Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Pathia

The way to the self is an inner one of Meditation and self witnessing. All things outside are outer reality and a projection of duality, a simulation of one mind. Our inner struggle is to be free of the masculine control of logic based AI robotic matrix systems that value profit, exploitation of humans, other... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension 4: Halo

What does beauty and The Goddess mean to you? The card read today explains the true meaning of the goddess beyond the human form as the planet and all its beings who are beautiful. Link to the Youtube channel Link to the deck for purchase on

Inner Goddess Cards Short Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Unity

Greetings! Beginning this month, we have short readings or spiritual messages for Ascension to resume this blog in its original format including tarot, oracle and astrological readings and healing messages posted regularly. Dedicated to the Neo and the One in you as we together find out more about the Matrix and how to be free.... Continue Reading →

7 Urgent Steps Required for Ascension

Ascension is all about our freedom and emancipation from the debilitating systems of so called Earth or the Matrix which is a simulation. If you are serious about Ascension there are some very serious steps to take at the earliest without delay. 1. Cut all Cords from Controlling People: The Matrix or Earth simulation is... Continue Reading →

14 Ways in Which Abusive Parents Damage Children

In the current matrix we are surrounded not by people but by strangers who are not even our real families. Using false and strong or violent memories 'virtual reality' simulations through artificial stories are fed into our brain to ground us into a false reality. Domestic abuse and family based violence is one such leading example, perpetrated by violent parents against the welfare of their own children in many ways such as some described in this article.

The Goddess Trap: Sacred Six Deeply Held Myths About the Divine Feminine

We all have heard the term 'Goddess'. Common inferences of this include - feminine divinity - images of Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Laxmi Mata who gives infinitely, graceful Angelic females, beautiful Witches, or smiling weaponed Warriors, come to mind instantly. While it is necessary to honour and respect innate femininty and celebrate the same, it... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Manifest a Higher Reality

We all create our own realities through our consciousness. Our world is a direct reflection of our energy states. All frequencies are present in our multi-verse, however we can choose to focus upon higher vibrations of love and light to manifest a higher reality of our choice. Here are some simple techniques: Choose Higher Vibrational... Continue Reading →

Seven Ways People Stay Unhappy and How to Transform From Within

We all create our own sorrows as a way of learning and growing towards the light. Our pain draws attention to those suppressed or repressed parts of ourself that need healing. While some people are constantly stuck in the same unhappy situations, others move on transformed, healed and awakened. What is the difference? 1. Unhappy... Continue Reading →

Intuition + Intention: 5 Steps to Create and not Just Predict Your Future

Premonition There are some people who believe in Premonition - a clear vision or awareness of what lies ahead on your path before you physically get there is possible. Perhaps we have read about various prophecies in religious or spiritual books or biographies as made by various spiritual masters. Or we could have had a... Continue Reading →

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