Today’s Top Ten Positive Fashion Trends!

  1. Size Zero to Size Natural: We all have a natural body type. It would indeed be a boring world if we all equally sized and shaped. Skinny is no longer something we need to conform to. As long as you are physically fit and feeling healthy, you can flaunt your figure without shame. plus size
  2. Ditch Those Heels: Women have long been expected to play sexy at the cost of their comfort and health. The sensible woman of today knows that the only one she needs to please is herself. Shoes you can walk a mile in without feeling tired are now welcome to replace those awful ‘killer’ heels that have been wreaking havoc on your spine and ankles. no heels
  3. Bin that Bra: Directly associated with breast cancer, bras are no longer seen as a woman’s breast friend. All that elastic and under-wiring was no good for your health. You can literally heave a sigh of relief by going out of that cage around your rib-cage. It does not matter losing your ‘shape’ because looking a certain shape is no longer required. A comfortable bikini top or a short top that fits snugly around your bust can be a good substitute to wear underneath if you still need bra
  4. Pink is For Boys and Girls: Fashion is increasingly becoming androgynous. Women and men and no longer meant to conform to social standards regarding what to wear and color is the least of those concerns today. Women in trousers took the world by storm a few decades ago. Its time for men to return to those ancient times when men and women dressed more alike. pink kurta
  5. From Beef Body to Naturally Fit: No longer do you need to work out for hours and flash those six pack abs to be regarded as fit and healthy. Focus shifts to inner and not just outer health and people are preferring to work out outdoors using natural ways instead of artificial training. So whether or not you have plenty of muscles you can still join the body beautiful brigade, even if you are a man. man health 
  6. Youth is No More Overrated: Fashion and glamour are no longer confined to teens and young adults. No matter what your age you can still have your own individual appeal. Be confident to flaunt those beautiful silver gray strands and let those lovely lines on your face add to your eternal beauty. Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-28.jpg
  7. Its Makeup not Cake Up: Your beautiful skin is the best makeup today. Looking all caked up is no longer regarded as fashionable. A light and natural makeup is all you need, or go make-up free and enjoy the compliments you will receive silently with every gaze of admiration as people love the real you. beautiful-1274360_960_720
  8. Go Eco Friendly: Its the number one style statement of today. Nothing reduces your fashion ratings more than wearing leathers or fur. At the same time an eco-friendly statement will help you give out the right messages to the world. Let the world follow your cue. organictee.png
  9. Show Your True Color: No longer do people prefer to lighten their dark complexions or to artificially tan their skin. With awareness of harmful chemicals and the dangers of skin cancer, we now give due respect to our own natural skin tone and stay away from those fairness creams that made the world a bit more unfair and prejudiced against dark skinned women for all these years in many countries.unfair
  10. Your Work Your Culture: With an increasing proliferation of self-employment, entrepreneurship, small businesses and casual work places, no longer is the suit, tie, pencil skirt look a must in the corporate world. Individual styles, ethnic cultures, transgender dressing and comfort clothing…all are now increasingly welcome across meeting rooms.casualWhat do you love about the changing fashions of today? Share with us on and you could be featured. Stay tuned to

Top Ten Most Positive Songs Of All Times To Listen To Often

Our life is created by not only our thoughts but the beliefs and emotions that give rise to those thoughts and music has a lovely impact on what goes on at the back of our heads. Why not make a playlist of positive songs and keep yourself aiming for the stars?

To give you a start here is a selection of ten most positive songs of all times, (not in any particular order) to uplift your spirits and give you an energy boost. Enjoy listening to them anytime, right here!

  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy: Bobby McFerrin

2. The Sound of Music: Julie Andrews

3. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot: Sting

4. That’s The Way It Is: Celine Dion

5. The Animal Song: Savage Garden

6. Happy: Pharell Williams

6. Imagine: Jonh Lennon

7. Heal The World: Michael Jackson

8. I Believe I Can Fly: R Kelly

9. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

10. I Have A Dream: ABBA


What are your favourite positive songs? Why not share it with us on

Stay Tuned to the Positive!

It’s SWITCHCRAFT! The AMAZING Power of a Single Word..



No I am not laughing at anyone or anything..I was just just trying my hand at Switchwords to get into the mood for writing!

