Astral Travel to Real Alien Worlds with David McCready

You are not who you think you are… and you are not even ‘on earth’!

Did you know that you are channeling various spirit energies all the time to make up your ‘adopted personalities’? Have you realized that the illusion you experience as your life on ‘earth’ is held together by thoughts that are sent by lower spirit energies, including your ‘special effects team’?

You have the power to break free from this illusion by raising your consciousness to higher dimensions and higher spirit beings including advanced aliens that are part of your higher soul family, and they have been visiting you unawares to ‘say hello!’

In this detailed video documentary David McCready, author of The Great Simulator and Real Alien Worlds – A Brief Encyclopedia talks to The Positive Media about how he discovered Astral Projection, the secrets of ‘How To’, The Science behind it, and his experiences of Higher Dimensions that you can explore through Astral Travel yourself including ‘angelic’ higher beings or Guiding Spirits, advanced Alien Worlds and the Creator’s World.

Get ready to take a joint flight in this incredible adventure to real alien worlds through science and art of Astral Projection…..5..4..3..2..1…Blast off!


Six Reasons To Let Go of Labelling and Stereotypes

In society we are often told to conform to certain norms instead of being open and focused on discovering the truth about ourselves and the universe. From the time we are born till much later into adulthood we are programmed to worry about what other people think of us. We label ourselves and others based on generalised notions of what we ‘should’ be like with respect to age group, gender, physical traits, social status, race, beliefs, career and behaviour styles.

From being labelled as ‘aloof’ or ‘autistic’ when we are not socially malleable, to being labelled as ‘weird’ or ‘a freak’ when you are unique in your way of thinking, to being called ‘disabled’ when you simply have different abilities, labelling can often lead to a feeling of being judged, a suggestion that there is something ‘wrong’ with us if we do not confirm to social parameters and an indoctrination into social structures through various systematic approaches and interventions that are designed to mould us into what others want us to be.  Here are some reasons of why and how we can avoid some of the traps and pitfalls of labelling and stereotypes.

  1. Focusing on what really matters: Instead of worrying about whether you ‘fit into’ social perceptions regarding how we should behave with respect to our age, gender and the unwritten rules of social conduct, we might find that focusing upon our health, wellbeing, inner joy and self-development could be far more beneficial as these are things that actually matter for each and every person in the world. Instead of these core or essential values we have been distracted by social expectations of how to talk, how to dress and how to behave that keep us engrossed in outer life instead of delving deeper within ourselves.
  2. Evolving  higher than the norms: If all people were to ‘fit into’ specific parameters of thinking and behaving nobody would ever discover anything new. We would constantly imitate the crowd instead of learning new things, trying new ways of living or progressing higher than generic social norms already prevalent in society. We would cease to grow and evolve any higher than the level most people are at if we continue to conform to whatever is believed, practiced and preached to the masses by our predecessors. Innovation, self-realization and transformation can only take place when we have the courage to step out of the matrix of widely prevalent routines, rules and expectations.
  3. Complete self-acceptance: Society would always say something or the other regarding how we are and how we are supposed to be ‘vis-a-vis’ other ‘normal’ people.  Stereotypes regarding the right clothing, makeup, choice of vocation, body-type, hobbies and interests can sometimes feel restrictive. We all develop different personalities, talents, physiques and points of view over time and none of these by themselves can totally define who we really are. We need to keep expanding our minds and allow ourselves to not be limited by partial notions of who we are that labels confine us or make us feel inferior. We are more than just a gender, a profession, a belief system, a physical body, an ethnic group or nationality. By letting go of all such labels we can embrace a full acceptance of our true self.
  4. Equality: Stereotypes regarding gender, spirituality, race, cultures can all influence us consciously and subconsciously with false ideas such as ‘pink is a feminine colour’, or ‘white is more positive than black’, or that ‘gurus are men with long beards’. Skewed notions such as these can often result in gender and racial discrimination through ways that seem totally normal as per rules commonly accepted in society. Notions of what is masculine or feminine in fashion, in terms of career and false perceptions regarding ‘black or dark being evil versus white being good’, or that the creator of our universe is ‘God or He and not as Goddess or She’ need to be discarded from our everyday thinking, language, choices and spirituality.
  5. Staying non-judgemental: By letting go of outward perceptions based on appearances we can avoid judging each other through our limited thinking. We need to focus more on who we are instead of judging other people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘deserving’ or ‘undeserving’. We can never truly know another person because we hardly know enough about ourselves. The people we come across in our life often reflect our inner thoughts and characteristics that are hidden within us. By realizing that everything we encounter is either a reflection or a shadow of our own energy, we can let go of judgements and embrace our light.
  6. Awakening our consciousness: Most scientific and spiritual breakthroughs and enlightenments are thanks to those people who did not conform to outer conditioned ideas and focused instead of raising their own awareness of who they are. Through meditation and self-realization we automatically begin to shed all our labels and dissolve into a higher light of truth. We begin to remember that our soul does not belong to any race, any gender, or any of the narrow definitions that are used to divide us. Instead we start uniting through unconditional love by realizing our interconnection as one consciousness that is flowing within all beings. We also begin to work on developing inner skills, powers and qualities that pave our path towards the light.

