BREAKING NEWS!! Black Magic Satanic Ritualism Exposed on Easter

Picture courtesy Animal Rebellion.

In a wild and shameful violent frenzy, billions of participants around earth commemorated the horrific murder of an innocent person by killing lambs and eating them, calling the slain innocent ‘the lamb who takes sins away’.

After numerous centuries of apartheid, misogyny, witch hunting, homophobia, and slavery, these cultists still believe that killing an innocent unblemished individual takes away their personal sins by transferring the sin onto the animal or gullible human who was killed.

Strange members of this cult believe the bloodshed pleases their Satanic deity who forgives the sins of humans in return of the act of killing a substitute innocent in their place.

They also believe anointing themselves, either mentally or physically in the blood of the poor victim of such ritual sacrifice, or consuming the flesh and blood of the innocent victim, either literally or symbolically, unites their clan and protects them.

Billions of these cult members all over the world curiously believe that the blood of the murder victim washes away sins and makes them part of the Satanic cult.

The strange and gory cult loosely believes that their Satanic master agreed to let them unnaturally kill and eat creepy crawly animals, and all those animals who move, in a disturbing covenant. This inspite of the fact they were originally designed as humans to eat fruits as per their DNA, known to be resembling great apes in their body, teeth and intestine length, and susceptible to cancers, heart attacks, deadliest of pandemics and climate change owing to animal products.

The above has been eyewitnessed during Ostara, a bright and beautiful nature based festival of Spring, themed by Eggs and Bunnies, based on Oestrogen or Motherhood (Fertility) following Mothering Sunday when animals come give birth and birds build nests to lay eggs owing to resurrection of green life in their now dwindling habitats. Instead of helping the animals, violent adherents of Satanism consume Dairy chocolate shaped as eggs and Bunnies knowing that this act kills cows and their babies after breeding them forcibly just for dairy.

To take action and restore greenery on earth kindly stop consuming animal products and Go Vegan as well as spread ❤️ love and light amongst one and all.

Animal products are responsible for usurping appx. 80 to 85 percent of arable land and causing tremendous deforestation on earth by razing down forests at lightning speed. Animal agriculture continues to breed and kill 80 billion plus land animals per annum, violently, and empty oceans of sealife at the rate of a few trillion sea creatures killed per annum inhumanely just for food alone.

Kindly share this news article urgently and save the planet.

Wish You A Beautiful Celebration of Life and Love!!

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