Ban on Cruel Animal Fur and Leather Trade Demanded

Remember 101 Dalmitians movie for children exposing Cruella Deville? Well Britain has banned the crimes of breeding and killing animals for Fur since 2000 and Scotland since 2002 as stated by agricultural department DEFRA. Moreover import of domesticated cat and dog fur is banned along with fur of trapped wild animals. Yet, over 100 million are killed cruelly for Fur each year and many more for their skin after living in filthy crammed cages.

Protest Against Cruella Deville

Fur farming and exotic skin export is rampant in most other countries such as poor nations from where major designer brands import these disgusting cheap things from to sell for 2500 GBP plus to irrational customers. Some of these show-off brands are Fendi, Gucci, Celine, Yves Salomon, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and many other designer outlets crowding London High Streets and looting the public.

Poor animals such as snakes, crocodiles, lizards, ostriches, kangaroos, lemurs, coyotes, racoons, mink, rabbits and countless others are trapped or bred and killed for this absurd profit making. They are murdered by gas chambering, strangulation, bludgeoning to death, anal or vaginal electrocution.

Wild coyotes trapped on leg hold trap even try to Chew off own limb to escape being shot or attacked violently or being stomped upon to break their rib cage.

Crocodiles and alligators are bred in stinky pools and killed by severing their spinal cord by a severe blow to their head, and then pushing a metal rod in their brain to cause a rather painful, slow death.

Snakes are hit on head by a sledgehammer or even pumped up with water to swell up their bodies to make skin easier to pull out.

Lizards are often beheaded with a machete without stunning. Many a times their skin is ripped up cruelly as they writhe in agony for a prolonged period of time.

Ostriches are often killed at merely 1 year of age at slaughterhouse, flipped upside down and throats slit in full view of other terrified family and friends.

Adult kangaroos are shot mercilessly while little joeys and wounded adults are hit sharply on head to destroy the brain or violently decapitated.

These billionnaires make money by cruelly victimising poor animals who pay with their blood and receive nothing but abuse in their short lives from these criminal companies and their evil minded and ignorant customers.

Exotic skin trade of animals as well as fur imported from other countries of animals including wild animals raised in battery cages. Babies are killed for soft mink and rabbit fur as well as python and crocodile bags or boots, without any reason when we can wear and use vegan and cruelty free artificial fur or leather that is beautifully designed and does not involve this level of violence, exploitation or slavery.

It is disturbing that United Kingdom has not yet outlawed trading of fur and leather or skins and hides of animals. Protestors promise to return every few days dedicatedly to make their point and demand a Fur Free world.

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