A Strong Stand Against Vegophobia

The purpose of the blog is in its name Earth Healing Network, and Earth is not only human world, it includes all beings of the planet. Unfortunately some people think spirituality should only be limited to love for humanity and for those higher ‘Godly’ beings that are visualized in human form by these followers who do not always see Creator God/ Goddess or Divinity as the holistic spirit of nature or universe itself.

The reason for this is a lack of awareness perpetrated by some fundamentalist religious groups, skewed science and limited moral beliefs that presented humans as the ‘superior specie’ who are entitled to commodify, abuse, rape and harm other creatures at their will as if other beings were ‘designed’ in this matrix to be abused by us, or perhaps through false textbook jargon that promotes humans as ‘omnivorous’ which is a strange digression from the basic scientific fact of our frugivore primate DNA.

Nobody taught us in school that animals are sentient and different from plants in significant ways so that respecting all life does not mean consuming animals just because ‘plants are alive too’. As a result of this lack of basic education, we have all been trained and brainwashed into the matrix of false beliefs. As victims of mass-mentality, most people have unfortunately kept their consciousness locked into the prison cells of our lower-mind and therefore easily angered when challenged. As they say when you fight the system, the system fights back vehemently.

In contrast our philosophy at Earth Healing Network has always been one of universal consciousness that includes all of nature as one Soul or one Divinity that unites all beings. In our opinion promoting ‘human ego’ as the divine spirit is not ‘divine’ but the opposite of the same, because divinity is sans ego. It is not merely about prayers and chanting for our own personal wants and desires, but all about unconditional love that includes all beings and not just those of a specific specie.

Just like racism, homophobia, gender discrimination are crimes, so is specieism also being recognized as a crime in the developing era of human consciousness. Similarly, Vegophobia is a also crime – a hate crime against Vegans who are a progressive minority and their numbers are growing rapidly in every corner of the world.

Most people who are spiritual and love our planet are automatically drawn to Veganism at some point of self-realization, simply because it is a belief in sacredness of all life and all creatures of earth. We cannot expand our consciousness and expect to live in harmony with other beings from other planets, or with multi-dimensional beings, if we cannot even include beings of our own planet into the expansion of our loving hearts. Afterall, real love is not a sexual act but all about kindness and compassion which is centred in the philosophy of ahimsa or non-harming towards all creatures. We cannot ignore the plight of trillions of sentient beings, those who have feelings of fear, love, pain, sensations and those who are capable of reacting to threats of harm, just like us humans. These animals are mercilessly bred to be slaughtered just to feed human greed.

We humans are animals too, (let us not imagine that we flew into this planet in our incarnate form). We are children of mother Earth, although our soul is universal, and we do share a lot in common with other animals of this world who are all sentient lifeforms. Cruelty against sentient beings is a senseless act that stems from lack of consciousness. Ascension therefore has a sound grounding in self-realization that recognises the universe within us and inculcates a consciousness of love for all which is non-exclusive and non-demanding. 

Let us not forget that United Nations has hailed Vegan and plant based lifestyles as not just a trend-setter but the best way of saving our planet and human race from extinction, having stated that veganism is essential to saving the world from hunger, poverty, and climate change.

Unfortunately an abusive person who is anti-vegan has been tracking all my posts and takes their screenshots on social media to maliciously report against me to police in addition to falsely reporting my blog www.earthhealingnetwork.com 

This man who has been against this blog off-late, is seriously against Veganism, and has made false identities on facebook to post condascending comments of abusive nature to intimidate me, just because he dislikes the posting of vegan videos that expose the truth and speak against large scale animal abuse in animal intensive industries. He has falsely stated that this blog and associated social media pages, posted ‘objectional content’ and lying that my posts were flagged by facebook (referring to award winning and breakthrough documentaries such as Earthlings, Dominion, What the Health and Land of Hope and Glory reviewed on this blog among many other posts). He has also attempted to contact most of my friends and professional associates to spread lies about me and should not be trusted – which is the primary reason I am issuing this warning. He or anyone who supports this person with intention to intimidate or threaten me or any of our authors in any way will be also reported back to police as all this is victimization and vegophobic abuse and I have injunctions in place against this abuser or any of his accomplices to prevent this crime as this person has also threatened to kill me in the past and is guilty of sexual offences because I was assaulted and raped for my vegan beliefs earlier this year just because I was writing against animal abuse to garner support for my change.org petition and he hated me for stating the truth.

I am also sure that a lot of Vegans and animal right activits have been denied their rights to save animals from harm and threatened by police, by other people, or harassed and abused in social media or even bullied by their own family members or discriminated against just because of their beliefs. This is all Vegophobia and we must all stand strong against it to support our collective Ascension and to further our mission of Earth Healing.

There are a lot of vegans who are condemning animal abuse. We are crime-fighters because killing and abuse of animals is a crime against nature. Kindly keep at bay if you are pro-abuse instead of making ‘hating vegans’ your primary preoccupation. No abuse, harassment or stalking will be tolerated on this blog or any of  the associated pages, and after a long break due to the above crisis due to which I had gone into hiding, we are now back and will be fearlessly posting many more inspiring articles that uplift us further into the light.

Meanwhile for those who are in alignment with the misson of Earth Healing, please support the the healing and ascension of Earth by signing the petition below for the purpose of social change:


Thank You!

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