8 Ways to Manifest a Higher Reality

We all create our own realities through our consciousness. Our world is a direct reflection of our energy states. All frequencies are present in our multi-verse, however we can choose to focus upon higher vibrations of love and light to manifest a higher reality of our choice. Here are some simple techniques:

  1. Choose Higher Vibrational Food: As the old saying goes, ‘What we eat is what we become’. Positive foods that are ethically sourced, non-violent, organic and nutritious can heal us better than medicines can, in the long run. By directly affecting our inner state positive and lighter meals can help us attract kinder and healthier situations in our life. We also learn how to not be a slave to our conditioned taste-buds that were programmed in the ‘matrix’ to enjoy things that were unhealthy and kept us trapped in lower dimensional thinking.food-photography-2834549_960_720.jpg
  2. Breathe Right: By paying attention tour breath and staying relaxed and natural, we can maintain a calmer and more meditative state throughout the day. We can therefore stay calm and unperturbed by negativity and give energy to those ideas and actions that matter most to us and our wellbeing. We also find that staying meditative and relaxed helps us access our intuition and remain in touch with our higher self to create a loving and positive reality.human-730204_960_720
  3. Channel Healing: We all are constantly channelling energy through our mind and body. By gaining awareness of how energy is constantly flowing through us, we can consciously send positive energy to those ideas that bring us joy. At any point of time throughout the day, we can visualize something positive and send healing energy through our palms into the situation we are visualizing, to create health, understanding, success and all good things.hand-2634753_960_720
  4. Speak Uplifting Words: While it is necessary to be honest and expressive, we can also learn to speak our truth kindly and in a way that uplifts everyone instead of being judgemental or harsh. By speaking through higher awareness we can raise vibrations higher so that all concerned can come together by focusing on those positive values that unite us as one. Often we end up discovering and relearning universal truths that touch our soul deeply and allow love to flow. bokeh-2097353_960_720
  5. Look Within Yourself: While we are out and about in our daily business of life, our focus can sometimes be on the way others are behaving, or in outer appearances of the world. By looking within ourselves we can draw attention back to our heart centre to focus on higher life lessons while staying detached from unnecessary energies that might distract us from our life-path and purpose. This also helps us radiate kindness and light for healing of those who may need it.yoga-3053488_960_720.jpg
  6. Higher Thinking: We all know that ‘thoughts become things’. By focusing on thoughts of love, peace and happiness, that are for the greater good of all concerned we can energize our reality and heal our world, one thought at a time. Not only what we think, but the inner state in which we hold our thoughts matter. Intentions made in a state of higher frequency or meditation can powerfully manifest into existence by connecting us with our ‘creator energy’.universe-2736507_960_720.jpg
  7. Higher Vision: While it is easy for us to feel sorry or sad about negative things that are happening in the world, we need to also realize that through empathy and love we can hold the most positive and highest frequency vision for our planet and allow our higher consciousness to ripple out gently into manifestation. Visualize yourself floating higher and sending loving vibrations into the world.heart
  8. Know Thyself: In the lower vibrational ‘matrix’ we were conditioned to believe that we exist as limited beings for a limited period of time. Through a deeper realization of who we are we find that we are existence itself. We are not separate souls living separate lives but one divine consciousness dreaming up the worlds that we share together. This awareness helps us believe more strongly in our inner power or ‘shakti’ that births a new higher vibrational reality.arrangement-2794696_960_720.jpg


Everything I know about ESP – Russell Targ

‘You don’t have to eat porridge at your guru’s feet or pay anyone thousands of dollars. Remote Viewing is a natural ability like vision or hearing. If you work with a friend you can quickly become psychic…’ confides Russell Targ (straight-up physicist, psychic and the go-to-guy for US intelligence agencies for two decades) in this brilliant and witty talk where he concludes, ‘Remote Viewing is not about finding stuff but finding yourself…if you look into the mirror in the morning and think who you see in that mirror is who you really are, you are in for a lot of suffering. Who you really are, is non-local awareness independent of space and time and if you can quiet your mind and move your awareness besides the conditioned awareness of what it says on your business card, into naked awareness, you can start to experience the universe as it is.’

