Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Lush

A beautiful mind generates a beautiful holographic simulation of nature, comfort and love. But why is our planet so 3d and unnatural as well as unfit to live upon? Why are animals killed graphically and nature ruined by ugly buildings and cars? If mind or inner self generates the universe and creator is within us,... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Ma

The universal goddess ...fecundity. You create a reality, new earth or another world. Mind creates matter. Ideas are born. But were We born? Here? In this world? Its a fractal simulation of virtual REM rapid eye movement as we sleep. Someone might receive their phonecall from space or your starship? One thing is certainly true.... Continue Reading →

7 Urgent Steps Required for Ascension

Ascension is all about our freedom and emancipation from the debilitating systems of so called Earth or the Matrix which is a simulation. If you are serious about Ascension there are some very serious steps to take at the earliest without delay. 1. Cut all Cords from Controlling People: The Matrix or Earth simulation is... Continue Reading →

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