Astral Travel to Real Alien Worlds with David McCready

You are not who you think you are… and you are not even ‘on earth’!

Did you know that you are channeling various spirit energies all the time to make up your ‘adopted personalities’? Have you realized that the illusion you experience as your life on ‘earth’ is held together by thoughts that are sent by lower spirit energies, including your ‘special effects team’?

You have the power to break free from this illusion by raising your consciousness to higher dimensions and higher spirit beings including advanced aliens that are part of your higher soul family, and they have been visiting you unawares to ‘say hello!’

In this detailed video documentary David McCready, author of The Great Simulator and Real Alien Worlds – A Brief Encyclopedia talks to The Positive Media about how he discovered Astral Projection, the secrets of ‘How To’, The Science behind it, and his experiences of Higher Dimensions that you can explore through Astral Travel yourself including ‘angelic’ higher beings or Guiding Spirits, advanced Alien Worlds and the Creator’s World.

Get ready to take a joint flight in this incredible adventure to real alien worlds through science and art of Astral Projection…..5..4..3..2..1…Blast off!


Everything I know about ESP – Russell Targ

‘You don’t have to eat porridge at your guru’s feet or pay anyone thousands of dollars. Remote Viewing is a natural ability like vision or hearing. If you work with a friend you can quickly become psychic…’ confides Russell Targ (straight-up physicist, psychic and the go-to-guy for US intelligence agencies for two decades) in this brilliant and witty talk where he concludes, ‘Remote Viewing is not about finding stuff but finding yourself…if you look into the mirror in the morning and think who you see in that mirror is who you really are, you are in for a lot of suffering. Who you really are, is non-local awareness independent of space and time and if you can quiet your mind and move your awareness besides the conditioned awareness of what it says on your business card, into naked awareness, you can start to experience the universe as it is.’

P.S. I got to know about Russell and his work from ‘The Mind Race’. Russell, an avid biker is legally blind, was senior scientist at Lockheed. This TED talk was cancelled.

Five Hi-Tech Gadgets for the Modern Yogi

So far science and technology was overly concerned about how to observe and harness the energy of the world around us. Today’s futuristic technology has surpassed this and invaded the territory of our own consciousness. Consecutively, not only mystics and meditators but also regular people can experience the power of consciousness and inner wellbeing. Here are some examples:

  1. Lucid Dreaming Band: With this technology we can now have a digital ‘third-eye’ of sorts. The lucid dream band senses our REM or rapid eye movements which indicates we are dreaming in our sleep, to generate lights that reach our dream, so that we can know that we are dreaming. Once we gain awareness that we are in a dream, we can do whatever we want in our dream, be it flying, moving or changing or dreamworld, or any other magical experience. This also gives us control over nightmares to help us fight anxiety and relax ourself at will.  Examples: and
  2. Meditation Band: With these headbands, our brain waves are sensed in real-time to generate corresponding sounds or music as we meditate. For instance when our mind is relaxed and settled, we could hear the sound of calm wind or sea waves, else the elements would also reflect the stress detected in our brain. These devices also enable guided us to calm our brain waves and experience greater wellbeing. Examples: or muse
  3. Aura Vision: While headbands measure and provide feedback to us mentally, aura devices can through biofeedback generate a visual image of our ‘aura’ or inner state in the form of our chakra colours and luminosity along with various graphs and charts through aura softwares, to show us how our emotional and mental state could be on your computer screen. If used correctly we could also get a live visual for how energy is changing or moving during a healing session or how energy shifts before and after healing or over a period of time. Examples: and
  4. Breathing and Fitness Tracker: Through these gadgets you can clip on or wear small devices that can track your breathing patterns or heart rate to provide feedback on your stress and anxiety levels so that you can take vital steps towards calming and wellbeing. You could also stick tags to your clothes or undergarments to discreetly monitor your wellbeing levels and receive feedback on how you could do better. Example: and https://www.getqardio.comspire-health-tag-3
  5. Virtual Reality Meditation: Through a simulated environment you could experience tranquility and relaxation using multi-sensory simulations to feel as if you are infact in the reality where you are stress-free. Although this technology is still developing it could well be a feature of our daily life soon. VR can also be used to provide therapy for pain and psychological disorders such as phobias or post traumatic stress by allowing you to relive past memories, or enter simulations where you can face your fears to experience healing. Example: and

A Curious And Curiouser Tale Of Tabby’s Star, Cosmic Clocks And Ghostly Galactic Blobs!