P.S. I got to know about Russell and his work from ‘The Mind Race’. Russell, an avid biker is legally blind, was senior scientist at Lockheed. This TED talk was cancelled.

Seven Ways People Stay Unhappy and How to Transform From Within

We all create our own sorrows as a way of learning and growing towards the light. Our pain draws attention to those suppressed or repressed parts of ourself that need healing. While some people are constantly stuck in the same unhappy situations, others move on transformed, healed and awakened. What is the difference?

1. Unhappy people keep thinking about their suffering and want someone (else) to help them. They love talking about their past with everyone they meet because it is necessary for them to attract sympathy and emotional support but they often find that people are not always equipped to help them in concrete ways. They also haunt religious places seeking answers to their prayers through a deity outside them and feel excited or frustrated when it coincidentally ‘works’ or does not. What they really need is the right inner work to begin transforming their situation. The right spiritual perspective would be scientific and self empowering. Therapies to heal the past patterns from within help realize our own karma through which we created our situation. To focus on learning how to manifest a better situation through our own energetic shift would be much more helpful than looking around.

2. Unhappy people feel they are victims of jealousy, attacks and conspiracies. Their energy is constantly drained in seeking confirmation that they have indeed been manipulated, targeted and made scapegoats by each and everyone, whether their own family, friends or systems of the world. If you have not yet been blamed by them for any of their miseries you soon will! Happy people in contrast look within themselves to realize that the people and systems that they attract into their life are somehow deeply connected to their level of consciousness. They understand that the universe is within them and all of their unconscious parts are exposed in the form of the collective that sometimes seems dysfunctional or limiting. These enlightened people are able to raise the consciousness of individuals or masses by their light, thereby transforming those very systems that others kept blaming all the time.

3. Unhappy people enjoy reading negative, controversial news and gossip to feed their mind with information and are eager to share those on social media and in personal interactions. Often these stories become what ‘everyone is talking about’ in social circles around the world. Media highlights the most negative stories even more because they know what catches the public fancy and adds to their circulation. Happy people on the other hand are aware that there are infinitely more positive things to be grateful for and a lot of really good people with inspiring stories to share. If they see or read a negative story their focus is on how they can personally shift the energy of the situation through their inner power, by sending healing or manifesting change and not just looking around for someone else to fix the situation. They believe in themselves.

4. Unhappy people seek to fill their emptiness with meaningless relationships, false friends, unhealthy and excess food, unecessary shopping and other addictions. They try to enhance their self worth through their looks, labels, wealth, certifications or popularity to help them project a better image or status outwardly. They are unable to enjoy space, silence, nature, or their own presence. Happy people on the other hand choose minimalism over excess. They know that ‘less is more’ and that they only need so much that they actually require for optimal living, whether in real estate, wardrobe, refrigerator, newsfeeds, inbox messages, edicational degrees or bank balance. Gaining consciousness and being self content is tremendously more satisfying than acculumating things or knowledge.

5. Unhappy people would love fatalism, prophecies, predictions and psychic readings to give them definitive answers. They want to be told what their future is, as if it were happening outside them. They feel unsure, incapable or undeserving of the power to manifest their own destiny, so much so that they judge others who believe in their inner power. Happy people love being centered in the creative spirit within them. They know that the universal life force energy does not flow from outside but from the universe within. They are aware of how each person or thing in their life is projected through their inner consciousness. They have seen the power of creative visualization in action through their own practice and do not require external proof.

6. Unhappy people are afraid to upgrade their beliefs. They hold on to the known because it is comfortable for them. They hang out with the same people they are accustomed to especially based on caste, race, religion, looks or social status. They watch the same senseless television shows and read the same quality of books just to follow the crowd. As a result their consciousness remains at the same level for a very long time. Happy people on the other hand manifest the next higher level of being. They attract more bliss and peace instead of everything else.

7. Unhappy people label themselves as ‘unhappy’. Their belief that they are unhappy people attracts more unhappiness to them. They speak of being unhappy as their present condition as if they have no choice. A happy person has been very unhappy in the past, sometimes even till today or perhaps even until this very moment. They may have suffered greatly, but gain awareness in the present moment to choose happiness right now. They accept their suffering as a catalyst for inner awakening. They trust that somehow from right now onwards, they can and will initiate at least some form of change. Through this scientific faith they begin to unfold a truly happy life from this moment forward.

