The Light Triad and Veganism

My spirit team was speaking with me while I was writing the long series of articles on the Dark Tetrad traits, and guided me to an auspicious link to take a test on the Light Triad. As usual their phenomenal guidance proved to be sincere as I learnt about the Light Triad which is ideal for Lightworkers and Activists.

Non Veganism and the Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism

Cruelty when cold, calculated and white collared as a crime can be is easily dismissed in the guise of politics, economics and social systems of reptilian control, manipulation and artificial insemination. Cold blooded slaughter and calling it food evidences the Machiavellian traits Omnipresent in the Omnivore lie in this Matrix.

Non Veganism and the Dark Tetrad: Narcissism

In the movie Hannibal, a cannibal Dr. Lectern eats 'local' meat with wine and remains a vain and selfish man. He is intent on showing off his intellectual prowess, charisma, clothing styles and verbal eloquence while eating remains of his victims. Narcissism has much in common with Non Veganism quite similarly. After all what is the difference between eating a human and another species of animals? Only your artificial human superiority complex.

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