10 Commandments for a Blessed 2023!! To all life on Earth.

We all know about the Biblical 10 commandments, so I thought how about an updated version, of resolutions more than commandments. After all it is 2023.

1. Thou shall slay your demons. Of ignorance, evil, apathy, cruelty and disease.

2. Thou shall be kind to yourself, and try to remain kind to all sentient beings and to nature by as far as practicable.

3. Thou shall not harm anyone, including yourself wilfully, by any method, whether killing, hurting, abuse, stealing, lying or rape.

4. Thou shall love your planet and try your best to make it more clean, eco-friendly and bountifil.

5. Thou shall protect yourself, your loved ones and your planet from harm to the best extent you can.

6. Thou shall honour and respect yourself and be free of toxic associations or people.

7. Though shall be free of lies, deception and debauchery perpetrated by evil institutions, scriptures, religious or social systems, media or governments.

8. Though shall seek truth and happiness and prioritise your liberation, freedom, creativity, wisdom and fulfilment.

9. Though shall live heartfully, inviting blessings and goodness deep into your life.

10. Though shall not waste your time in things that are unnecessary so that you can fulfil your best intentions.


Please feel free to borrow the above, share the same, add to them and create your best reality.

Happy Vegan 2023

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