Rather a Fool Who Predicts Wrong Than a Wise Man Who Predicts None?

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Alice in Wonderland

Peter Diamandis (author of BOLD) recently blogged a weltanschauung on tech predictions for the next 20 years. He does makes a point in a similar post few years back that it is not so much as the predictions themselves but what they represent, that intrigues him, namely an exponential growth curve said technology follows based on the apodictic principle that the computing power enabling them doubles every two years insomuch it goes from being deceptive through disruptive to finally, democratizing the service (think of the many bundled apps on your smartphone that had a physical equivalent a decade ago). This is what technopreneurs quote as the ‘6Ds of exponential technology’.

It is no secret humans are wired to think linearly so this sort of growth curve is often difficult to grok (reason why the first phase is deceptive). It is naturally, harder to believe that way before your horse and buggy days, human consciousness may have actually peaked even well before the Golden Age of Egypt as evidenced by archeoastronomy in cue with the ancients and latter day saints and seers who averred that human consciousness mutates in cycles (imagine a trade-off between a straight line and hyperbola), with tendency to rise and fall over a period of 24,000 years often cited as The Great Year.

That said, how about a wager on scientific discoveries/advances for the next 20 years? My top 10!

2019In the beginning, black holes seeded the baby universe: This upends the current belief that black holes are simply the aftermath of large stars (or, that it appeared a lot later in the timeline of our universe after the same stars had formed and collapsed) proving black holes existed before the first stars were born; similar to swirling black coffee becoming visible after milk is added as physicist Nassim Haramein describes it but also accounts for much of the newly found primordial dark matter.

2021 – Wormholes: ER = EPR is now taught in high-school where entangled black holes are akin to a network of wormholes explaining the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’ as popularized by Dick Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and what any fan of Douglas Adams would have told you!

2023 – Okay, there isn’t a 9th planet. It is in all probability, another star (possibly a brown dwarf) and Sol/Sun seemingly has a binary twin: After chasing tails and trails for nearly a decade, leading astronomers finally confirmed what was suspected all along – binary systems are common and our star is no exception. ‘Dogon’ it!

2025 Cure for cancer is found: Yes, a cure for cancer is out (for real), not just consistent in human trials but also affordable. This isn’t exactly a surprise as several breakthroughs (here, here and here) were already news and really took a little longer to process and perfect before it was available to all.

2027 – Cure for HIV found: Always a foregone conclusion once cell manipulation coupled with gene editing got cookie-cutter easy…

2029 – Contact: Physicist Michio Kaku wasn’t kidding when he said, we will find ET in this century. If anything, he overestimated. After much hand-wringing, SETI in a public statement acknowledged the ‘signal’ smacks of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Funny enough, all it elicited was a smirk from the CE9 leader (Close Encounters of the Ninth Kind) who was present in the audience and asked to comment.

2031- Modest Continuous Big Bang: Now, eastern eschatology has always maintained that creation is cyclic. Ever since it was mathematically surmised, black holes allow information transfer to white holes, it was only a matter of time (pun intended) that westerners were able to verify the universe is expanding only to contract back into a singularity. Credit to Itzhak Bentov who first coined this term.

2033 – Meditation: Monk Dalai Lama had said ‘If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation’ so he’d be thrilled to bits to learn, not only its now taught in most primary schools with correctional facilities busy following suit.

2035 – Global Warming Reversed: This project was long overdue and debates were more political than scientific, until common sense prevailed when a hebetudinous leadership realized there is no arguing with melting glaciers and started au grand sérieux after Paris Accord 2015 before it hit tipping point.

2037 – Time Travel Prototype: Dr. Jack Sarfatti, was the real life inspiration behind the Doc in ‘Back to the Future’ and avid proponent of how a future invisible universe reaches back in time to create the visible universe we see with telescopes what Russian Physicist Igor Novikov described as a self-consistent time loop of retrocausality. After Vatican conceded to make Chronovisor public, it was a race against time for physicists to overhaul the device and send out particles back and forward in time!