Astronomers are upto their eyeballs this month with stuff, we have never seen before, reminding us as we fill out our tax returns, that this universe is not only stranger than we imagine, its stranger than we can imagine. Aye, Sir Eddington!

For starters, Tabby’s Star already caused a bit of argy bargy among boffins worldwide and although the satisficing explanation so far, points to a ‘broken comet turned dust cloud’ swirling about the star; which recently dimmed to a record low and if anything, left a pesky shadow of doubt in its wake. That is, unless you like the electric sun model to explain away its fluctuating incandescence as a faute de mieux to the Dyson swarm.

Imagine going to your local amusement park next, only to realize this time that every single ferris wheel you jump on, no matter what shape, size, style…somehow completes a rotation, uncannily every one minute. Enter, your local neighbourhood cosmic clock! Stargazers are now finding, regardless how big or small, or what direction you look at, every galaxy out there completes a rotation every 1 billion years or 1 Giga year. Is the universe a great time machine as Descartes saw it, a watch created and wound up by the great watchmaker? Indeed, the very history of science likens it to a clockwork universe ticking along as a perfect machine with gears governed by laws of physics, making every part of the machine predictable…

The case of missing dark matter. Last week, astrophysicists found a wraithlike galaxy similar to ours, but with little or no dark matter, refreshing the whole debate for Popper Falsifiability of dark matter, which is widely assumed as the building block of galaxies. Interestingly, the same team earlier found a class of galaxies with nothing but dark matter so either, there is more than one way of making up a galaxy without dark matter or dark matter is something else, an exotic quantum state of superfluid  coupled with modified newtonian dynamics at play. Funny enough, thinking of dark matter as something else (not weakly interacting massive particles) to solve a strong binding and/or lensing phenomenon only kicks the trouble of proving it doesn’t exist into the long grass, as it actually shows some stuff is there, whether tied to galaxies or not.

I’m reminded of Asimov’s favorite story here, ‘The Gods Themselves’, where different physical laws of two parallel universes allow transfer of matter, giving life in both, an endless source of source. This begets the question; can dark matter naturally ‘decay’ into baryonic matter (i.e matter of every day life) under special conditions or, could a Type III civilization nudge the transformation to meet its energy needs? Not too sure? Pause. Listen to Neil Gaimon and suspend disbelief.

“I like the stars. It’s the illusion of permanence, I think. I mean, they’re always flaring up and caving in and going out. But from here, I can pretend…I can  pretend that things last. I can pretend that lives last longer  than moments. Gods come, and gods go. Mortals flicker and flash and fade. Worlds don’t last; and stars and galaxies are transient, fleeting things that twinkle like fireflies and vanish into cold and dust. But I can pretend…”

9 Signs We Are Indeed Awakening In a Simulation

Scientists and technologists have been debating and asking if we are living in a simulation, somewhat like the ‘Matrix’ movies in which a characer termed the Architect’ describes of how he has designed a mathematically precise world where humans live out their lives unaware that they are in a digital dream-world.
Here are a few obvious hints that we are indeed living in a Holographic dreamworld of mathematical precision and some crucial signs that we are Awakening.
1. Fractals everywhere: Everything in this world from our galaxies, to clouds, to seashores, to leaves, shells, body parts, neurons are fractals created through repeating mathematical patterns that can be easily programmed and projected into a simulation from a computer using simple rules. So where is this computer that has programmed our fractal universe?