We all have heard of manifesting our reality through the power of our mind. Somehow positive witchcraft has made its way back into the forefront in the form of modern law-of-attraction, new age manifestation secrets and spiritual healing. One of these techniques that has gained popularity quite fast is that of Switchwords. This system focuses on using certain very special ‘words of power’ – much like a spoken spell or ‘mantra’. However, unlike the Latin spells of Harry Potter or Sanskrit mantras of the ancient Vedas, Switchwords primarily include common English words, and you need not have a wand to make them work.


In their groundbreaking research, prominent neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, M.D., working with Mark Robert Waldman, discovered that words can change our brain. They wrote about the effects of words on our brain cells, especially how positive words had positive effects while negative words had detrimental effects on our brain. Similarly Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’ versus ‘I Hate You’ clearly affected the structure of water crystals frozen and observed under the microscope. These researches seem to indicate that words carry energy, feelings and intentions within them, either helping or hindering our life goals.

If you believe in the power of words, you can speak out a certain chosen word mentally to reach your subconscious mind and thereby program your ‘inner-mind’ to resonate with your intentions. You can also repeat this word mentally a few times everyday to come closer to your wish. At one point something within you might ‘switch’ and soon you could find yourself being unblocked and therefore more open to receiving your intended results, thanks to this switch. Words that can do this for us are called Switchwords.

Sigmund Freud, arguably the most noted psychologists of all times used the term Switch-Words to refer to those ambiguous words that behind their overt meaning, connote something deeper in our subconscious mind. Taking the idea several steps further advertising entrepreneur James T. Mangan (1896–1970) claimed that certain words can help in programming our sub-conscious mind to achieving success. Mangan seems to have done his own personal research by trying various ‘Switchwords’ on people to find out their percentage effectiveness with regard to the intention they were meant for. He went on to make a list of many Switchwords published in his book The Secret of Perfect Living, now followed by Switchwords enthusiasts the world over, often with brilliant results.

Shannon Phoenix, a Switchwords practitioner from USA points out that Switchwords do not require faith. “That’s their incredible power, they bypass your beliefs and go straight into the subconscious mind. They are like the RUN command on a computer. You don’t have to have faith in the RUN command, you just have to type in the correct command; the program will run!” She like many others in the Switchwords community did not believe in Switchwords to begin with, yet the technique worked for her and she has been hooked on ever since. In the hugely popular Switchwords community on Facebook a student recently shared how her exams were postponed by three months just as she had wished because of Switchwords. Another young lady confessed that she multiplied her income by at least five times by practicing with the right Switchwords regularly. From fighting diseases to finding lost objects, the usage of Switchwords seems to be helping quite a few people.

Kat Miller who has founded the Blue Iris Learning Center has helped build a large community of Switchword practitioners providing them a list of several Switchwords and ideas on how to use them.

Switchwords being connected to our unique subconscious self could at times work differently with different people. For example if GIGGLE does not work for me in helping me write, I could simply create my own personal ‘switchword’ …let’s say, ILLUMINATE which helps me get over the writers block and express my ideas to the world. So, if you are feeling quite creative and connected to your own intuition, you can surely devise your own personal switch-words. Be willing to try doing your own research and find out what works for you.

Or if you prefer to join the bandwagon of those AMAZING people for whom Mangan’s Switchwords have really worked…here are just a few of the popular (claimed to be universal as opposed to personal) Switchwords already tried and tested by other practitioners.

BAMBOO – For rapid growth,

BEAM – To brighten up the mood or even the day (also to stop raining),

COUNT – Making money,

CRYSTAL- To be sure or find clarity,

DIVINE – To manifest miracles,

HALFWAY – Make a long distance seem short,

HOLE – To attract or pull towards you,

HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) – Assured success,

ICE CUBE – To cool down or numb pain,

JACKPOT- Feel excited,

LAMINATE – Allow protected access,

LAVENDER – Sleep better,

LIGHTNING – Progress swiftly ,

LISTEN – Connect with intuition,

MASK – Shield or protect,

OIL – Reduce friction,

PURR – Feel content,

RAINBOW – Fulfill intentions,

REJOICE – Stop being jealous,

RIDICULOUS – Get popular,

SAVE – End self-destructive habits,

SHAKE – Release negativity,

SHARP – Be alert,

SHOE LACE – Maintain protection,

SLOW – Be patient,

SNEEZE- Expel or release unwanted energy,

SOMEHOW – Stop worrying about details and let it come to you,

SOPHISTICATE – Become a greater success,

TESLA – Gather energy,

TINY – Reduce ego,

TOGETHER- To improve team spirit

TRICKLE – Give and share,

UNMASK – Make known,

UNPLUG – Release limitations,

WINGS – Rise above pressure,

WOMB – Feel secure,

YES – Reduce hesitation,

ZERO – Banish or eliminate negativity

To manifest your intentions you can also speak a switch-phrase that connect two or more switchwords together, for example: 100%-CRYSTAL-RAINBOW to manifest a wish or TOGETHER-DIVINE-REJOICE to reduce jealousy and improve success in a group.

