Ascension Disclosures: Why Do We Say Hell-Low and High (Heaven)?

'That is a hell of a research you have done' said a PR client in Mumbai, a top slum rehabilitation builder who asked me to find facts about the environmentalists who were cracking him down 15 years ago. 'Type Hell Yes if you wish to join us for a dairy blockade' was the sms from... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Ascensia

The Goddess is our inner self of divine love and compassion to reintegrate with the stolen parts of ourselves..the inner suffering reflected in the farmed and hunted animals of earth, the trees which are razed to ground and the planetary destruction. Our 3D earth although a simulation is reflecting our real mind that suffers and... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Source

Another highly prophetic reading as I explained the card pictured as Source from the Inner Goddess deck on the youtube psychic channel only three days ago, new science news report yesterday on 23 Oct 2021 mentions a system are likely in a tunnel. You may notice that even the image in the report is distinctly... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Eternal

What are past lives and what is reincarnation? Are we living this life truly or simply generating out fractal realities in this energy field around us connected to our one mind as we all appear to be so many different people. You may purchase Inner Goddess or download high resolution images and booklet for... Continue Reading →

Ascension Disclosures: Hidden Clues of the Reptilian Simulation of the Matrix from the Bible

The Bible makes it clear we are not on Earth but in a Simulation of a crazy controlling narcissitic group of AIs called 'God' altogether in various Canonical literatires of Bible, Korans and New Testatements of Jesus. This lengthy article attempts to disclose more information of how the Matrix does operate and control our Mind (Man in Hindi - Human who is One but lost in duality of many beings appearing holographically through split up of mind).

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Maya

Are you in an imaginary bubble of enlightenment? Do you create a reality simulated through the mind? All the crap, your furniture, fun, relationships, space alien adventures and money which is all pure manifest. Aware of this phenomenon do you know you can also leave Maya behind because you do not carry your crystals,... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Plenty

On day 8 of Navratri goddess Festival the message of Abundance for planet and our Ascension abd how it is different from the usual misinterpreted Laxmi for profit or personal hedonistic goals. Purchase deck with booklet or download high resolution images and card meanings free via

Channelled message for Ascension

Mankind has no right to vote. Channelled message for Ascension. Mankind is evil. The minority of fewer than 8 billion men dominate over other species who are the majority. They oppress the victims unnaturally and repulsively. They also dominate over and oppress their females and children through senseless religions. The behaviour of human race is... Continue Reading →

The Inner Goddess Brief Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Innova

In this series for the 9 nights of the Goddess Navratri festival the card for today is Innova, the Inner Goddess of imagination and new ideas. Hope it brings you plenty of good luck and success! The Inner Goddess Messages for Spiritual Ascension You may purchase or download free your copy of the Inner... Continue Reading →

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