HORRIBLE HISTORIES Continue on Uninhindered in Private

Colchester is touted to be Britain’s Oldest Town and notorious for Witch Hunting, torturing and killing poor innocent women in the past and now an active vegan hub.

(Scenes of crimes were aptly witnessed yesterday by public).

A fabulous day of activism by an amazing vegan group by We Stand For The Animals at WSFTA Colchester. Similar events are being held worldwide for the last few years consistently by several notable charities.

The cattle market is of course no longer open since decades in our streets to display and cage animals and slaughter them in full public view amidst passers by including children. They have conveniently packaged the evidence of murder in brutal shopping aisles to display butchered up body parts to normalise violence to children.

This is why there was a need to host a public awareness session at the Town centre yet again after similar events and actions by Anonymous for the Voiceless group over the last couple of years and now by We Stand For The Animals. In these events vegans stand holding TV screens and usually wearing masks, in what is termed, either Cube of Truth or Freedom Formations with footage of RSPCA and government approved methods of animal farming and slaughter to educate public and receive their opinions, as well as to offer them support in changing their food and shopping habits.

Such groups are inspired by Earthlings Experience, similar demos keenly supported by Hollywood celebrity Joaquin Phoenix of Earthlings documentary in the past.

The Earthlings Experience Showed Footage of Earthlings documentary originally and inspired a chain of events such as AV and WSFTA groups.

Humans were witnessed walking past TV screens furiously and queing up to purchase remains of pigs murdered for them adjacent to the screen, while watching pig slaughter footage at the same time. So angry about why parts of the noble documentary, Dominion were being displayed in full public view on TV screens, especially to children, their interest was that children must remain insensitive and never feel any emotions or empathy, (just like those parents who teach them how to enjoy stale, ‘unhygenic fruits’ of violence) instead of salads, real fruits and vegan fast food sold next door.

One vegan man stopped by to ask me how he can possibly help to Ban Slaughter and Breeding of Innocent Animals. He was keen to join a campaign to stop these crimes by proposing a Bill. A sole Neo in the Matrix of general public. He was advised to join the group and be active in building up the Vegan movement further so that we have more than enough supporters to call for a permanent solution. A few people were expressing concerns for the animals and gathering information about how to go vegan.

The holocaust against victim animals continues, but in dark hidden places of hell inspite of yet another commendable attempt to awaken public empathy by the able team of dedicated experts. But why wait for criminals to change? Most never will (please refer to facts regarding domestic violence, sociopathic disorders and the Dark Tetrad).

What about the rights of the 150 billion plus number of victim land animals enslaved and killed annually? Why is it that the government cannot pass a bill to outlaw their abuse, rape and murder? Why are 100,000 signatures of humans on such petitions even needed, when the victims are in greater majority?

#banslaughter #bananimalagriculture #bananimalfarming

You could join the Vegan Oureach movement too by taking part in your local outreach and activism events by joining groups such as: Anonymous For the Voiceless, We Stand For The Animals, Earthlings Experience and We The Free to name but a few and find their local groups and events on Facebook.

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