2. Sacred geometry: As revealed in fractals, everything has geometry associated with it, which is simply mathematics appearing in visual form in nature, at cosmic and minute levels, whether in the movement of planets or corollas of flowers, or atomic and subatomic structures. For example: the flower or life and merkaba forms. Is there really a person or AI outside somewhere, who has programmed our world this way?
3. Holographic grand design: Fractals may indicate that the overall design of the universe is holographic, a projection where each part contains the whole within itself.
The patterns we see in the physical world whether in the larger macroscopic universe of spiralling galaxies or smaller microscopic levels of subatomic components, all indicate a holographic projection of, as if projected straight out of a ‘higher’ computer that has simulated our world. What seems like many billion years of creation to us will relatively be a few moments or days to the simulator paralleling the multi-religious concepts of 7 Days of Creation of God or the Kalpas of Brahma in Vishnu’s dream world if we see time and relative and inter-dimensional. Who is this God and Where is He or She or It who is projecting the world?
4. Lucid Imagination and Dreams: Our mind through hypnogogic imagination and dreams can simulate reality as precisely or better than any known highly advanced computer. With practice we can see, smell, taste, feel emotions, talk, hear, touch, walk, fly even read books in our dreams as clearly and lucidly as we do in real life. If we were to note our dreams each night and practice meditation we will be able to remember and be lucid in our dreams to be able to be ‘alive’ and ‘aware’ in dreams. Similarly we can also master how to imagine and create a fantasy world in our waking hours by clearly seeing images, words, symbols and visions in our third eye that can be equally lucid if we are sufficiently relaxed and focused. Our mind (subconscious and conscious) can simulate reality prefectly well in dream states whether in meditation or in sleep. We also have gadgets that can help us experience lucidity at will, although we may not actually require them. Do we all have our own inner powers to simulate reality without computers?
5. Clairvoyance: With practice we find that our dreams are not simply random images and sensations put together by our subconscious but also provide either symbolic or clear information regarding our past, present or future. At times we can see exact visions of situations in our dreams as we would actually experience later. Similarly with training we can develop our meditative vision or third-eye to see our past, present or future clearly too. This is not limited to vision but also to all our senses, through which we can not only see but touch, feel, smell, hear and taste something from our past, from distance or future as if we are really there and we can also verify it to be accurate through our direct experience through time. In this way time turns out to be just another dimension that we experience and can move through backwards or forwards. Although science or physics can lead us into time travel as shown in ‘interstellar’, we can also have meditative experiences of the same when we are indeed ready or awakened. How many of us are awakened beyond time?
6. Telepathy: All minds are one mind. This can only be verified through telepathic awareness. We all have moments of telepathy although we could have easily dismissed this. We have reached each other mentally to know who is about to call, what will be said to us, to even give a message to someone through our mind or heart communication instead of through letters or internet. In our technological age we have developed a dependency on gadgets, however if we do continue to meditate we can be receivers or projectors of messages and visions that can reach others or us through others. Remote viewing of any place or situation through long distance, psychometry or remote viewing/ sensing through an object, or simply telepathic energy sensation is possible and verified by psychics who are developing their abilities. This only points to us that we are indeed interconnected in our reality and all separation of our minds is mere illusion as our energy networks all across space and time through everyone and everything. Could we all be energetically interconnected with each other across time and space?
7. Synchronicity: Things happen that make us believe there are no co-incidences in life. Just like our dreams are not mere random sensations and thoughts put together by our unconscious mind, our reality around us is also not just a random collection of events. We can see signs of synchronicity in the way something or someone appears suddenly and we were just thinking about it. Just like our browsing data or daily life is secretly tracked through our phones and computers to present us messages and advertisements that are ‘relevant content’, our universe also ‘out of the blue’ presents us relevant content based on our mind patterns. We can see numbers and patterns everywhere telling us that things are less random and more interconnected than we imagined. A random pick of tarot cards could not be that random if it gives us a precise message or image of what was actually happening or would be happening in our life. In any moment can we see clear signs of meaningful connectedness with not only each other but everything in the world?
8. Law of Attraction: We all know by now that we attract what we think, what we believe and what we are. Our hidden and conscious mind-stuff is being played out in our reality when we can see our life move in a way that our mind moves. Negative thoughts, attitudes, feelings and beliefs create negative experiences while positive ones create positive experiences in our daily life. Often it takes some practice to break out of negative patterns through conscious awareness and replace them with positive ideas and patterns of living or believing that transform our life by reprogramming our consiousness. Are we the programmers of our individual or collective universe?
9. Magical Manifestation: With sufficient practice of the power of our mind, emotions and visualization, we can actually project real situations, experiences, and even people, through our mind as if our mind is the magical computer that is creating or simulating the projection around us that we call reality. It may be hard for skeptics to believe this but those who practice these skills can get direct experiences of actually creating or manifesting their life not just unconsciously but very consciously at will. We are no longer in the illusion that we are controlled from outside AI simulators or God(s) in heaven, or that we are in someone else’s dream-world as a mere character. We see our own power of creation and our own life as a lucid-dream that we can control at will to influence any event in our world. If anything and anyone can be projected into our life at our will, then who is the creator of our universe?
We are all one awakening consciousness present simultaneously in our projected univese and within ourself. As science and religions look around us to find the source of this projected holographic reality, meditation helps us look within and discover who we are.

Rather a Fool Who Predicts Wrong Than a Wise Man Who Predicts None?