All in God Humour!

Wondering why God has no little or time to answer prayers? Because he’s just too busy gathering followers, lately on social media. Here are our picks for the top ten Tweets of God.


Emmy Award winning writer David Javerbaum is author of the popular book turned Broadway play, An Act of God. Last we checked he has 5.16 M followers who swear by Him and counting…

Seven Ethical Guidelines for Spiritual Practice

Whether you are a spiritual practitioner or a seeker of spiritual healing services, these few guidelines can be helpful in clearing misconceptions and encouraging a more peaceful experience in spiritual practice.

1. First of all Harm None: Spirituality is all about developing loving compassion and forgiveness. Any harmful practice such as cursing, revenge or sending negative energy even in retaliation or as a show of power is not spiritual in nature. Some people believe that it is alright to send harm back to the person who sent it your way, without realizing that doing so would only multiply the negative energy circulating in our matrix in which all of us are deeply interconnected. Negative energy is meant to be shielded out and transformed to something positive through inner work instead of reacting to it.yoga3

2. Reasonable Exchange: On one hand some people believe that spiritual service of any kind such as healing, meditation, training or reading, should be provided totally free. On the other hand there are practitioners who charge unfairly high amounts by pretending to have ‘special’ powers while the truth is that anyone can learn and practice these skills over time through personal dedication. Spiritual services, especially if carried out by qualified, dedicated practitioners at a private practice will require sustenance through either sufficient donations or service fees. It is fair to make a reasonable exchange in return of the attention you receive to compensate for the focused time and expertise you take from someone.hands-1947915_960_720

3. Integrity: It can be shocking to see lack of honesty and integrity among some spiritual professionals where ethics and positive energy are supposed to be the core teachings. Just as stealing money or goods is unethical, stealing someone’s intellectual property such as brand name, contacts and course content is unethical too, yet this has been commonplace in the crowded spiritual marketplace. Another kind of stealing is psychic ‘vampirism’ where feed off the time and energy of others. Some false gurus have been adept at charming clients to attract financial benefits, or sexually seducing young apprentices in the guise of sacred union. True spiritual practitioners are brimming with energy and radiate their inner light instead of manipulating others for personal pleasure or gain.meditation-1384758_960_720

3. Break Free from Superstition: In the past spiritual powers were attributed to spirits, demons, gods, angels, fairies or mysterious occult forces. Today we have realized that we all can manifest reality through our deep beliefs, focused thoughts and higher consciousness. Whatever we believe in becomes part of our reality, including various spiritual and otherworldly beings in our grand illusion. Certain religious and magical folk have in the past exploited masses for power or material gain by playing upon fears of devil or hell, and promising divine wish fulfillment or heaven in return of obedience and servitude. A spiritual practitioner on the other hand works on improving inner frequencies, raising consciousness and allowing people to realize their inner truth.meditation-2486763_960_720