Note: Capital letters and hyphens are used to distinguish switchwords and swithphrases from the rest of the text.

It is not just speaking out the words verbally that works. Some people prefer to write the words on their hands or body, some simply chant them, while some write the words down in Energy Circles (diagrams within a circle with the switchwords to focus on what is needed, sometimes combined along with special numbers and/ or symbols that are a ‘vibrational match’ to the intention). The example the EC (Energy Circle) below is for increasing sales:


You can also energize water, crystals, oils and food by chanting the words mentally over them or placing printed Energy Circles beneath the object to be energised or in your desk drawer for instance. Combining this technique with Reiki or Energy Healing can also work for you. Through your own inventiveness, you can select the best way to work your own Switchcraft magick in your life.

As given in any manifestation exercise, feeling positive, being ethical and focusing peacefully on your intention without worrying about how and when you will get what you want is the key to success. To not use magic to harm anyone or to manipulate anyone is always a good idea to keep your life going in the right direction, lest the law of karma takes over.

So will Switchcraft work for you? The truth is that whatever you truly believe in or connect with deeply can work wonders in magically improving your life. Switchwords being bridges to the human subconscious, can be one of them.

To learn more visit the Blue Iris Learning Centre and join their group and community for more help:

Happy Switchcrafing, and DIVINE-THANKS!


swatiprakash tiny

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on




Positive News – Massive Ocean Cleanup In Progress!

beach kids

Given our planet’s surface is 3/4th water, cleaning up the oceans is not only necessary to save aquatic life but essential given the proliferation of non-disposable and dangerous waste. Equally harmful for animals that rely on it for food as well as for all of us, this waste if left unchecked could mean more plastic than fish by 2050.

Let’s checkout the worldwide efforts to fix this concern so that the beach next to you is a sight to behold!


  1. Ocean Cleanup Project (crowdfunded, non-profit) started by a 21-year old raises $2 million.


  1. Giant fabric mops up massive oil spills in the open ocean to save marine life.


  1. Army of nanobots suck out heavy metals from murky waters under an hour.


Positive News. Always.

The Positive Media

Blessed Blossoms ~ Pretty as Peonies

The National Flower of China, a staple in bridal ceremonies, a symbol of bashfulness, a natural cure for many physical ailments, here’s to the prettiness of Peonies.

Ancient folklore and legend has it that this flower gets its name from Paeon a mortal student of the Greek God of Healing & Medicine Ascelpius, who became wrathful of his student’s brilliance. Zeus saved  Paeon by giving him the form of the Peony flower and thus saved him from the natural human death, thus immortalizing him as a pretty blossom. -a deep act of compassion of a God. Peonies are also connected with Venus, the planet of love and make a great Feng Shui charm for attracting love and marriage when they or their image is placed in the south-west.

Many myths and legends surround peonies and in the Secret Language of  Flowers, peonies symbolize bashfulness, shame and compassion. Its believed that shy  & mischievous nymphs often hide from humans by taking refuge behind its soft & full petals. Peonies are also associated with money, prosperity and abundance since they have very round & lush petals which appear to be enclosed in thousands in its soft bud. Its petals, powdered buds, stems and root are often carried for good luck.


The Chinese especially, have a deep appreciation and love for this flower and have given it the honor of being the National Flower of their Republic. It was believed that only Royal Dynasties and Emperors can own them and hence peonies represent nobility & grandeur.

Peonies have multiple healing, medicinal and beauty benefits. In Chinese medicine especially, the peony root is beneficial for treating a host of ailments in women like menstrual cramps, fertility issues and even cure abortion. Peony extracts also treat wrinkles, breathing ailments, stomach ailments, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue and lots more.

