Top 7 Biggest Myths Propagated by Western Religion and Spiritual New Age

1. ‘Forgive everyone indiscriminately: Jesus did even while being killed, so’….
People who are manipulative abusers or psychopathic do not care about your forgiveness and will have no interest in changing themselves. A narcissistic person might constantly abuse you, yet, expect forgiveness only to repeat the same cycle endlessly. Infact, they think you are to blame and will call you narcissistic or abusers even if all yiu did was forgive them unconditionally. They do not deserve your divine forgiveness. Focus on your wellbeing instead.

2. ‘Love Everyone Unconditionally: Just become love and love your father, mother wife, husband, neighbour no matter what, as per Bible’…
The narcissistic selfish person will want love (by love, they mean… money, sex, sympathy) ❤️ unconditionally towards themselves regardless of their behavior, and drain you out in every sense of the word. They do not love anyone. Quit the Hooponopono at this instance please. Cut your cords off and detach.

3. ‘Be humble, free of ego, have no expectations, like a homeless monk surviving on alms’…
Say those who want you to feel worthless, get paid nothing, be a pauper and a slave, and be mistreated, a kind of abuse where you end up giving your time and energy away and receive nothing in return, in short you are dead. Focus on being successful, prosperous, healthy, and happy.

4. ‘Leave it to the Universe, whatever it is’,
Yes, I know the universe (Matrix of mind) can manifest or simulate anything ..good as well as evil magically…but should it? I am sure criminals manifest slaughterhouses, barbaric systems, suffering, and hell, all the time. Are you part of the Universe, and is there anything for you to do, or do you want to delete yourself and let evil take over?

5. Focus on the positive and the solution alone (and ignore various problem areas or warnings.)
Not very clever! How would you deal with or heal those things you know nothing about? If evils of society are exposed, then only will we transform the same. If not you, someone else will, so let them, in case you need a rest.

6. ‘Happiness is the only goal. So force yourself to happy.’
Yes, it is a goal but not a pretension. Real happiness is heartfelt and a result of truth, liberation and a fair as well as just outcome. You don’t order me to be happy or calm down if I am in a cage, as I need to act now and do what is necessary. Drugs don’t heal anyone, they might just put you in deep coma. Awareness just might help.

7. Love God and believe in Him, with your body, heart, soul.’
No. I have no clue who you are talking about. Do you?
When you do not know who you are and why you are in an artificial reality simulation (lost in a dreamworld) how do you assume who your mysterious creator is, and what sort of being he or she is? First agree upon a definition of God or Goddess that makes sense to you and is logically apt. If God is Love then it’s your own higher Self who destroys evil and takes away all illusions. Don’t sell me a narcissitic man in the sky controlling or Lording over His foolish creations made in his stupid image or lineage.

Not everyone is capable of understanding these points. Please share and spread awareness if you are.

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