In closing, I envisage the far-out future where we pop in and out of hyper space at will without some device (hint: Peter’s 5th/6th D) in a vein similar to how ascended masters can blue shift the ether.

He (a monk) recounted: “It emanated from one corner of the room, a deep blue light; then the whole room became filled with light. The blue light in the corner started revolving. A face appeared; then the whole bust, and finally the entire form. The face was so serene, so sweet! I thought, ‘Who could it be? Buddha? Shiva?’ No, this divine personage did not have the long pierced ears of Buddha, nor his short curly hair. Neither did he have the necklace of snakes and the long matted hair of Shiva. The face was beautiful and serene like theirs, but the hair was pulled straight back. He spoke to me and gave me a mantra…”

Intuition + Intention: 5 Steps to Create and not Just Predict Your Future


There are some people who believe in Premonition – a clear vision or awareness of what lies ahead on your path before you physically get there is possible. Perhaps we have read about various prophecies in religious or spiritual books or biographies as made by various spiritual masters. Or we could have had a personal and direct experience of ESP through clairvoyant dreams or visions that tell us exactly what will occur in future and have directly verified it as true. Some of us have enjoyed astrology, tarot and other devices of fortune-telling and have been often surprised at the accuracy especially at the hands of a genuine psychic. Others who are disbelievers may not be open to any premonition yet or even afraid to experience the same, whether out of religious fear or scientific skepticism.

But for those of us who have had any experience close to a premonition, what does this phenomena tell us? Does it mean that our future is entirely ‘Predestined’ and if yes by whom – an outside person we call ‘God’ who is controlling our reality? Or does it tell us in advance what WE are manifesting or literally ‘making up’ in our dream called life through our own choices in each moment?

Could we have a higher ‘Self’ – a part of us that is awakened and existing beyond time-space that can see through the illusion of time and show us where our current timeline is going? Can this higher Self also help us alter our course or timeline to manifest a better life on earth or beyond? How can we awaken ourself and free our consciousness to higher levels of multi-dimensionality and spiritual ascension?

  1. Meditation: Find some time for yourself and detach from the humdrum of daily life for a few minutes to an hour a day by gently closing your eyes and breathing through your heart center. Feel peace and watch your thoughts fade away into inner silence for as long as you can. With time and dedicated practice you will get better over the months and years of meditation. This exercise helps us tune into our inner-self or consciousness which is beyond mind and body. As our we become increasingly aware of our consciousness we will be more awakened and reunited with the Higher Self beyond time-space. At later stages we might have prophetic and awakening messages and visions to accurately guide us ahead or upwards in our life.
  2. Higher Intentions: As per higher guidance or intuition we might get a sense of what feels right to us in our day to day life. Our higher Self when awakened will help us choose a direction that is best for us. This will help us hold only positive intentions regarding what we wish to manifest in our life. We might want to verbalize our intentions or write them down in the form of positive affirmations in the present tense as if those wonderful things are right now being experienced by us and not mere wishes or prayers. For example, “I am enjoying a state of phenomenal health and wellbeing right now”, “I am so grateful that only good things are happening to me and my loved ones from this point on”, “I live in a happy world where peace and kindness prevail in every heart.”
  3. Positive Emotions: Transforming our inner state from anger, hate, guilt or fear to unconditional love is a major part of self-actualization. A lot of meditation and mindfulness masters are self-realized with great wisdom and powerful minds. Emotional energy however is the key to actualizing or manifesting a better world because emotions have the capacity to condense or materialize our thoughts into real situations. Great healing is experienced as a result of wholesome and positive emotional shifts. Instead of merely making positive intentions, transforming our inner state of one that resonates or matches with the freqency of what we intend to manifest is most helpful.
  4. Healthy Behaviors: While peacefulness, positive thoughts and emotions are necessary in manifestation of a better future, they need to also translate into better actions in our day to day physicality. From ethical ways of eating, shopping, breathing, body-care, hygeine to the way we treat others and ourself, caring for our environment, animals, home and people in our life, there are many ways we can align with our higher Self. Conscious ways of living are helpful in ascension towards a more magical and heavenly reality. Our actions speak much louder than thoughts and words in order to bring us closer to manifesting what is good.
  5. Patient Receptivity: In our quest to achieve our goals, manifest a perfect life and a better world, it is quite possible we get restless, frustrated and upset at our every shortfall, or lose patience with others who do not seem to be in alignment with our deeper needs. Instead of succumbing to this pressure, we can stay aligned with positive emotional and mental vibrations of loving kindness so that we do not block our own path. We also need to be open and aware that our higher Self is indeed capable of helping us manifesting something that is even better than what we were intending originally and stay flexible to when, how and what exactly we will manifest our best. By relaxing and allowing ourself to transform our vibrations to positive energy we can flow more easily to the higher Self or God through an open heart.