4. Self Empowerment: Some gurus and cult leaders have attempted to maintain a higher stature by claiming that others require ritualistic conversion, cult initiation or energy transfers given exclusively through them. Having followers that are completely dependent on you and cling to every word you say without their own personal awakening is not a sign of a true master. In truth spiritual energy or universal consciousness flows freely everywhere with each person always connected to the source or creator. The best initiation, attunement or baptism is self-realization and personal spiritual development which helps the individual in awakening to the infinite self.yoga1

5. Inner Path: Some people are confused between religion and spirituality without an understanding that spirituality is an inner path unlike religions which are about following messages given by others. Belief in or worship of outer deity, their life-stories, mythologies and commandments is religious and not necessarily spiritual practice. Meditation and personal enlightenment is about going within ourselves and learning who we are through awakened intuition because everything that we see outside could simply be an illusion that we are yet to awaken from.yoga2

6. Inner and Not Outer Power: Spirituality is not a power or ego trip to gain mastery over others, but a lesson in compassion and inner transformation. Some people try to gain spiritual power with the sole aim of gaining followers, popularity, financial success or worldly power. In truth, the only power we need to develop is the power over our own mind. The illusion that succeeding in the outer world is the purpose of our life is bound to break some day when we return to our self and realize it is all about how truthful and positive we are from inside. universe-2736507_960_720

7. Unity Consciousness: Divisive or limited beliefs regarding gender, sexuality, caste, culture, race, genetics, lineage, religion or language are not a symbol of true spirituality. Unconditional love that focuses on universal peace, unity and equality is awakened through spiritual and meditative practice that connects us with out common inner core. we all are from the same source which is our true self and we can all return to oneness through spiritual awakening.cigar-galaxy-2401996_960_720


Everything I know about ESP – Russell Targ

‘You don’t have to eat porridge at your guru’s feet or pay anyone thousands of dollars. Remote Viewing is a natural ability like vision or hearing. If you work with a friend you can quickly become psychic…’ confides Russell Targ (straight-up physicist, psychic and the go-to-guy for US intelligence agencies for two decades) in this brilliant and witty talk where he concludes, ‘Remote Viewing is not about finding stuff but finding yourself…if you look into the mirror in the morning and think who you see in that mirror is who you really are, you are in for a lot of suffering. Who you really are, is non-local awareness independent of space and time and if you can quiet your mind and move your awareness besides the conditioned awareness of what it says on your business card, into naked awareness, you can start to experience the universe as it is.’

P.S. I got to know about Russell and his work from ‘The Mind Race’. Russell, an avid biker is legally blind, was senior scientist at Lockheed. This TED talk was cancelled.

Six Ways To Being Our Authentic Self

In ordinary life we come across many people, each one wearing many masks. We all put-on our smiles and suppress our tears because ‘someone might be watching’. We refuse to feel our own emotions and barely know ourselves leave alone our neighbours or ‘friends’. Here are some ways we can drop the act and get closer to being who we actually are.

1. Spending Time With Ourself: Imagine you are alone, without your mobiles, laptops and in a place where there are no shops, restaurants or cinema halls to entertain you constantly. How long until you die of boredom? If we cannot be with ourself for even a few minutes, how can we get to know the ‘real self’? We need to truly enjoy getting to know ourself first before we can develop authentic relationships with others. Real happiness begins in the silent space of our own heart.alone1

2. Expressing Emotions Naturally: How often do people focus on being ‘polite’ and outwardly nice while holding on to unexpressed grudges and allowing misunderstandings to grow all the more. Instead if we could say what we feel with truthful kindness and without fear or hesitation, we could resolve whatever was bothering us mutually and get it out of the way early-on. Because we refrain from healthy self expression our bottled up emotions turn into ticking time-bombs that might erupt later causing much damage to ourselves and others. By allowing natural self-expression we return to our childlike self again.natural.jpg

