10 Facts Debunking the World’s Biggest Myth: Omnivorism

We are all lied to and programmed since our birth by the ‘Matrix’ (a system of lies) designed to make our life too stressful and harsh in a cruel, competitive and corrupt world. Nothing demonstrates this better than the cunning myth called Omnivorism.

Here are 10 big hints that debunk this myth.

1. Teeth: We know that lions, tigers and leopards are Carnivores and have the apparatus to cruelly tear flesh and fatally injure victims with their teeth. Wolves, bears and hyenas are Omnivore and also have some very long teeth and can kill prey. Humans, however have smaller incisors to bite fruit with, instead of the mythical ‘canine’ teeth. Most of our teeth seem flat enough to chew plant based food with. In short our teeth resemble other natural frugivores such as apes whom we evolved from. Our jawline bears no semblance to Omnivore or Carnivore animals. We lack fangs.

2. Digestive tract: Our oesophagus is long and comparable in anatomy to frugivore apes, in sharp contrast with shorter intestines of carnivores and omnivores. We simply cannot process animal products without overstraining our body parts, wasting energy and stressing our system greatly. Nutrient malabsorption is a result of consuming wrong foods that are unsuitable for our body, no matter how nutrient dense. In short just because we are made of protein or meat, it does not mean we need to eat each other. The same applies to eating other animals muscles, bones, blood, collagen and flesh. It simply is not food for us.

The following image clarifies this further.

3. Hands: We do not have sharp claws, talons or murderous hands. Our blunt nails, arms and palms are designed to harvest, hold and appreciate fruit and vegetables that are suitable for our consumption and to make use of plants around us, or to grow them. Our fingers help us manoeuvre the world around physically and to be creative and artistic. We have positive energy flowing through our healing and living hands.

4. Brain: The human brain is evolved from apes who although frugivore primarily, could still hurt and harm each other and kill some animals. Humans however are thinking beings who can morally choose between right and wrong due to logic and empathy. Our traits are discernment and to display good sense when needed. Killing others unnecessarily is an act that gives us nothing of consequence except for strife, cruelty and harm to each other, the planet and our society.

5. Heart: Humans have kindness and compassion in their heart as we crave love. We enjoy gentle words of positive energy and we love hugs and kisses. Holding hands with each other we exchange bonhomie and friendship. We love pets and enjoy looking after other beautiful animals as our family. Do we really have a cruel heart to abuse animals, kill each other and destroy the planet when it is absolutely possible to be vegan and thrive?

6. Instincts: Do you feel like chasing others and pouncing on them to kill them? When you see a pet rabbit or dog, do you drool? Or are your instincts to cuddle them? The fact is that as children we all were horrified to hear that animals were being eaten by people around us. We knew that something was very wrong with the world, but we trusted the adults around us and grew up believing in our government, schools, healthcare systems, media and corporate world. We lost touch with our own instincts or nature (humanity) and bought the ‘Omnivore’ lie from them. It is now time to rise up.

7. Health: Consumerism based on unhygenic animal products has destroyed human health and made us fully dependent on the billionnaires of pharma and healthcare system. Even this system is now crumbling around us after covid, one of the many diseases spread due to animal agriculture and exploitation. From heart disease or cancers, diabetes to depression, autism to flu and pandemics, we are bombarded with negative energy since birth and forced to accept or integrate germs through vaccines instead of cutting them out of our environment by elimination of the main cause, animal agriculture.

8. Environment: No planet can survive if you take away its lungs and our rainforests are already at the verge of total extinction. Every second area the size of a football field is razed to ground to make space for enslaving and abusing 80 billion plus land animals per annum. If this continues we will have no rainforests left within a few years. Killing trillions of sea animals per annum is emptying our oceans at an alarming rate leaving them desolate within a few years time as well. Do you feel the sense of emergency here? It is not just climate change but complete apocalypse and anhilation!

9. Planet B: Trying to find a new planet to dominate upon and destroy similarly is no use as this will remain a senseless civilisation destroying the entire universe after ruining its own planet, unless we change now on an urgent basis. Even Elon Musk of SpaceX although not vegan on earth, admits that we need to be Vegan if we are to colonise and live in Mars. Why go that far before being sensible first? Why not be Vegan and save Earth right now?

10. Higher Dimensions: Scientific thought including Nick Bostrum’s renowned hypothesis proposes that we are in a simulation and the chances that we live in the original or base reality are low. Think about it. Have you ever had a strong hunch or intuition, or a psychic moment, or a deja vu? All animals do have psychic skills or a 6th sense. Did you ever focus and make anything happen, by affirmations or prayer or wishing, regardless of religious orientation? Have you had any dreams that felt real? We all know through experience that we create our reality through thoughts and have a sense of what is happening with telepathic connections with others. The fact we are from a higher dimension is evident upon self introspection.

Why not return to the real earth, to truth, to love and light, and compassion, by letting go of evil lies, once and for all? We are vegan and we are beings of heart and soul.

Please share this article and spread this important knowledge to empower and emancipate humanity.

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