Finally we can remember that higher Self or God is not really separate from us. Our innermost nature is pure Love and to stay aware and in alignment with who we really are is the real power or magic of manifestation.

Waves of Ascension

For the last few years and especially now we have been witness to amazing spiritual progress in our world. We are ascending, all of us together, whether or not we realize it.

Think about it…we are awakening after centuries of corruption, economic slavery, religious conflicts and self-limiting brainwashing since our childhood. In the last few years itself, we have seen books such as The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Power of NOW and innumerable others that have helped people become more aware of what is within them, instead of just focusing on things and people around them. Yoga, meditation, energy healing, affirmations, intuition and positive visualization skills are as popular as any other in today’s world. While a few years ago we only heard of the word ‘spiritual’ in context of organized religions of the world, today it is not uncommon to find people who are spiritual and not necessarily religious, or those who are multi-religious and unity conscious. Universal love and compassion are the values associated with spirituality today instead of mere worship or blind belief in the supremacy of any particular deity of any specific land.

Many of us are experiencing changes in our aura, we are seeing an overlap in our astral and material worlds, our physical and light bodies are interacting, we are seeing dreams and realities converge to the point that we all begin to see the ‘illusion’ or ‘play’ of reality for what it really is. In a way ‘the Matrix’ is indeed opening up and we are all learning the truth of our higher or multi-dimensional existence beyond space and time and beyond the limitations that we were so long confined to. Our consciousness is ascending into the higher planes.

But also along with the exciting changes in our perceptive powers, our third-eye activation and the lucid visions or revelations that we are receiving from our higher self or higher consciousness, many of us are also feeling conflicted, confused, achy, moody, lonely, even depressed as old systems and rules are giving way for a new and totally different way of reality…. one that we craft from within. This is the time we all need to support each other in this wave of ascension that is taking over our planet by meditating individually and in groups. We need new forums for interacting with each other by organizing events and groups of healers and meditators for raising our vibrations. We are all gathering as one Soul of earth through our various earth families and friends, helped by our cosmic higher self or star family and angelic friends who are no other than God or Goddess, divine beings of love and light – our True Self.

For those of us who are in Mumbai this event provides one such opportunity. Do pass on the message to those who need it and hope to see you there. All donations are used for charity. Click here to register.

ascension poster


I was skimming an ezine where this editor was remarking at how futuristic gizmos and gadgetry of the original Star Trek (1966-1969) is taken for granted today from wireless communication to smart computers but what is still to come of age is that sense of racial harmony and well meaning spirit of exploration (and I’ll add, emphatic leadership) that so memorialized the series.

If scientific progress outgrows the emotional maturity of a race on one hand and on the other, mental evolution comes full cycle while science plays catch up, what you may ask, is the stumbling block in each case and why is it so important that both go hand-in-glove?

The most obvious answer is religious dogma. Now, religion can offer a moral compass to what is right and wrong but history is witness that opposing science or waging wars in the name of religion suggest scriptures or transcribed words of a founder (regardless of how sincere he or she was) are wide open to literal misinterpretation, especially when passages are likely to be lost in translation or re-interpretation by a less realized soul can leave one happily confused at best or fearful at worst! Is it wise to accept every single belief (and label anyone who question as heretics) when it only encourages grasping and narrow faith rather than generosity and kindness? Unfortunately, the tainted buck does not stop with religion and sorry to say, in this day and age with all the surplus cognitive feedback, atavistic dogma still seeps through country, culture, color among a ‘gentrified populace’.