Peonies are also popular because of their subtle scent and used in many skin rituals, parfum oils, soaps and make-up products. Scientifically speaking, they contain  paeoniflorin, which is rich in antioxidants that reverse the signs of ageing, by activating the skin’s natural defense mechanism and bring out its youthfulness from the core.


Peonies also have many magickal properties. In medieval times, petals of these flowers were scattered on pillows and faces of lunatics in mental asylums to cure them of lunacy. These are also used in many shamanic rituals to ward off evil spirits, exorcism rites to remove negative cords and also for protecting children from all kinds of evil eye. Their extracts are used in energized oils for protection, breaking hexes and traveling safely through storms. They are also a popular gardening plant.

Many Asian artists have tried to capture the playfulness & prettiness of its blooms in art. They are popular motifs in ceramic works, glass paintings, porcelain, embroidery, and decor in many temples, monastery gardens and palatial spaces.

Peonies are popular for floral decorations, wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets as they are a good omen for a successful & happy marriage and fertility. A mix of pink peonies and red ones are a favored choice for couple unions as pink represent affection &  romance while red represent honor, respect and abundance. White peonies represent shame or shyness of having embarrassed yourself or expressing regret over something silly. Offer white peonies to convey a sincere apology and begin anew with purity & innocence.



Its said, peonies can live for a thousand years if undisturbed. And despite their full & loose petals they are closely knit together denoting inner strength and promises that are deep rooted. Next time you have something sweet to express or want to kiss and make up – just bring some peonies.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on 

Select Your Tarot Card and Know What You are Manifesting!

Did you know that you create each and every aspect of your life, all by yourself! Your tarot cards only indicate the direction in which you are steering your own life. And with the help of the cards I want you to now be able to manifest only your very best. This is why I would only give you empowering messages by showing you how you can use the message of the card in the right way.

Four cards were drawn at random for your reading today to help you in having a successful and happy week ahead.

FIRST choose any one of the cards below and read the interpretations AFTERWARDS




Choose one of them, either A, B, C or D

Follow your intuition or inner voice to select ONE card

You can also close your eyes and see what comes to you, either A, B, C or D…

Take your time…..


Whatever you feel drawn to at first instinct is relevant to you

Do not second guess yourself…you were right the first time!






scroll down for your message….





Now, I am turning your cards over so that you can see what you got




Here we go:

A8 wands

The Eight of Wands in reverse from the Gilded Tarot is a sign that you have been going too fast and trying to handle too many things all at once. Try to slow down this week and feel the energy of the retrograding planets calming your down and helping you be more patient. There is  a need to pay more attention to things that require more attention instead of running from one thing to another all the time. The more you focus on your most important activities the more you will enhance the quality of work. Similarly at home you might need to stop and give some more love and affection to yourself, your loved ones and to your personal life instead of hurrying about your daily chores. This may not be the best time to take up new projects but a great time to be more aware of your most important inner goals. Remember that we must not confuse mere activity with real progress, and you are now about to achieve more and more progress in those things that matter by simply cutting down on what does not matter at the moment!




The Cat People Tarot shows the 9 of Cups as a bubbling, exciting and joyful time. You are about to do incredibly well in so many ways that there will be a need to raise a toast to yourself. Do not let your own positive energy go unnoticed especially by yourself. You deserve applause and encouragement right now and there is no need to wait for someone to give these to you. Waste no time in any worry or care right now. You are better off simply being totally satisfied in each and every way. Feel really thankful to your own inner self, for everything is totally self-created and you know there is nothing but yourself to be thankful to. More and more blessings will be coming into your life just by this exercise of gratitude and gladness. Your higher self is always at your service, let it bring you more of what is good for you. Enjoy!

C6 wands

The Six of Wands from the Golden Tarot has appeared in front of you right now, bringing you sheer success. Its time to shine and lead in your victory march. You must have worked hard or really smart for you are now coming to this point. People do look at you with great admiration and see you as a source of strength and guidance. You are a leader who is paving the path ahead for others to follow. Everything you do can potentially inspire many others right now so do be careful as you are in the limelight. As all eyes are upon you there is no need to be frightened or shy. Strut your stuff with confidence. Take this opportunity to be kind and appreciative of others to do what leaders do. Build others up and bring out the very best in everyone you meet. More laurels will follow, stay positive!


