Our Way to Ascension By Complete Rejection of 7 Sins

A detailed explanation, channelled from Higher Self as by the author as a Medium.

God/ Goddess (your real creator) is life energy, the One true self in every being, human or other animal. The One ‘effervescent’ soul (as channelled via Krishna) or Anima, the Param Atma (supreme being or omnipresentlife force). God/ Goddess is pure Consciousness or Christ, who says “I Am The Life, The Truth, and The Way”. Noone goes to God/ Goddess or Higher Self apart from this Way.

God/ Goddess is compassion and love energy as it is life giving and liberating and unity based. This path is Satvik or truth based lifestyle or good behaviour of Veganism, self-control, kindness, generosity, goodwill, honesty, higher consciousness, positive moral actions and a complete rejection of all forms of evil by focusing inwards.

Devil is pure evil, spread through lies and deception of the Matrix. Another name for him is Dantilion (based on my direct encouters). Blocks the vagus nerve, sushumna naadi from where we connect with truth. Lies spreading through irrational and negative media, religions of insanity, corruption, consumerism, Animal Exploitation, feminine abuse, and harming one another.

The way the Devil works is manifold and based on Temptation to be Sinful. Sin is a rebellion against truth or God. It blocks our 7 chakras or life-energy centres as follows:

7 Major Demons correspond with 7 major deadly Sins to Block our Way to The One Self.

1. Lucifer is the 1st Deadly Sin of Pride, ego or vanity and blocks the Crown centre, Sahasrara chakra of infinite lotus, or Oneness consciousness, to make you regard yourself as superior. Leads to narcissistic behavior in most humans who regard themselves as being ‘higher’ or more valuable than other lifeforms causing climate apocalypse.

Antithesis: Virtue of Justice or Equanimity, to treat everyone with fairness and a sense of gratitude.

2. Leviathan is the 2nd deadly sin of Envy, blocks the Third eye, or Agya chakra, due to evil eye phenomena, ill-will, or an inability to see other’s succeed or grow. Takes away free will of others by controlling them to one’s will. Wants attention to oneself and sucks energy off others in haste of achieving more. Cages animals and farms them, puppeting them around, watching them, keeping an eye on them and disempowers them including human victims instead of relying on one’s inner strength. Not merciful.

Antithesis: Virtue of Fortitude or Patience, to succeed on one’s merit and own capabilities.

3. Satan is the 3rd deadly sin of Wrath, cruelty, violence or anger, blocks throat or communication centre, Vishuddha chakra, making one upset, break relationships up, hurts others, ruins lives, is fine with slaughter and abuse of animals. Extremism and terrorism instead of compassion.

Antithesis: Virtue of Temperance or Kindness, to stop harming others or oneself and moderating one’s behaviour appropriately.

4. Mammon is the 4th deadly sin of Greed, blocks heart centre or Anhat chakra, makes one want more and give next to nothing in return. Stealing animal’s bodies and secretions, starving them before disembowelimg them, freezing them in cold, in order to make money, making the poor victims pay throughout their miserable lives and finally by their death.

Antithesis: Virtue of Charity or Generosity, to give with full heart and unconditionally.

5. Baelzibub is the 5th deadly sin of Gluttony, blocks the solar centre or Manipur chakra, focusing on taste and being hungry for flesh and ovulation or lactations of mothers instead of exercising due restraint or self control. It is shameful when non vegans behave this way.

Antithesis: Virtue of Prudence or Discipline, to behave sensibly and restrain one’s primal instincts when necessary.

6. Asmodeus is the 6th deadly sin of Lust, blocks the sacral centre, Svadhishthan chakra, making one lust after Kama rupa (sensual form) of Maya, without self control, faithfulness and abusing others through rape, non-consensual acts of harm against other victims, enslaving others sexually including farmed animals, using bodies of victims as objects.

Antithesis: Virtue of Faith or Chastity, to control own behaviors and be celibate when necessary instead of sensual overdrive.

7. Belphegor is the 7th deadly din of Sloth, blocks the root centre, Muladhar chakra, making one lazy, shabby, unhygenic and ill, prone to Tamasic behavior or ignorance and disinterested in learning, unable to change and improve oneself. Does not focus upon one’s dutiful Karma (right action) and is rather evasive in lifestyle change. Does not like Fruit, or, is not fruitful in karma.

Antithesis: Virtue of Hope or Diligence to focus on own work and allowing good results to manifest.

Gold is in you. The alchemical gold that can never be corrupted. But until you find your inner Gold you will be prone to corruptability or Sin. Once you do find your Gold you will never be Tempted or lose your Way again.

Blessed Be, Please Spread the Seeds of Truth, Let the Planet Be Fruitful, be Mindful, Kind, Vegan and let us Sin no More.


As channelled on behalf of Ashtar Command, Angel Suriel, Avian galactic master of language.

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