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Alice in Wonderland

Peter Diamandis (author of BOLD) recently blogged a weltanschauung on tech predictions for the next 20 years. He does makes a point in a similar post few years back that it is not so much as the predictions themselves but what they represent, that intrigues him, namely an exponential growth curve said technology follows based on the apodictic principle that the computing power enabling them doubles every two years insomuch it goes from being deceptive through disruptive to finally, democratizing the service (think of the many bundled apps on your smartphone that had a physical equivalent a decade ago). This is what technopreneurs quote as the ‘6Ds of exponential technology’.

It is no secret humans are wired to think linearly so this sort of growth curve is often difficult to grok (reason why the first phase is deceptive). It is naturally, harder to believe that way before your horse and buggy days, human consciousness may have actually peaked even well before the Golden Age of Egypt as evidenced by archeoastronomy in cue with the ancients and latter day saints and seers who averred that human consciousness mutates in cycles (imagine a trade-off between a straight line and hyperbola), with tendency to rise and fall over a period of 24,000 years often cited as The Great Year.

That said, how about a wager on scientific discoveries/advances for the next 20 years? My top 10!

2019In the beginning, black holes seeded the baby universe: This upends the current belief that black holes are simply the aftermath of large stars (or, that it appeared a lot later in the timeline of our universe after the same stars had formed and collapsed) proving black holes existed before the first stars were born; similar to swirling black coffee becoming visible after milk is added as physicist Nassim Haramein describes it but also accounts for much of the newly found primordial dark matter.

2021 – Wormholes: ER = EPR is now taught in high-school where entangled black holes are akin to a network of wormholes explaining the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’ as popularized by Dick Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and what any fan of Douglas Adams would have told you!

2023 – Okay, there isn’t a 9th planet. It is in all probability, another star (possibly a brown dwarf) and Sol/Sun seemingly has a binary twin: After chasing tails and trails for nearly a decade, leading astronomers finally confirmed what was suspected all along – binary systems are common and our star is no exception. ‘Dogon’ it!

2025 Cure for cancer is found: Yes, a cure for cancer is out (for real), not just consistent in human trials but also affordable. This isn’t exactly a surprise as several breakthroughs (here, here and here) were already news and really took a little longer to process and perfect before it was available to all.

2027 – Cure for HIV found: Always a foregone conclusion once cell manipulation coupled with gene editing got cookie-cutter easy…

2029 – Contact: Physicist Michio Kaku wasn’t kidding when he said, we will find ET in this century. If anything, he overestimated. After much hand-wringing, SETI in a public statement acknowledged the ‘signal’ smacks of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Funny enough, all it elicited was a smirk from the CE9 leader (Close Encounters of the Ninth Kind) who was present in the audience and asked to comment.

2031- Modest Continuous Big Bang: Now, eastern eschatology has always maintained that creation is cyclic. Ever since it was mathematically surmised, black holes allow information transfer to white holes, it was only a matter of time (pun intended) that westerners were able to verify the universe is expanding only to contract back into a singularity. Credit to Itzhak Bentov who first coined this term.

2033 – Meditation: Monk Dalai Lama had said ‘If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation’ so he’d be thrilled to bits to learn, not only its now taught in most primary schools with correctional facilities busy following suit.

2035 – Global Warming Reversed: This project was long overdue and debates were more political than scientific, until common sense prevailed when a hebetudinous leadership realized there is no arguing with melting glaciers and started au grand sérieux after Paris Accord 2015 before it hit tipping point.

2037 – Time Travel Prototype: Dr. Jack Sarfatti, was the real life inspiration behind the Doc in ‘Back to the Future’ and avid proponent of how a future invisible universe reaches back in time to create the visible universe we see with telescopes what Russian Physicist Igor Novikov described as a self-consistent time loop of retrocausality. After Vatican conceded to make Chronovisor public, it was a race against time for physicists to overhaul the device and send out particles back and forward in time!

In closing, I envisage the far-out future where we pop in and out of hyper space at will without some device (hint: Peter’s 5th/6th D) in a vein similar to how ascended masters can blue shift the ether.

He (a monk) recounted: “It emanated from one corner of the room, a deep blue light; then the whole room became filled with light. The blue light in the corner started revolving. A face appeared; then the whole bust, and finally the entire form. The face was so serene, so sweet! I thought, ‘Who could it be? Buddha? Shiva?’ No, this divine personage did not have the long pierced ears of Buddha, nor his short curly hair. Neither did he have the necklace of snakes and the long matted hair of Shiva. The face was beautiful and serene like theirs, but the hair was pulled straight back. He spoke to me and gave me a mantra…”

Who is God in ‘Particular’?

In response to Daily Prompt: Particular


Particle physics may not always be able to explain our reality, because the light through which we see the world outside can be proven to be a particle if our experiment aims at proving so, or a wave if our experiment is aimed at establishing the wave theory.