3. Loving Our Natural Body: Do we judge ourself by our appearences and strive to be a perfect supermodel? Behind all the make-up and designer labels we might have a really beautiful person whom nobody really knows. Our natural skin and body-type is enhanced through healthy food, a happier life and a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our disabilities, wounds or scars only enhance our inner beauty because they reveal our inner strength. We need to love our real face and inner beauty once again along with our natural body. body

4. Discovering Our Natural Abilities: Society, family, educators…all have their own expectations of what we should do in our life. Our careers, hobbies and talents are constantly shaped through role-models, media, parents or peers. The result – disregard for our actual self, missing out on our true life purpose and not being able to develop our inner talents or skills. By spending time with our authentic self and falling in love with who we are, we can give energy to ourself once again, regardless of our age or life situation. talent

5. Reducing Fake Interactions: A lot of us spend more time with people who might not even care about us at all, just because we expect them to help us in business or for the sake of networking. Social media becomes a place where everyone is shouting for attention, whether for likes on selfies or birthday wishes. Instead if we had even one true friend, a pet or our own self to have a truly heartfelt relationship with, we would not need thousands of false friends to exchange small-talk with. Instead of selfies and artificial greetings we could focus on self realization and deeper interactions built on love, trust and empathy. cat-2439124_960_720

6. Celebrating Ourselves: Throughout the world we have seen celebrity worship. Cinestars, television hosts, religious figures, bestselling authors..famous personalities have occupied the minds and hearts of people who are often victims of consumerism, branding and mass marketing. By loving our authentic self we can now allow attention to return to our true inner hero. We can celebrate our unique individual traits and also those of others around us. Instead of ignoring the real life talents of people who actually make a difference to our life we can honour ourselves and each other as real stars and reach out to each other more genuinely.people-2567915_960_720

An Economic Vision for Saving the World

There is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed and this TED talk is a stark reminder of that! It isn’t blue sky thinking to be able to ‘save the planet’ but inevitable if every city and country roots for this economic vision.

Five years ago Naoko Ishii, an Economist was appointed CEO of Global Environment Facility and discovered how economists so far including herself and her colleagues were totally ignorant about protecting and managing ‘Global Commons‘ i.e. our shared earth resources such as wildlife, air, water and land. In recent years a group of scientists defined 9 Planetary Boundaries the crossing of which could lead to catastrophic change in our survival on earth, and we had already crossed 4 of them and beginningto invade others.  planetary_boundaries

To change this alarming situation we must manage our Global Commons by acting like our ancestors who managed our local commons, such as fishing waters and pastures by preventing each other from polluting and depleting all our resources.

Her suggestions focus upon 1) Clean Green Cities 2) Green Energy Systems 3) Less Wasteful Production Systems and 4) Change our Food System to reduce Deforestation and Greenhouse Emissions.

Let cynics play that lone-voice-in-the-wilderness for a change while you and I spread her word to ‘think global, act local’ and take a step or two to make it a better place.


Four Steps to Amplify Earth Healing

Do you believe in meditation, spiritual healing and ascension?

Do you feel that we all have the power within us to manifest a positive reality? 

Through selfless intentions of  healing our planet, we develop a deeper relationship with our all-powerful Higher Self. We all are One in the Source and deeply interconnected through our common Highest Truth.

We have just created based on a clear dream from ascended masters in which they gave the exact name of this website and all the steps for earth healing. It is simple, free and you can Get Started right now!

I would love to see you there and have your positive energy sent to earth for manifesting wonderful intentions through our ascending collective consciousness!


