10 Signs of Non Vegans’ Demonic Behaviour

In human life we have a belief in the innate goodness of everyone and a faith in humanity. But this is shattered when you observe some people reacting negatively to the concept of animal rights and veganism and refusing to go vegan during outreach and activism attempts to educate them. This is because some beings are inhuman or demonic versions of themselves in this Matrix of simulation.

The following are some of the signs.

1. They enjoy herd mentality of flesh consumption.
Most demons are carnivorous and cannot give up on taste of their victims bodies. Demons do not want to change. Vegan outreacher activists beware. They are not human but violent ‘Satanic’ cult followers or ‘Death Eaters’ who mingle with their own lot and hate vegans.

Non Vegan Carnist cult of Reptocoil Matrix

2. The list includes Vegetarian Vampyres.
They suck life energy out of victims and put out their light while also draining milk out of abused mums. May have a few large teeth. In case of Rakshasa beings, front teeth may be large, in case of some Vampires lateral fangs are hidden well. Theirs is the reptilian energy of the Matrix. They may also have lactose intolerance.

3. Harsh gaze, evil stare, body movements.
You know them by the way they talk scoldingly, and present themselves that they lack soulfulness and inner beauty. Elbows out, neck movements, shoulder shrugs, watch out for strong body language or gestures.

The true colour of a bloodthirsty Non Vegan demon’s eyes is Blood Red.

4. Voice of head, not heart.
Circular arguments, overanalysis, wasters of time and energy. Reptocoil beings twisted about all over the place in a complex web. From plants have life to insects, avocados cause climate change to ‘mmm bacon’, 150 different arguments are debunked in the free book Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans.

5. Cunning and canniving looks.
Eyes sideways, lips pursed, wicked smiles, nodding to themselves, silent, sly and systematic. They slither away from truth.

6. Domineering personalities.
Impose their physique and charm. Will take over the conversation and rule your life if need be. Will throw you out in an instant.

7. Rarely have mediumistic skills.
No meditative insights, no channelling what comes to them, no inner focus.

8. Lack interest in spiritual truthseeking.
They have no interest in who we are, where we are from, how we were put here in a simulation. Their focus is on imposing power and authority figures or harmful things in religion, media and government.

9. Rarely feel hurt.
Fake tears and sympathy may be sought by them but not genuinely affected by anything in a very ‘matter of fact’ way. Logic driven. Cold.

10. Cannot understand emotions of others.
In a conversation, you know they didn’t really care. It was about winning the argument or the deal. They will make you feel like a nobody. In love they lust after beauty and physical body.
You are meat for them. They objectify the victim animals completely. Their strong affiliation is with other non vegans that are aplenty and this makes them feel superior in their gluttony which is their primary source of bonding in relationships.

Normal humans will be keen on self reflection, will display interest in ethics and morality, have emotional sensitivity to the plight of the suffering and Go Vegan to leave the ‘Meatrix’ permanently. Others simply need strong laws to keep their hands off their victims and their secretions. Animal abuse and slaughter are heinous crimes that must be banned in any normal society.

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