Uplift your Day with the Affirmative Power of Gratitude

TODAY’S TIP: Affirmations that convey gratitude, thanks and appreciation are great way to bring in positive feelings of love, happiness, well-being and abundance. It is not just about speaking a few affirmations a day, but about imbibing the attitude within yourself - in the way we communicate with ourself and others, and in the way... Continue Reading →

Powerful Magick with Simple Affirmations

TODAY'S TIP: Close your eyes and speak your affirmation mentally through your 'third-eye' to manifest them more effectively. This works best if you meditate regularly and are spiritually conscious of who you are. You will be amazed with how easily you can command your 'youniverse' right now! Here are four fantastic affirmations, one for each key... Continue Reading →

The Power of Positive Words EVERYDAY!

TODAY'S TIP: Imbibe the power of affirmations in your day to day speech. Speaking positive statements once a day is great but if you speak negative statements for the rest of the day you cannot have that much luck. Imagine how much success and happiness you can attract by choosing to think and speak only... Continue Reading →

Affirmations to Not Just Think, But Be Positive!

TODAY'S TIP: Thinking about what you want will not attract it to you. It is feeling that you already have whatever you need that will trigger those positive vibrations to manifest your very best. Therefore affirmations are always in the present tense and while saying them the idea is to feel truly content. Speak as... Continue Reading →

Magickal Affirmations to Change Your Life!

TODAY'S TIP: Focus on the image and visualise yourself being a part of the affirmations below as you feel them working in your life this very moment. Let the magick of these affirmations flow through you! Here are four amazing affirmations, one for each key area of your life. Enjoy saying them several times daily... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Daily Affirmations

TODAY'S TIP: You can save your favorite positive affirmation as your desktop or smartphone background to read often. Or you can print and place them on your soft-board or wall. Take ever opportunity to look at and read your affirmations from time to time and watch them work for you in amazing ways everyday. The more... Continue Reading →

Make Your Affirmations Work for You!

  TODAY'S TIP: To get more out of your affirmations, do not just chant them or repeat them mechanically. Also focus on the positive feelings they generate within you. If they make you feel fantastic, they are working right now! Here are four amazing affirmations, one for each key area of your life. Enjoy saying... Continue Reading →

Get Better Results With Your Affirmations!

One of the most important things that some people overlook while saying affirmations is that they need to be said in the NOW consciousness. If you are saying a positive statement such as 'I am slim and trim' but the next moment you are looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling sad that you are... Continue Reading →

Positive Affirmations and How to Use Them

Here are some wonderfully positive affirmations for you,one for each area of life. As you read them feel them from your heart and soul. Know that no matter how things were in the past, your life is now being cascaded with happiness and success in every sphere of your life. PROFESSIONAL WEALTH RELATIONSHIP WELLNESS Affirmations are positive statements... Continue Reading →

Affirm Your Way to Health, Wealth, Love and Success

Here are your affirmations for this week, one for each area of life. Repeat them daily and often. Remember, the more you share them with others, the more they help you too…. PROFESSIONAL WEALTH RELATIONSHIP WELLNESS Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am... Continue Reading →

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