This leads to cases of ‘ethical mirage’ – men and women with authority or power in every walk of life who by their experience, worldly or supernatural, viewed with awe or god like deference and therefore considered infallible and beyond reproach even when they go against the grain of plain decency, basic humanity or understanding. Is it not the job of true leaders to create more leaders who can think independently and act for themselves or to create a circle of die-hard followers? Loyalty is a blessing when it flings open your perception and a burden when it confines it! This is where a scientific attitude works as it helps you stay curious, explore alternate arguments and moreover, maintain objectivity specially when your own ‘unconscious bias’, even if you mean well, can polarize thinking.

Finally, hard-boiled skepticism. Recently, I shared a report analyzing socioeconomic trends of the last 100 years that surmised despite what some may opine, the world is actually changing for the better and surprised when a history professor of some repute decided to troll and slam-dunk the research, first in passive aggressive tones only to go verklempt when I offered to lighten up. Notwithstanding the fact he really needed to pull his chair into the sun, it taught me that some people don’t even want to look at data that conflicts with core beliefs and no matter what you tell them, they will conveniently flip it around and toss it right back at you. Although a healthy amount of skepticism is necessary to think through a balanced argument, being negative is not how we make progress. True, we all have cognitive biases that can make us think in a local and linear way but if we get past that, we may notice an opportunity where others see a problem. This isn’t all pollyannish thinking as a dyed-in-the-wool realist might like to say, cause nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved if every little objection must first be overcome!

Bill Gates famously said, most people overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what they can do in ten years. Given the pace of exponential technology, it is a foregone conclusion that many of our jobs will be automated more or less in the near future or done by robots who can do it faster, cheaper and work longer and even if you think, that’s unlikely to happen to you in this lifetime given your particular skills, mind you it wasn’t raining when Noah built his Ark, so why not just start by cracking open your most limiting belief this year or challenge yourself to be more kind by the end of week? You could be somebody’s hero, you know and I promise, your future self will thank you…

FAQs On Spirituality and Self

There are many different points of views across different spiritual traditions regarding all of life, death and beyond, especially about the Self. Here are some ways to discover our inner truth based on self-introspection and deciding what feels right to you.

1. SELF CONCEPT: Is Spirituality about being Selfish or Self-centred (focusing on yourself and immediate needs) or is it about being Selfless and being a Martyr (sacrificing yourself for others)?

While some religions in the past have glorified selflessness and giving up your life for welfare of others, a few modern spiritual leaders have introduced the idea of being selfish and self-centered by putting yourself first and above all. Finding the balance between these two extreme views can feel hard to most of us.

However, the concept of Self or our True Self is all inclusive, in the sense that we care for ourself, as well as others when needed and as far as possible, while being aware that our inner consciousness can indeed expand and include in its welfare, ourself, our close family and mates, as well as our expanded universe or all that is as we learn, grow and evolve spiritually. As we learn more in our soul’s journey our idea about who we are can transform from personal or limited physicality to universal consciousness. This is however easier to appreciate intelectually than to experience holistically and most of us are still learning to heal ourself and our near ones while parallelly working on planetary and universal healing.

2. WORLD CONCEPT: Is Spirituality about being Otherworldly and disconnected from earth to the point of letting go of all things, or is it about being Worldly wise and focusing on law of attraction to have as much pleasure, wealth or success as possible?

A lot of people have wondered if our world is illusion and if there is another world which is more ‘true’ than this one over here. As such countless people believed in heaven, other-worlds, faerylands, higher dimensions where we are directly in touch wih Truth. On the opposite spectrum are people who believe in the world alone, and that whatever we have to experience happens on earth itself and because we live only once, we have to achieve as much success, fame, prosperity, enjoyment or pleasure as we can before we die. Both point of views can be hard to reconcile for most of us.

