22 Ways The Non Vegan Matrix Cruelly Dominates and Controls the World

Non Vegans or Carnists are known for controlling and dominating over herbivore animal species by domestication and breeding towards exploitation and slaughter. This is done via systematic ways of normalising violence including the following:

1. Legalisation of animal abuse, torture, and murder in a big way making Vegans unable to press charges or take legal action against the animal abuse and graphic violence encountered daily. This ensures that we as Vegans feel rather helpless upon witnessing cruelty and are continually emotionally traumatised on living in such a strange world, right from childhood, and feel guilty for being raised non-vegan ourselves fir so long. Except for pleading to a few non vegans bit by bit in outreach we feel unsure of whether any big legal change will take place soon enough when clearly the crimes against animal victims are too horrific to even watch in a documentary film on screen. This is a paradox.

2. Constant inclusion of non vegan food and items or horse riding, other forms of animal abuse in cinema and books written by non vegans and giving them to children in schools is a way of socially stereotyping non veganism or carnism as the generally acceptable and normalised pattern of behaviour.

3. Dominance of animal products in shops all around. Showing legs of lamb and chicken body parts as ‘food’ to inculcate wrong beliefs in society. Some vegan items are also visible as a marketing gimmick for an exclusive (niche) target audience. This ensures violence is the ‘main’ focus in daily life, while veganism uncertainly remains an ‘alternative’ lifestyle to be carefully considered lest you ‘miss out’ on your greed and gluttony.

4. Restaurants and cafes carrying non vegan menus as the ‘main menus’ with some vegan alternatives thrown in to establish a carnist Dominion. Murder and rape are the main course served to their favourite (murderous and rich) customers for money. Dearth of fully Vegan eateries ensures you are forced to sit around abject cruelty and accept it as ‘reality’. Businesses care about money, not life, and not the emotions of sentient animal victims.

5. Jobs are usually non vegan. Most vegans are working in the Matrix of animal abuse to support their family, for instance banks and finance industry, animal food and clothing, personal care, IT for animal abuse based industrial corporations, providing music, entertainment, graphic design, editing, wifi, writing, healing services to non vegan public and corporates. Jobs in purely Vegan and Animal rights activism are rare and often unpaid making life highly dependent on the non vegan money Matrix. You will have to sit with and integrate with non vegan clientele and money providers at some point in most jobs and businesses.

5. Religions condoning animal abuse in a big way by claiming that ‘God’ allowed it, or by promoting religious celebrity figures or godmen who were shephards (Jesus) or cowherd (Krishna) to condone animal breeding and farming, (born in a manger alongside animals who were exploited, fishing in river) or in case of alternative religions and paganism hunters (Diana, Artemis, Rama, Horned God bearing animal horns, shamanic hunters and animal skin drummers).

6. A major technique carnists use is emotional Isolation of those who are vegan and animal rights activists in daily life. This technique is about causing more distress and trauma to vegans and vegan activists by condoning animal abuse deliberately before them, knowing fully well that the activist considers animal abuse offensive.

7. Arguments against veganism become circular and time consuming as well as emotionally draining inspite of ample explanation such as illustrated in the free book, Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans.

8. Passive aggressive violence such as deliberately serving non vegan drinks and food in front of vegan friends, family and colleagues to make vegans feel upset.

9. Loudly talking about eating animals when known vegans are around.

10. Joking about bacon, steak and an insensitive humiliation of victim animals.

11. Not bringing plant based alternatives to any get together or picnics deliberately when they know a group member is vegan.

12. Showing off that they love real leather, fur, pure silk, wool, by loudly praising those boots, bags or coats in front of the vegan.

14. Talking about how much they love cheese. Also how much they love carnivore pet dogs and cats who eat other animals.

15. Generally talking among each other and giving you signals that you are “unwanted” because you are vegan.

16. Passing you up for promotion or advancement at work because you are vegan by invention of ‘other excuses’ that will not seem directly discriminatory.

17. Coffee break time at work or events, refusing to share in plant milk by saying they don’t like the taste, are allergic to all soya, nuts, oats, etc , so that vegans feel isolated.

18. Buying and gifting only non vegan presents, dairy chocolates and dairy sweets in festivals, in quizzes as winning prizes even to non vegans.

19. Not sending friends requests to vegan colleagues and not hanging out with non vegans in socials or parties, not calling up or mingling with them.

20. Non vegan presents in workplaces from colleagues during Christmas and Diwali to neighbours, friends and family instead of vegan gifts that are suitable for everyone.

21. Arresting vegan activists, putting us in jail and through a harsh legal system for rescuing animals or protesting against violence or climate change Making us lose jobs as volunteers in activism and tainting our police records and media profiles, so that we are unable to function in society at all. Making us ‘the criminals’ instead of respectable members of society who are improving the world and calling for system change.

22. Family court battles with vegan parents making malnutrition of babies a focus in media to falsely blame vegans, and keeping us constantly stressed out and judged for trying to protect health, wellbeing, emotional maturity and moral development of our own children.

Being awake in a broken and corrupt world is a traumatic experience of seclusion and it is necessary for us to look after ourselves, our emotional wellbeing and prosperity without compromising upon our values. We need to actively build vegan systems by promoting vegan lifestyle, vegan jobs, activism jobs, vegan social media groups, vegan institutes and schools, vegan mainstream media, vegan political parties and other outlets for education, inspiration and career development.

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