Simply Sign-Up, read the four step process of earth healing and Share Your Vision. You can interact with others and share wonderful ideas for earth healing together with this community of lightworkers. Hope to see you there soon!

earth healing network

Saying the Word: The One that Must Not be Named

Last evening, I went through a lot of turmoil within- unexplained and without any tangible reasons; at least at that moment. I was having a conversation with my mom on a call and at one point of time during the conversation, the restless in me increased to an extent that I felt breathless.

I shared what I felt with my mother.. and she suddenly started to discuss all the instances of rape that has happened with children. She specifically spoke about a case of a 4 year old being raped by her teacher. The thing to note here is that my mom has never spoken to me on this topic… and well it came as a surprise. And as she spoke, I felt a terrible rage erupt within me! I wanted to lash out at her for sharing this at the moment when I was already feeling unsettled.

I quickly ended the conversation. As I disconnected the call, I felt this sudden rush of emotions and I wanted to howl and cry.

The earth is crying, shaking in despair,
She is hurting, she is angry at her children,her heir.
She wants to crash and burn, turn everything bare..
She is trembling with anger, screaming in pain,
As we are losing sight of all that’s humane.

Raping women and children, what is this that man is doing?
Killing and plundering, lying and corruption; it’s all going to be our undoing.

She is angry, I can feel it in me today
She is terribly sad, and wants to lash out in her way.

Mankind, take notice, do not let her suffer
The woman and child you rape are your own mother and daughter.

For we all come from the Source
We are but its fragment,
So love a little more, be a little more compassionate,
This is just my two cents…

earth cryI wrote this on facebook and soon saw a comment on my post saying an earthquake had been felt a short while ago. Now… I began to understand the rush of all the unexplained turbulence within…. But I still felt agitated. And once again, as it happens often with me, there was synchronicity. This time one of my mentors, commented on that post saying how she went through the same emotions and turbulence just a day ago. I knew I had to talk to her …and I am so glad I did, for I figured out what it is that the Universe wants me to talk about and educate people of if possible.

It’s A Hush Hush word but I’ll say it out loud


There i said it..The world didn’t end.

We as a nation and humans have turned the word and the act into a ‘dirty’ word. Sex is something we do only behind closed doors, never to speak of it….

Like ‘Voldemort’!

There, I named ‘YouKnowWho’ too!And no I ain’t Avada Kedavara yet!

Jokes apart, sex is a very natural act, a beautiful one, between people who agree to it… Two consenting adults!


What we (our parents and grandparents and so forth) have done is created shame surrounding the word and act itself.. a forbidden pleasure.. an act that only man has control over and only man is supposed to enjoy.

Now that more and more women are becoming empowered, standing up for themselves in every aspect, the men are not the dominant species anymore. Now men with twisted mind, who for so many reasons are beyond reproach, still try to dominate. If they cannot dominate their wives and mothers, or a grown up woman in general, who do you think they can? The children.. That and so much more lies beneath this cruel act of raping a child.

But how can we help alleviate the issue?

Let us not allow sex to be a dirty word anymore. Let us first teach our boy child to respect women and girls and see them as their equals. Let us teach our girls the same too. Let’s make our boys understand and even appreciate women as powerful beings. Let us show them that the new normal is their mother and sisters being empowered and having a choice to do what they want – roam the world if they want to or be a stay at home mom whose world is her kitchen and her family, if chooses that for herself… Both are to be respected. Remind our children of the ancient wisdom women possess. Normalise the days of bleeding that all women go through.


There is so much more I could write, and I will for sure. But for now let us take a small step .. let us raise sons and daughters who respect each other and see each other as beautiful human beings and not just a way to establish their dominance as a superior gender. Both men and women are equal. Without Yin, there’s no Yang.


Dilpreet is a Holistic Healer, Tarot and Angel expert who started exploring spirituality and various modalities at a young age and is consumed with a desire to help people improve their life. She believes in practicing all that she learns before she preaches it to others. That brings in an authenticity that inspires others and leaves a positive impact on them. More about her on


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