At the same time there is a new wave of realization that describes this world as well as other-worlds, as a direct manifestation of our own choices and consciousness levels. We create our universe, our heaven or hell, our life or afterlife and our next level of reality according to this point of view, and not necessarily consciously as our subconscious patterns are likely to be overwhelming. The more we meditate the more we connect with the Source of all there is and become conscious to willingly manifest or attract all our realities both worldly and other-worldly with awareness.

3. SENSITIVITY: Is Spirituality about losing all your sensitivity and being totally unaffected by anything or anyone, or is it about being super-sensitive and getting affected by everything and everyone to the point you cannot take it?

On one hand spiritual meditators say that they are detached from the world and from all thoughts, and connected with deep inner peace and bliss only, and on the other hand we have empaths and healers who can feel, sense and channel energies of people next to them or very far away, or of the planet or other beings, even if it hurts. Many of us try to walk the fine line between being detached from others and being connected with others at an emotional and heart level.

A new perscpective is that we are deeply interconnected with all beings as we are One with all and even as we feel like we are separate souls, we are all part of the One Soul or True Self. Therefore while we can feel intense emotions of others, channel energies and be able to see and feel the situations of other people, past, present or future and even other beings, we can also heal them and ourself simultaneously. As we feel the pain and suffering of others we also have the power to heal the pain and as we send healing so does a part of us receive it because the universe is within. The peace and bliss experienced as a result is the real key to liberation, instead of through detaching from everyone and being unconcerned about others.

4. YOGA: Is Spiritual Meditation about breathing techniques and exercises of the body or is it about concentration and mind?

Some spiritual churches and communities advocate concentrating or’meditating upon’ special holy words or specific images as the way to develop spiritually. Others believe in guided meditation or creative visualization for healing and manifesting a desired life, regardless of religion. At the same time there is a belief that meditation is about breathing exercises or focusing upon breath through ‘Pranayama’ , or observing our physical postures, physical exercises or ‘Hatha Yoga’ which is generally equated with Yoga, or ‘Raja yoga’ which is focused on ‘third-eye’ awakening.

The ‘inner’ view of meditation as a way of self-realization and being aware of ‘Who I Am’, or ‘I Am’ consciousness is quite different. In this point of view meditation is not about focusing on anything outside, such as words, music, images, physical sensations, mudras, eye gazing, postures, exercises, energy work or breath.  Those are various other yogas, whereas meditation is about observing your True Self ‘Within’, not limited to your physicality, mind or breath, but an ‘inner consciousness ‘ which is beyond body and mind. It is a receptive state of openness through which truth can be channeled or realized without making our mind focus on a specific object or activity. If we do begin with focusing on breath, physical action or mental activity or any specific visualization we have to let go of that and focus on simply ‘being with ourself.’

5. GOD: Is Spirituality about relating with a separate being called God above, or is it about being nice and cordial to everyone and living in harmony with outside world?

The traditional ‘theistic’ ideology that there is superior being called ‘God’ who is all-powerful beyond us, and above all of creation has dominated for millenia. We are taught by these systems that spirituality is all about devotional worship of ‘God’ and that belief in ‘God’ will lead us to heaven. We are asked to relate less with the world and more with ‘God’. On the other hand we have also been taught that we must be good to others and live our life in harmony with other people so that we have a good relationship with the world. Atheistic views on the other hand are solely ‘world’ focused with no idea about God or any superior invisible being.

The new understanding of God as not a deity to be worshipped but our True Self to be realized as our own Higher Consciousness, a Higher State of Being that is within all of us Right Now is emerging through Self Realization. The basis of this rationality is that we have all emerged from the same One and therefore contain the essence or energy within and never separate from the Source. In this sense, we need not die to be with God ‘above’ in ‘heaven’ or because God within us here and now, embodied and living as all of us and awaiting realization and awakening. We can be of loving service to the universe until our last breath and therefore unite with God while alive in whichever way we can by knowing Who We Are and Being One with Our True Self.

6. STRESS: Is spirituality about avoiding stress and responsibilities by closing our eyes or is it about taking a lot of stress and solving problems with our physical or mental efforts?