Is there a ‘God Particle’ out there in the gigantic CERN experimental laboratories that may explain to us the entire story of creation?

We are made of particles. Or are we in-fact light?

Or is God a ‘Particular’ person like one of us, just much more powerful…who has simulated this entire reality of our existence here in the world through his brilliant intelligent technology as witnessed by us in the perfect design of nature?


Religion can, just like the experiments of science, be contradictory at times when it attempts to define God as ‘a particular person out there in heaven’, and at the same time say that ‘God is LOVE’, because while a person seems to be of ‘particular’ form, Love is an energy we all have within us, and unlimited.

Perhaps we need to take a cue from science and realize that the way we see something, even God, is the way it will appear to us, filtered through our own level of consciousness.

Those of us who attempt to see God as an outside being that is having an absolute and unquestionable power over their reality will end up meeting more people and reading more texts that will constantly strengthen their own particular point of view time and again. Their realities will continue to be something that is not within their own creative influence but only dependent on the benevolence of this ‘particular’ being they worship. Just like experimenters in science who try to observe something with their outer eyes, they bring their own observer bias, and create their own ‘particular’ limitations based on their own ‘particular’ beliefs. Trapped in that point of view, human beings might wait for some kind of a higher power to awaken us and heal the world…waiting forever without actually being the change we seek.

When we drop all our beliefs altogether and allow ourselves to experience who we are, then alone do we start unfolding the many spirals that hide our own truth within.


Meditation simply means to ‘go within‘. Looking at anything from the outside can only be like dreaming a dream and looking for the dreamer among all the characters in our own dream.

Can any ‘other’ person in our dream ever be the creator of our own dream?

One who meditates knows that he or she can never be absolutely sure that the world he or she is living in is not just like a dream. Ask yourself if science can ever find a particle that is not a wave at the core. Are we living in a hologram or matrix linked deeply with our mind? Let the arrow of awareness point back to yourself. Observe yourself.

By asking ‘Who am I?’ the dreamer realizes himself as the dreamer or the creator of this entire play around the Self.

We can for ourselves see our entire reality shifting and changing in accordance with our own thoughts, our own emotional states and our own subconscious fears or hopes. We will be able to influence our life experiences, and not just in small or insignificant ways. By transforming our own deepest fears to LOVE, we will see how everything in our life becomes more and more beautiful and loving. We do not need a scientific experiment to establish this as true. Those who meditate and discover their inner source of endless love can see it for themselves. This miraculous dream called life is for each individual, created by nothing else but their own inner vibrations.

Those who seek God outside as someone in ‘particular’ who is beyond them, do not see God as their own inner energy. Through their fear or disbelief in their own magical power of creation, they may never be able to find the magic within themselves. Afraid of a ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ who has the power of magic, how sure can they be who ‘God’ even is? Any ‘being’ may appear to us or seem to speak to us from the outside and say ‘I am God’ and dictate any kind of texts that we take as the absolute word of God. We can see for ourselves whether various religious scriptures have been able to enlighten humankind or create biases, judgments and fear of eternal condemnation.


Have we all been fooled by centuries and centuries of blindness to look for a light outside when all this time the light has always been within?

Those who do look within can begin to awaken now.


The Prophecy of Goldilocks

“The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of ’em has ever tried to contact us.” –   Bill Watterson, creator of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

Aliens. ET. Species. Predator. UFO. Area 51. Vampires. Whoa! That one nearly crashed the party but if you are laboring under the misapprehension, green men abducting white men or giant bugs laying cities to waste is creative taradiddle, you may wish to reassess.

Goldilocks, as you know, is about a little girl who lost in a forest wanders into a house of three bears while they are away and starts trying out what she fancies is right for her but almost caught when the bears return. This is where fact meets fiction as Goldilocks Zone in astrobiology is the right spot for a planet, not too hot or cold from a parent star, therefore habitable with a possibility of intelligent life and chances for potential contact.

Today no scientist worth his salt questions the existence of other civilizations. Drake’s equation surmising the probability of extraterrestrial life is simply too high to ignore so the only thing, scientists may disagree upon is their actual number. What, everyone does agree on is they are not too sure what to do, if one of them does bother to respond to us.

David Brin in ‘The Great Silence’, warns us, Active SETI or aggressive efforts to signal to anyone out there, is asking for trouble as maybe the reason, civilizations similar to us (in shared sense of bonhomie) have chosen to stay quiet is because they have wised up to a fact, that we have not…that there seems to be hostile life in the cold depths of space that unknowingly or not has zero tolerance or compatibility with any other forms of life.