The Temperance is a major card and this one from the Renaissance Tarot is a beautiful representation of your inner spiritual power. Your healing skills are about to become more and more powerful. You shall feel tremendous peace and positive energy will flow through you. Your inner yin and yang forces are harmonizing to keep your conscious and subconscious mind in balance. Your chakras will function optimally and return to balance as a result. An increase in inner well-being as well as better physical health are on the cards. You will be feeling much more spiritual than before and taking time to perform holistic and complimentary healing. All aspects of your life shall improve as a result. Continue to meditate!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s reading. More next week…..Stay tuned

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on

Get Better Results With Your Affirmations!

One of the most important things that some people overlook while saying affirmations is that they need to be said in the NOW consciousness. If you are saying a positive statement such as ‘I am slim and trim’ but the next moment you are looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling sad that you are not, then there is little chance for your affirmations working.

Remember that as you observe yourself, your world and your situations, you are observing the PAST and not the PRESENT. The present moment is something that is constantly being created with your awareness. The image in the mirror is how you looked a moment ago and not NOW.

The NOW moment is full of possibility. You never know that in this moment itself you might be receiving an important and life transforming opportunity, whether medical, legal, financial or social that might improve each and every aspect of your life, taking you closer and closer to your goals.

Therefore when you are looking at the mirror…imagine that you have slimmed down a bit more than before. When you think about your prosperity, imagine that its improving. When you talk about or think of your career, imagine it is better. Just keep imagining the best and it is bound to manifest as a rule. And stay in this energy…. not just when saying your affirmations but at other times too. Do not pull the energy down by or by any negative self talk, or by thinking that your affirmation is not working, because it REALLY IS WORKING in many ways known or unknown to you.

Here are four amazing affirmations, one for each key area of your life. Enjoy saying them several times daily and share with others to spread the light!


monday work.jpg


endless money.jpg




sleep baby.jpg

  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended and never closed in terms of exactly when, where, how, what or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!

Enjoy an incredibly positive week!


swatiprakash tiny

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be reached on

Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives by Apple Inc, Cape Town Tuk-tuks and State of Arizona

Tech Giant Apple Inc has started use of 80% recycled paper bags nd ditched its use of plastic bags. The note advises Apple employees to ask the customer if they would like a bag before giving them one. If Apple stores still have plastic bags in stock, they will use those before switching to the paper bags. Read the complete details on CNBC

Tuk-tuks will soon become a common mode of transport in Cape Town. A tender has been issued for the provision of tuk-tuk public transport services. Preference will be given to bidders offering environmentally friendly tuk-tuks.there will be 80 operating licenses, according to the mayoral committee member for transport, Brett Herron who confirmed, ” Bidders with environmentally friendly tuk-tuks will therefore receive bonus points during the bidding process.” Read the complete details on BD Live.

Eco-friendly burials are on the rise in Arizona in the United States. Green burials can be done in a variety of ways. Generally, workers will place the deceased in a biodegradable container, such as a cardboard box, instead of a traditional coffin. The bodies are not embalmed, and they are not clothed with any material that is not biodegradable, such as rubber shoes or metal buckles. Alternatively, workers can shroud the bodies in different types of greenery to help the breakdown process. “It’s a choice that people are making,” said Bill Gabriel, the funeral home director and embalmer at Sunwest. “Unlike a traditional burial or cremation, this probably has the least effect on the environment, and it’ s a natural way of going back to the Earth.” Read the complete details on Cronkite News

Which green initiatives do you practice or are willing to take up??Share your story with us and get featured on The Positive Media.




Five Famous Reincarnations – Positive Achievers in Science, Arts, Religion, Business, Politics

You know that joke about a rich man who consulted a psychic to find out who he’d be in his next life? Planning to make out his will, he wanted to know about his next incarnation so he could leave all his wealth to himself.

If truth is stranger than fiction, then recently a man in Wiltshire found a well-preserved Roman villa with valuable artifacts buried in his own backyard – a find hailed as ‘unparalleled in recent years’. What makes it intriguing is this man occupationally designs luxury rugs for Roman aristocrats and is fascinated by Roman history ever since he visited Pompeii as a child. Go, figure!

You can read about that discovery here.