The belief that spirituality is about closing our eyes and isolating ourself from the world like an ascetic or monk is an age-old one. Some people even develop a latent anger or hate towards the world and avoid any responsibility whatsoever for their own family, society, or other creatures in an attempt to be spiritually higher or ‘holier’. At the other end of the spectrum, we have people who are highly stressed out trying to live for others, serving their families at the expense of their own health, working hard for serving corporate machinery and striving through our physical efforts or mental work to solve problems. Are they the real spiritual heroes who work out there and keep our systems going?

Spirituality as inner work, which is not stressful but a state of relaxed self-awareness and inner-transformation is now in practice. We try to neither isolate ourself through cutting off from family, friends and society and being ‘superior’, or get overworked in striving for the good of others while being stressed and drained ourself. Through our inner peace and inner joy, we discover why we are here in the world, we discover our inner source of unconditional love and kindness which is not something to ‘expect’ from the world, but to ‘accept’ within your heart to share, expand and grow in loving consciousness all our life. As we share our own inner treasure of love, peace and joy, we can relax, destress and be aware that we manifest our universe and that all beings are interconnected through our inner-self.

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Five Positive Ways of Celebrating Christmas

Did you know that all our popular festivals have deeper meanings that might be forgotten to some extent in our consumer-centric shopping and external celebrations?Christmas, one of the most popular international festival, has a depth of meaning that can help us celebrate in many spiritual and uplifting ways.

  1. Care for Trees and our Planet: The entire idea of decorating a tree is an ancient pagan custom associated with winter or Yuletide, based on honouring the sacred spirit of trees. It is a way of recognizing that all beings including plants have sentience and require loving care and protection. Trees are specially important for our planet as they help reduce carbon emissions and provide us a healthy atmosphere, protect our soil from erosion and give home to several creatures. Fir trees are decorated in Christmas or Yule as they are evergreen, and represent life in winter. Unfortunately many people started cutting down trees and bringing them indoors for their parties which is the opposite of what this festival ideally represents. Decorating trees planted in earth and celebrating greenery is what we need to focus on. christmas trees
  2. Gifting to the Needy: The cold time of winter is a time when many homeless people and animals are suffering outside. The entire idea of the ‘season of giving’ is to spread warmth and joy to those who need it the most. We all have heard of Santa Claus who brings presents, and Saint Nicholas who helped the poor. Similarly ancient beliefs were in an Old God of Winter with a beard of snow who brings us good cheer. In whichever way we look at him, the idea is to open our heart. Charitable activities and gifting to those who require support and help is a wonderful way of truly celebrating this season. Our exchanges need not be purely financial, but also of love, compassion and understanding, including but not limited to our own family and friends, without any expectations of return.heart winter
  3. Healthy Food: Sometimes in the entire gamut of celebration we focus on a lot of unhealthy treats and feasts that can add unrequired calories and drain us of our vital life-force. By focusing on healthy eating and sharing healthy food such as organic and vegan delights, with our loved ones and with the poor, we can bring true blessings upon ourself and others without harming or killing animals.christmas meal
  4.  Light of Consciousness: Everyone loves stories and carols pertaining to birth and resurrection of Jesus and it is great for inspiration. However the meaning of Christ is light or consciousness which has to be awakened within us. We all are united in spirit because we all come from the same source or Higher Self which is our truth. This awareness or inner-light is the true meaning of Christmas. This is the season where lights decorate each home and garden all around. Our real celebration is within us in the form of our expanding consciousness or Christ light that connects us all in the energy of unconditional love.christmas star
  5. Magic: We all enjoy tales of elves and fairies at Christmas, the most magical time of the year when reindeers fly and angels sing praises of the creator. It is necessary to remember that we are all magical creators and all of us without any exceptions, have been gifted the energy of spiritual manifestation. Anything and everything is possible, therefore we need not despair. In each one of us is the energy of God/dess or Holy Spirit and we all have the power to make a wish and watch it materialize in our life. Through meditation and affirmations we can create blessings for our own growth and well-being as well as for the good of the earth and the universe. We are not victims or slaves but conscious creators of this reality, both individual and shared. The state of our world is directly connected with the state of our inner consciousness. We can magically transform anything right now to bring the divine kingdom through our heart into earth.christmas magic

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