Why Go Vegan – from a Child’s Viewpoint

Did you know that most of the animals killed for food are all children and babies themselves? Children naturally love animals and identify with them and are shocked to learn where their ‘food’ comes from. Our bright children feel terrible for the animals and want you to go Vegan today.

In the following video 8 year old Shaurya describes ‘Why Go Vegan’ perfectly.


The truth is that eating severed limbs and decomposing body parts on our plates is far more graphic than we believe. Regular exposure to violence in the form of animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, leather, fur and zoos, not only exposes children to violence and abuse of animals, it also normalises violence to children and teaches them how to control, abuse and hurt others for our selfish greed. No wonder we have domestic abuse and other crimes prevalent and common in our world. Animal abuse and human abuse is deeply interlinked.

Teaching children that such violence is wrong, not just towards humans or dogs and cats, but towards all sentient beings and helping them decide to go vegan is a lot better.

It is always a good idea to start moral education early in life before others take us down the wrong path.

As visible in Cube of Truth and Earthlings experience in major cities and towns all over the world, this is how children feel about merciless killing of animals, or graphic footage of animal agriculture industry:

On the other hand educated children such as ‘The Million Dollar Vegan’ by young Genesis Butler and her friends are educating us about how animal farming is destroying our planet causing deforestation and mass extinction of speciesm even though the Pope refused to go Vegan for a million dollars donation to a charity of his choice, or even share a vegan meal with her.

Our doctors never tell us, neither do our teachers, what these children have revealed.

Perhaps it is time to stop listening to religions and conventional system slaves (most of our old-school teachers and doctors) and listen to our children who speak from their heart.

For those parents and relatives debating whether it is right for children to watch animal farming and slaughterhouse footage this will help you understand the issue better:

We underestimate the intelligence and strength of our children and it is time not only to listen to them but also to raise them vegan and learn from them instead of dumbing them down in our delusional social system that turns our children into heartless robots. It is time to awaken compassion as well as true intelligence at an early age.

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