Today’s Top Ten Positive Fashion Trends!

Size Zero to Size Natural: We all have a natural body type. It would indeed be a boring world if we all equally sized and shaped. Skinny is no longer something we need to conform to. As long as you are physically fit and feeling healthy, you can flaunt your figure without shame.  Ditch Those Heels:... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Most Positive Songs Of All Times To Listen To Often

Our life is created by not only our thoughts but the beliefs and emotions that give rise to those thoughts and music has a lovely impact on what goes on at the back of our heads. Why not make a playlist of positive songs and keep yourself aiming for the stars? To give you a... Continue Reading →

It’s SWITCHCRAFT! The AMAZING Power of a Single Word..

We all have heard of manifesting our reality through the power of our mind. Somehow positive witchcraft has made its way back into the forefront in the form of modern law-of-attraction, new age manifestation secrets and spiritual healing. One of these techniques that has gained popularity quite fast is that of Switchwords. This system focuses on using certain very special 'words of power' - much like a spoken spell or 'mantra'. However, unlike the Latin spells of Harry Potter or Sanskrit mantras of the ancient Vedas, Switchwords primarily include common English words, and you need not have a wand to make them work.

Positive News – Massive Ocean Cleanup In Progress!

Given our planet’s surface is 3/4th water, cleaning up the oceans is not only necessary to save aquatic life but essential given the proliferation of non-disposable and dangerous waste. Equally harmful for animals that rely on it for food as well as for all of us, this waste if left unchecked could mean more plastic... Continue Reading →

Blessed Blossoms ~ Pretty as Peonies The National Flower of China, a staple in bridal ceremonies, a symbol of bashfulness, a natural cure for many physical ailments, here's to the prettiness of Peonies. Ancient folklore and legend has it that this flower gets its name from Paeon a mortal student of the Greek God of Healing & Medicine Ascelpius,... Continue Reading →

Get Better Results With Your Affirmations!

One of the most important things that some people overlook while saying affirmations is that they need to be said in the NOW consciousness. If you are saying a positive statement such as 'I am slim and trim' but the next moment you are looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling sad that you are... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives by Apple Inc, Cape Town Tuk-tuks and State of Arizona Tech Giant Apple Inc has started use of 80% recycled paper bags nd ditched its use of plastic bags. The note advises Apple employees to ask the customer if they would like a bag before giving them one. If Apple stores still have plastic bags in stock, they will use those before switching to the... Continue Reading →

Five Famous Reincarnations – Positive Achievers in Science, Arts, Religion, Business, Politics

You know that joke about a rich man who consulted a psychic to find out who he’d be in his next life? Planning to make out his will, he wanted to know about his next incarnation so he could leave all his wealth to himself. If truth is stranger than fiction, then recently a man... Continue Reading →

Earth Day – Full Moon Healing

Who does not want a better life, and this is impossible without having a better earth. This full moon 22 April is world Earth Day. To align ourselves with our highest good it is necessary we all manifest a more positive environment, protect our polar ice caps and have a cleaner, greener and more peaceful... Continue Reading →

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