Seven Ways to A Better Earth

We all have witnessed fears concerning climate change owing to industrialisation, pollution and exploitation of earth's natural resources, while wars and religious extremism have fueled political exploitation of land based on dogmatic justifications. While earth has suffered there is still a ray of hope if we can follow some of the paths of wisdom, peace... Continue Reading →

Believe in The Miraculous

What is Miraculous ? Something that happens only in 'Disney' movies? Something that happens only in religious texts? Something purely technological? Something you might experience someday...maybe... if you believe? Or, is it something here with you , in you ...right now...? Fairy tales, religious beliefs, technological wizardry or mind-magic..are all around us. Yet, you do not... Continue Reading →

Four Steps to Amplify Earth Healing

Do you believe in meditation, spiritual healing and ascension? Do you feel that we all have the power within us to manifest a positive reality?  Through selfless intentions of  healing our planet, we develop a deeper relationship with our all-powerful Higher Self. We all are One in the Source and deeply interconnected through our common... Continue Reading →

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