Astronomer Robert Jastrow, musing on consequences of possible contact with alien life, asserts he sees no reason for optimism. Astronomer Ronald Bracewell further warns that other species will place a premium on caution and weaponry; an alien ship headed our way is likely to be armed. Astronomer Eric Chaisson argues that physical contact could lead to a neo-Darwinian dominance of our race by theirs. Astronomer Zdenek Kopal was specific: ‘Should we ever hear the space-phone ringing, for God’s sake let us not answer but make ourselves as inconspicuous as possible to avoid attracting attention!’

Other scientists have also warned of potential dangers. Biologist Michael Archer states any creature we contact would have had to claw its way up the evolutionary ladder and will be every bit as nasty as we are. It is more likely than not to be extremely adaptable, incredibly aggressive; a super predator! Physicist George Baldwin predicts any effort to communicate with extraterrestrials is fraught with grave danger as they may not hesitate to show contempt for humans. Astronomer Bob Rood likens the civilization that blurts out its existence on interstellar beacons at first chance, to an early hominid descending from trees, calling ‘here, kitty’ to a saber-toothed tiger.

Consider the wary views of SETIs’ own astronomers. Seth Shostak wrote that we can no better guess the motivations of alien intelligence than goldfish can guess ours. Jill Tarter asked rhetorically: who knows what values might drive an alien culture? Aliens may not have the same motives that we do. Douglas Vakoch wrote that we should not assume that the ethics of extraterrestrials will be like our own…

That said, are we not being too paranoid, for if you look at other creatures on the planet, we actually witness the opposite? The lion and gazelle, predator and prey, shift naturally from stress of the chase back into a peaceful state. There is no carryover of resentment, embarrassment or concern for future. Everything is allowed to pass. Why is a dolphin so content in the sea? The deer at home in the forest or an eagle, the master of skies? Why is tranquility a rule than exception in nature?

The answer is one of the great wonders of life and strategic to the laws of nature: Most creatures are all made for what happens to them so civilizations that ‘make it’ realize a state of peaceful coexistence is key to lasting life. There is seemingly more harmony in heavens than in our relationships and it explains why we can’t help but assume they are going to be just as bad!

Let’s explore a perspective unchallenged by anyone, living or dead. I refer to the oldest scriptures, as a point to resolve this paradox. Still, if it challenges your most cherished assumptions, indulge me in ‘good faith’.

All creation, states the Bhagvad Gita, is a mixture of three basic abilities. The lowest is the darkening ability followed by the stimulating ability and finally, spiritually uplifting ability insomuch that creation everywhere manifests one ability or another. Enlightened sages across ages have hinted that entire galaxies manifest primarily one or another of this ability. There are galaxies, for example where the lowest ability rules. Inhabitants of planets of those galaxies are the most part brutish and incapable of aspiring to spiritual heights. Fierce animals roam there with cannibalism abound with inhabitants in constant war and conflict. Lust, animal pleasure is considered all life can offer.

Then there are galaxies where the next ability is pronounced, planets where self-aware beings live and whose primary concern is one of aggrandizement and self-importance. Milky Way is such a galaxy. Finally, galaxies that veritably resemble ‘Gardens of Eden’ where the populace can telepathically communicate with transdimensional beings and harmony and beauty abound everywhere. Earth, as it is on the outskirts of Milky Way, receives less ‘spiritual power’ than at center (yet man seems to be moving to a plane of higher understanding and sensitivity though mental evolution is more cyclic than linear than hitherto believed) that brave, new age physicists like Nassim Haramein explain as a continuous expulsion of exotic energy from black holes at galactic cores that ripples out and washes over planetary bodies with a magnitude in inverse proportion from distance to the center so we receive either more or less, based on our sun’s own relative motion!

From a technological standpoint, it is thought we are, at present, a 0.7 Type civilization, where Type 1 can harness the entire resources of the planet, Type 2, of the solar system and Type 3, of a galaxy. Type 4, can make baby universes and Type 5 – your guess is as good as mine – although technological progress is not necessarily a sign of an advanced race who may have overcome material goals and embarked on a subtler, spiritual quest.

