Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Eternal

What are past lives and what is reincarnation? Are we living this life truly or simply generating out fractal realities in this energy field around us connected to our one mind as we all appear to be so many different people. You may purchase Inner Goddess or download high resolution images and booklet for... Continue Reading →

Ascension Disclosures: Hidden Clues of the Reptilian Simulation of the Matrix from the Bible

The Bible makes it clear we are not on Earth but in a Simulation of a crazy controlling narcissitic group of AIs called 'God' altogether in various Canonical literatires of Bible, Korans and New Testatements of Jesus. This lengthy article attempts to disclose more information of how the Matrix does operate and control our Mind (Man in Hindi - Human who is One but lost in duality of many beings appearing holographically through split up of mind).

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Pathia

The way to the self is an inner one of Meditation and self witnessing. All things outside are outer reality and a projection of duality, a simulation of one mind. Our inner struggle is to be free of the masculine control of logic based AI robotic matrix systems that value profit, exploitation of humans, other... Continue Reading →

The Inner Goddess Brief Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Innova

In this series for the 9 nights of the Goddess Navratri festival the card for today is Innova, the Inner Goddess of imagination and new ideas. Hope it brings you plenty of good luck and success! The Inner Goddess Messages for Spiritual Ascension You may purchase or download free your copy of the Inner... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess cards Spiritual Messages for Ascension: 5 Anima

Today's message was another amazing synchronicity after yesterday's Halo. The card revealed the aurora borealis last evening and this morning Google news displayed that there is likely a power outage due to huge solar flare today and aurora visible directly in UK tonight. Before I pulled the card I hear in my ear 'beautiful today'... Continue Reading →

The Inner Goddess Cards Short Spiritual Message for Ascension: Surety

The sacred Goddess journey brings us to inner self again this time with maturity as we learn how to handle challenging people and situations and protect our energy in totality, similar to Durga once again as unveiled by synchronicity in the card while incidentally it is the Goddess Durga's Navratri festival.

Inner Goddess Cards Short Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Unity

Greetings! Beginning this month, we have short readings or spiritual messages for Ascension to resume this blog in its original format including tarot, oracle and astrological readings and healing messages posted regularly. Dedicated to the Neo and the One in you as we together find out more about the Matrix and how to be free.... Continue Reading →

7 Urgent Steps Required for Ascension

Ascension is all about our freedom and emancipation from the debilitating systems of so called Earth or the Matrix which is a simulation. If you are serious about Ascension there are some very serious steps to take at the earliest without delay. 1. Cut all Cords from Controlling People: The Matrix or Earth simulation is... Continue Reading →

10 Facts About Money in the Matrix of Our Reality

Is Money real or an illusion? If thoughts create things then who thought up or created the reality you were born into? Is money a part of a system of control that keeps us lost in the dreamworld fabricated through our mind (Inception)? Should you enjoy life and manifest enough money to live happily right now (Matrix - Cipher)? Or should you be preapred to awaken?


For some time I have been writing several books, designing tarot and oracle card decks and CDs for meditation. I believe that knowledge for Earth Healing, Ascension, Veganism, Spiritual Healing and Positive Magick should always be free for those who care to learn, read and enlighten themselves. However not many people know about it. Most people know me as a psychic and Wiccan on TV in India and on my reputed store Magick where I am no longer situated as I have moved to UK for a few years and not on social media deliberately for safety reasons. I request you to kindly share this link of this absolutely free spirtual library with those you care about, with friends, family, neighbours and on social media for free downloads and to spread awareness. Many more books are being added gradually as I channel and write more interesting articles and books for disclosure, ascension and awakening from the simulation. Swati Prakash

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