and squids are part of the Animal Sentience Bill. Boiling them alive is banned, but killing them is not. They can still be executed in a variety of horrific ways. There is no humane way to kill someone against their will. Yet consumer demand of cruel products is free flowing.

Do these look sumptuous? Not if you are a human being.

Why does law still continue to further the greedy ambitions of ruthless farmers and their rich and ugly celebrity spokespersons? Why does law cater to economy by serving agendas of exploitation and senseless killing of beautiful, serene and sentient animals for all those dirty and disgusting products that kill humans and our planet?

An obscure article in the Daily Mail had earlier named a man called Lord Ian Botham who is into ‘country sports’ and whom PM Boris Johnson also famous for shooting animals and having ‘semi sexual relations’ with horses, recognised as a peer, as an opponent of Animal Sentience Bill and an obvious ally of billionaires farming cartels. A snapshot of the third class personalities featured in the above media article is below.

Third class Lords who are featured in media such as Daily Mail featured above, shamelessly mass campaign for lowering welfare standards and ruining wildlife.

Animal farmers, rich traders of animal products and derivatives, psychopathic hunters and traders of wildlife, shopkeepers selling animal products, businesses and media agencies in using advertising and marketing companies…and horrible people who are their funders and consumers may condemn any laws to recognise sentience fearing that it could lead to stricter measures against those items or stopping imports from ‘low welfare countries (as of high welfare animal meat is respectable).

MPs and Monarchs kill animals as pastime while pretending UK is an ‘animal loving’ nation, a simulation of graphic nature where dog meat sale or purchase is banned on moral low grounds (government being appaled on the idea of consumption of dog or cat meat). At the same time all other animals such as pigs who are no different in sentience, have no worth except as a pile of flesh that contributes currency notes to the exchequer and draws flies to itself thereby boosting pharma trade indirectly. What a double whammy! Meanwhile idiots rule the world.

Earth remains a pathetic simulation of grotesque violence and poor quality sustainable leadership

People around claiming to be normal human beings, seem to be hypnotised and brainwashed that somehow we live in a ‘good’ world where ‘good’ people elect ‘good’ governments as well as subscribe to false beliefs that ‘good’ animal farmers are ensuring highest ‘welfare’ of animals especially in Britain..while gobbling up victims in the same breath!

A ridiculous far right but far from right idea that eating the obviously killed poor baby pigs and lamb chops or breastmilk of raped cows, distributing packaged sea roaches and stinky fish is somehow palatable as sustenance for wealthy humans. The currency of guilt is missing from their hearts, glassy eyes closed deceptively to fool others, sympathy gained from media who is funded by these cold blooded killers, public too busy worshipping stars and reading about television shows and politicians to look within themselves. Everyone seems afraid to talk about it lest they would be frowned upon or isolated cruelly should any objection be raised upon the objectification and rape of little children and mothers, the term murder and rape unduly reserved for crimes against humans alone.

Humane rape and murders of sentient and sensitive animals who are far more intelligent (yes, intelligent) than humans is a deadly daily practice, thousands per second cruelly knifed or gassed away in slaughterhouses and noone bats an eye as it is coldly passed on as another item stacked upon the shelf wrapped in plastic. Sea animals are hacked up cruelly and suffocated in nets in garangutan floating slaughterhouses. However, plastic straws are far more important an issue to pretentious neighbours and environmental campaigners. The mistake of calling capital crimes ‘humane’ and somehow equated with ‘animal welfare’ or thus called ‘better living conditions’ detailed as a precursor to crimes are evident examples of human folly. On top of that ‘sustainable’ is the trendy obsolete hypocritical term flung around casually to describe these in futuristic fluff as supermarket advertising screams and shouts about how they ‘care about the planet’ while stocking up dead bodies in morgues.

Clearly reptiles are better in civilisation and intelligence than our so called human masses and their chosen representatives who struggle to pass animal sentience bill and need hundreds of massive research reports from science comissioned by government to simply prove what any child can see within plain normal eyesight. Front media coverage of comical looking politicians remains obtuse and silly as time goes by. Massacre continues.

More information about these dark times on Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans, a free book.

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