This brings us back to the whole debate on ‘official contact’ despite enough reports that this happens informally all the time (well, you weren’t exactly hoping aliens to land on the White House lawn, waving limbs at shutterbugs, were you?) Skeptics will say, given our laughable prowess we are sitting ducks for a cunning predator but no cultural revolution ever took place by hiding inside the cupboard either. Surely, we did not step out of the primordial soup as there was nothing to eat us alive but to greet our own destiny. Ask, is it the strongest of species that survive or the more intelligent or the one most responsive to change? If we don’t reach out to the stars in fear of being found out, are we not already dead men waving from ports of a sunken ship when danger comes to greet us? Besides, how can we even hope to contact a benevolent race if we are scared to ask? History proves that mankind was born to survive and thrive, be it the timely demise of the dinos or evolutionary kick in our pants. Sure there may be setbacks but with time, we would be greater than we ever imagined possible and ‘when the risk it takes to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom’, we shall break the bonds of earth and touch the sky and go out into the night at the speed of light.

Per aspera ad astra

Spiritual Ascension: Myths and Truths

Spiritual ascension is sometimes misunderstood. Some people may be of the opinion that ascension is all about leaving earth and ascending to another galactic or planetary space, or going to a spacecraft. Some others have believed in ascending to another place called heaven and some others believe in conspiracy theories such as the ‘matrix’. With all these various points of view, it is necessary to ground our-self in a more positive and clear vision of ascension.


  1. Aliens and Us:

While extra-terrestrial and alien-abduction phenomena is exciting and gaining popularity for the last few decades, spiritual ascension is better understood as an enhancement of our inner character rather than mere scientific or intellectual awareness. Some people visualize ascended masters descending from outer space wearing jazzy space-suits and beaming us into their advanced spaceships to take us ‘home’ to another planet or galaxy. We may have heard in some ‘starseed’ circles about how earth is corrupted and the only way out is to return ‘home’ with our ‘twin-flames’ to some superior planet, star-system or galaxy such as Sirius B, Pleiades, Andromeda and so on.

While all this sounds fantastic and glamorous, it is wonderful to connect with earth while we are here and learn how to be better humans by loving our own planet for now, taking care of our own eco-system as we are part of it and doing our bit for humanity and other creatures on earth, instead of waiting for aliens to save us. We can never really say if and when any aliens will save earth or destroy it, or if they even exist for real. All we know is that we ARE here right now.


2. Other Dimensions and ‘Hidden’ Portals:

Quantum universes and theoretical physics have become a subject of daily internet research for many of us. It is not uncommon for kids and adults alike to ponder about how matter is energy and how we can travel through space-time continuums and wormholes while being physically embodied given the right kind of technologies at our disposal. Instead of mere extra-terrestrial worlds we dream of ‘multi-dimensional’ universes from where ‘higher’ beings can contact us and apparate with us (if they like us enough) depending on our ‘DNA’ match by choosing ‘selected humans’ for ascension.

Truth is, we can all learn about quantum physics and metaphysics in terms of theories, learn about multiple dimensions, star-systems, space portals, extra-sensory perceptions and brain-waves, neural or DNA activation as much as we like, yet spiritual ascension could still evade us. Spiritual ascension is much more about inner work than outer understanding or wisdom. For all we know, there may be nothing outside but our own ‘mind’ stuff which can never end unless we learn to silence our mind and be truly liberated.


3. Psychic Superpowers and ‘New Age’:

There have always been humans who are attracted to ‘masters’ who can read minds, perform miracles, predict futures and talk to spirits. Somehow spirituality has been related with magickal mastery and performable acts rather than about inner peace. Spiritual channeling of various ‘beings’,’entities’,’masters’ and ‘spirits’ is popular in large crowds as well as smaller groups where psychics put on amazing shows. Tarot cards and crystals are the new ‘collections’ of many seekers and masters alike.

While knowledge, psychic power and channeling or mediumship capabilities are great if authentic and related to our throat and third-eye chakras, true spiritual peace and love are related to our heart and crown chakras which are very important for personal growth and ascension. It is possible for ‘masters’ to be highly psychic and miraculous, without really being kind or peaceful on the inside, no matter how soft and sweet their outer disposition. We need to focus on true spirituality based on being loving our-self instead of merely seeking masters who are psychic or magickally powerful. Crystals and Oracle cards may not always guarantee spiritual ascension.


4. Law of Attraction and Manifestation:

There is no dearth of literature that glorifies spiritual materialism with every other celebrity talking about how they made millions or billion through the power of positive thinking and ‘law of attraction’. Secrets of the rich and famous are openly available for all and yet there is the eventuality of death reminding us that we will not take much on our way ‘home’.