Irrespective of the fact, if headlines on reincarnations grab your attention like nothing else or the very mention of it anywhere elicits a grunt from you, we ask you to suspend disbelief and take a look at five famous (suggested) incarnations that either sound quite plausible or been ‘explored to death’…

1. Politics/Religion

In the first page of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, the author refers to memories of a past life. This was published back in the 40’s, when few in the West believed or were even familiar with the idea of reincarnation. Today, many believe the author, Paramahansa Yogananda was a reincarnation of William the Conqueror. This is brilliantly researched in the book, ‘Two Souls, Four Lives’ and further supported in ‘Walking with William of Normandy’ – a couple of enjoyable reads among others and if you are also curious about other possible reincarnations of Yogananda, you could well refer to this ebook.


2. Politics/Science

From a Himalayan Yogi to American aviator, inventor, author, activist, explorer as Charles Lindbergh, President Lincoln could have reached ‘rarefied heights’ politically, aeronautically and spiritually few only dream of. ‘The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln’ points out this karmic connection in great detail.



3. Politics/Arts

In ‘A Tale of Two Statesmen’, remarkable parallels are drawn between Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte by the Director of Churchill Archives Centre- underpinning a remark by Paramahansa Yogananda that they were the same souls. It is interesting to note, Churchill (who won a Nobel Prize in Literature) had finally learnt a lesson on war that had eluded him as Napoleon.


4. Science/Business

From building private rockets (SpaceX) to the fastest ever transport (Hyperloop), Elon Musk is the perfect example of one not only undeterred by failure but goes on without loss of enthusiasm from one failure to failure as is evidenced by his tenacity to fire up rockets even after expensive failures. He is well known for his frequent quotes on ‘not accepting failure’, an attitude he was equally known for in his previous incarnation as Thomas Edison, if this revelation/observation is someday proved true.


5. Arts/Science

Brian Green is a leading string theorist, highly cited science writer and a self-confessed fan and die-hard follower of French writer and Nobel Prize Laureate, Albert Camus. In this tell-tale interview, he shares his undying commonality with the famous philosopher that can only be described as a past life connection.

“I sort of re-read Albert Camus every few years. He has a hold on me in a very deep way, his ability to weave deep philosophical questions together with the  human concerns that we all have, into what I find to be riveting stories, makes him a compelling thinker.”

The article goes on to say, Dr. Green’s love for Camus isn’t the recently discovered intellectual regard of a guy in his 50s. It goes way deeper. It has occupied him most of his life, from the time he discovered Camus in his father’s bookshelf as a teen, through his doctorate on the six hidden dimensions right up to his present day quest of quantum gravity in describing cosmic microwave background radiation – the image of Camus, cigarette hanging from his lip, lurks beneath his equations…

Besides a quirky likeness, wiki shows Green was born 3 years after Camus died.



As incredible (or fanciful) all this may sound, notwithstanding how our past was, point is we can still be inspired by men and women, past and present and probably ask ourselves, how we would like to be remembered in the future?



Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

Earth Day – Full Moon Healing

earth moonWho does not want a better life, and this is impossible without having a better earth. This full moon 22 April is world Earth Day. To align ourselves with our highest good it is necessary we all manifest a more positive environment, protect our polar ice caps and have a cleaner, greener and more peaceful earth where all of us are healthier, safer and happier.

You can practice this exercise anywhere to join our ritual at anytime from now till 23 April at anytime convenient to you.

1. Meditate in a peaceful and silent state by closing your eyes and gently focusing on your natural breath…allow all thoughts to slow down and dissipate as you enjoy the peace and bliss within. In this powerful state your wishes will manifest beautifully.

2.You are welcome to make a wish for yourself and your family. But remember to take some time to focus upon earth as a whole. When you focus upon the well being and betterment of the world, your inner power and connection with the higher self improves considerably.

3. Visualise earth being illuminated with a beautiful bright light and allow this light to be absorbed into every particle and every being on earth. This is the light of positive energy, goodness, peace, harmony and love.

4. Make a silent wish for how you wish to see earth and imagine that all the wonderful things that are good for earth are already happening all around. Do not focus on what you do not wish to see. Focus only on positive visions that make you feel peaceful, protected and content. When you are feeling absolutely wonderful you know that your intention is now manifesting surely and soon.

5. You can culminate this spell with a prayer, affirmation or mantra of your choice, for example:
‘Every direction, every person, every creature and everything,
In everyway, and everyday, is blessed with this powerful healing.
By the powers of earth and fire, wind and water, God and Goddess,
With love and light, and harm to none, my will is right now manifest’

You shall soon begin to see the signs all around confirming that your wishes are coming true in amazing ways.

Blessed Be

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