It is not only through self-help for material success, but also through inner contentment that we can truly awaken. We can have as much power and worldly success as we want, but it may never really take the place of self-realization and peace. Manifestation of our desires is great, however when we have indeed learnt ‘The Secret’ we also need to go beyond it.


5. The Matrix of Conspiracy Theories:

Reading news about the ‘evils of materialism’, movies and books about ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Reptilian’ controllers of our universe, the corrupt banking system, religious domination of masses, news about ‘power-hungry’ politicians and ‘ridiculously’ wealthy business families….the list of conspiracy theories has grown quite a bit over the years. Such conspiracy theories can sometimes block us further by making us feel like victims who are trapped in a ‘matrix’ built by large corporations, external entities or beings that have taken away our free will. Unfortunately a lot of people subscribe to such theories and lose their minds feeling more and more negative or aggressive by the day, wanting to ‘wipe out’ materialism and power from earth.

Truth is the world is a manifestation of our deepest commonly held beliefs as a network of souls that are indeed One dynamic whole. We can create our own reality by believing that we are victims or by believing that we are creators of our own ‘matrix’. The meaning of matrix simply is ‘mother’ or creator source which can be within us. Each of us can create our own reality bubbles of either positive or negative beliefs that transform into our universes. The choice is ours.


6. Heaven Above, Hell Below:

Each religion has its own ‘version’ of heaven or hell and what makes us go to either. Threats of ‘Inferno’ or ‘Underworld dungeons’ and promises of ‘eternal heaven of God’ might have kept some erring humans in-line of certain faiths and beliefs for a little while. Stories of heaven versus hell, angels versus demons, a final judgement-day and apocalypse may have contributed to a lot of confusions, paranoia, terrorism and condemnation with some religions persecuting ‘disbelievers’ already even before ‘God’ has a chance. While most of us are caught somewhere in between heaven and hell, some have found themselves faced with what they felt could be ‘evil entities’ or ‘false light beings’masquerading as ascended masters. The eventualities of ‘salvation’ through ‘God’ as someone from outside who ‘saves our soul’ seems to be a looming possibility if we were to believe in various religious books. Yet with all the power and politics in religions, how do we know if someone outside who is mentioned in many a religious books is a ‘Devil in disguise’ or an ‘Angel of Salvation’.

Ask yourself if there is a heaven ‘out-there’ how could we ever know until we ‘get there’. All we really know for sure is that I AM HERE RIGHT NOW. It is each person’s own individual responsibility to be a good person at the end of the day or night.  Regardless of what exactly any ‘God’ or ‘Book’ tells us, being loving and positive on the inside is a good thing regardless of religion. Would a ‘God’ being reward us with ascension into heaven and punish us with descent into hell just because we ‘believe or disbelieve’ in him? Or is liberation more about being in our own heaven of inner peace and inner love? The answer is within you.


7. Tantric Love and Sacred Sexuality:

There has been a recent trend in yin-yang or divine feminine and masculine balance through sex and relationships. The ancient knowledge of ‘tantra’ has been interpreted in the west more as a sexual yoga than as the real mystical inner union that it was meant to be. Some even believe that we can never ascend or go to the Source or ‘God’ unless we find our divine counterpart or ‘twin-flame’ first to balance our Shiva with Shakti or vice versa in terms of a romantic union with someone of the opposite gender. Spiritual ‘shivas’ or ‘gurus’ who are looking for their divine ‘shakti’ online to attain mystical union with are one too many and all it often leads to is either a broken heart, broken family or other emotional complications including sexual predatory abuse at times at the hands of a fake ‘tantric master’.

Truth is that we do not always need someone from the outside to balance our sacred currents of feminine and masculine. All relationships can be seen as a manifestation of our inner relationship with our own self and therefore twin-flame may well be just our-self or an inner balance while often manifesting as a spiritually sound relationship too. While sexuality is a personal choice, tantra could be a divine opening of our own inner channels of peace and bliss rather than an exploration with a partner, although people are free to choose sexual relationships regardless of gender as a sacred path. Each one to his or her own, but most of all, why be afraid of being on our own?


Finally we can all believe in whatever we like, and who knows we may find our-self there sooner or later, whether it is Agartha, Atlantis, Lemuria, Starships, Angelic heavens, Demonic hells, Twin-flame or Soul Family Reunions, Galactic systems or New Earth. Whatever we believe in has a potential of transforming into our ‘next’ adventure – we cannot say exactly when, how or what kind. Love, Peace, Kindness, Humility, Compassion, Abundance – are always within us, even right now.

So why wait for some sort of ascension when we can just Be at Peace Right Now.

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